Sunday, November 21, 2004

Christmas is coming.

It won't be long and it'll be here. And I'm excited this year. I put my tree up on the 29th of October. I was going to wait till the first day of November. But I bought a set of lights this year and just couldn't wait.

Which is a pleasent change from last year when the tree never came out of it's storage place and I did my best to hide form Christmas. I can't say I particulary like Christmas, no it's not my fave time of year. But this year is different.

I have been planning Christmas lunch since last year. But there will be only two of us for lunch this year, and my sister says that means we need to "streamline" it. She also thinks four desserts is too much for two people, I was afraid she'd say that.

But all this talk of Christmas has got me to thinking about tradition. How do you define what you do at Christmas as a tradition or something you merely do out of habit?
Always being a rebel without a cause. Well, I kind of had a cause, okay more of a vague idea. I just wanted to do everything different to everyone else. No, I'm not difficult. I just have certain ideas of how I want things done.

The original menu I had planned has kind of gone out the window, but I am keeping the Frozen Margarita Shots and my sister thinks we should keep the Spicy Mexican Bean Dip (I don't know what's actully Mexican about it, but that's what it's called. I made this the very first Christmas in my own place when I had the family to Christmas. It went down so well I made it everytime I had people coming around and quite frankly got sick of the site of it. It's been long enough.) What will follow for main course is still debatable, I'm not a uge fan of ham or turkey, but I have decided to make the effort and try one of them this year.
Seeing as their is only two of us, and one of dosen't eat prawns (it's the one who does eat ham and turkey) I figure I can splurge and treat myself to prawns, with Tequila Mayonnaise.

There will of course be plum pudding to follow if I ever get it made, we use my Great-Grandmother's recipe, it is truly the best pudding ever. And also the only pudding I've ever eaten and had to have seconds of. There where other desserts to go with this. Pavlova, Strawberry Champagne Trifle and a Frozen Ice Cream Cake.

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Monday, November 15, 2004

My new yarn! Rowan Biggy Print in Giddy. Watch this space for what I will be knitting with it soon! Posted by Hello

Even closer - this will be my first foray into slubby yarn. Posted by Hello

Close up of Rowan Biggy Print - Giddy. Posted by Hello

Front of packet of Rowan Biggy Print - Giddy. Posted by Hello

Back of Packet of Rowan Biggy Print - Giddy. Posted by Hello

Do not adjust your moniter.

Yes, I'm alive. Although I'm begining to doubt it myself.

I am experiancing technical problems. Hence the reason all has gone quiet.

However there is some very exciting news today. As I sat writing this a parcel was delivered. It was my bargain buy off of ebay.

Rowan Biggy Print in Giddy. Not my first colour choice but it worked out a $10.00 a ball. Not bad for yarn that normal retails for $28 a ball here in Australia.

And for those of you wondering what Giddy is like - think candy colours.

I must end for now, I hope to be back again soon. All those blogs I'm missing out on reading. I'm missing out on serious knitting fixes. Ah well, I have new wool now......