Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's not time to party!

I didin't expect to go back and furthur my bar wenching skills would be so tiring!

Tomorrow I go on a quest to organise my unform I will need to wear out on my practical placement. Told us on Monday what we needed and that we needed it by Wednesday next week. Nothing like plenty of warning, then it turns out the reccommended supplier is closed on Mondays....
By this afternoon I was done, all I wanted was to come home, take my clothes off and have a cup of coffee before embarkign onmy homework, some light reading. I also have to read the entire Barista handbook, fortuantly it's not long. And I have of course already been through it, we start our first coffee class Friday. Oue teacher said it shouldn't tkae more than two weeks if that to read it all. I don;t have much to read up on for tomorrow so I figure I can get it started and finished by Friday.
Get it out the road. Not to mention my other text books all have a chapter on coffee making so I figure I can read all them as well to refresh my memory. I did over the weekend dig out my notes and books from bar wenching last year to brush up my skills.

Tomorrow I odn't have to be at class as it's aunit I've already done and passed, so I figure I'll go in late, after following up on my uniform. But get in early in case anything has to be ordered.
I'm hoping they will do the wine service early and then the cocktail garnishes second, my wine service, opening and doing all that junk is fine. What I would lke to do is re go over the garnishes, my memory is a little blurred about the kinds we made, fairly basic ones I think?
Ah, well it dosen't matter. I have all the books, I will just have to practice at home if they've done it before I get there.
Perhaps I should pack some knitting and go cocoon myself in the cafeteria and wile away the time if there doing the broing wine junk.

RSA which I also did is all in one day, so I guess I will just have a day off! Might have to try and schedule a special SNB meet-up somewhere. Maybe I can convince some of them to come out for lunch? Theres a few places I'd liek to try, Smokey Joes being one of them.

Anyway too much talking, I need to go make coffee and do some reading. And possibly a little knitting. However the sock curse has struck again this time it has stolen my knitting journal and sock pattern folder which I had together. It has made all sock work come to a grinding halt....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Sharon said...

Suzi, I too have been wanting to try Smokey Joes and as I had to miss out on SnB today, I think that it is a great idea.

amanda j said...

Ooh, why does life have to get in the way of knitting? You sound very busy.

metal and knit said...

Gee I remember knitting at tafe over a good cuppa.despite the fact we had a regular 3 hour break and i could stock up with supplies and knit to keep myself sane.. I got alot of charity stuff done then

2paw said...

Oh you are well and truly ensconsed at Launceston Hills 7250!! I hope there is not too much info to inhale!! I love Smokey Joe's too. Smoke me a coffee and I'll be back for breakfast - or a late brunch/lunch on Saturday!!