Monday, June 23, 2008

This is me finishing an assignment for tomorrow. Then I have another test Wednesday. No rest for the wicked. Ever.

I'm debating what to make with some natural black alpaca I received from Karen during the PRGE, 2 years ago now??? I still haven't decided, it's so good, so I want to pick the right project for it. Because otherwise it'll be all gone.

I'm working on an all knit wrap at the moment for my mother (Sandra D), you really can't go wrong with all knit. It's sort of a pale green almost aqua in the old Caressa, back when it was only a 7-ply. It's knitting up lovely, it feels very soft and even though it is slightly fluffy it's not an irritating fluffy.

In between finishing my assignment off, I'm squeezing in Top Gear to see them drive across Botswana, this should be interesting. And hopefully finish off any remaining questions in time for Boston Legal!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Am Legend!

I passed my test yesterday afternoon, so another one down and another step closer to my end certificate. I am really pleased, as it was getting to the stage where I was ready to throw in the towel. No! No more! My brain is already atrophying!

You live and learn. The day I stop learning is the day I drop dead. Which could be tomorrow, so maybe I don't need to rush the whole learning thing???

With all the Olympic talk going on, I am planning my Olympic KAL challenge, I'm going with socks, a whole pair! I know it's a way off, but with all the media coverage surrounding the upcoming event and all the associated political circus that is on about the Human Rights.
If China weren't the next Olympic host would there be as much controversy? Would as many people be looking and pointing their fingers???

The world is full of very bad things, something at times that seems to slip out of sight, usually because not the entire world is getting press coverage. Let's face it their are fashions or trends of horror in the media, today it's firmly planted on China. Not that long ago it was all about Iraq and Saddam, even Bin Laden has slipped to a mere peripheral on the camera lens.
When it comes to War on Terror - what is your first thought? Iraq? Do you have a vague memory about Afghanistan??? Afghanistan has dropped out of favour, it's perhaps not as controversial as troops in Iraq. Not likely to sell as many papers anymore.

But for those who are up for fighting the good fight, a quick browse of the home pages of Amnesty and their Australian branch show that there's more than just China for us all to glare disapprovingly at and mutter about boycotts.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Do I make you horny??? Do I????

I've been working my way through a stack of Knitty Gritty episodes courtesy of Mrs DrWho. I can not get enough of these shows! They are alas very American for lack of a better description but very useful and loads of fun which more than makes up for it.

I've seen the Yarn Harlot talking about (aboot Terrence!) her sock, the Domiknitrix demonstrating her Snow Devil Hat - hence the horns!
I love Lily Chin's work so was very excited to see 2 episodes of her demonstrating. Most awesome!

Not to mention a host of things I am now not afraid to try, Mobius, steeking, toe-up socks, the Brioche stitch and crochet cast on's. And the math episode for calculating the right size that was invaluable and way unscary.

It was very inspiring and since Thursday night when I started watching I have eat, slept and breathed knitting. Be sure to look for me getting around town in this most fetching hat! Now all I need is a suitable yarn for it.

Note - I was kinda lazy when I wrote this so alot of links will be "linked" later!

more cat pictures

Alright less laziness and more like I was rotting my brain with cats who can't spell - it's just not funny when they can.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Nights are Boston Legal Nights again! Yeah! This a very good thing, however I forgot and missed last week's episode.
And even more exciting when it started we were just coming to an end of a repeat of the previous season on a Saturday night, so for a brief overlap it was two episodes a week!
I really must get the earlier seasons on DVD.

I attended the Northern Ravelry meet-up and met some new knitters, and saw most of the knitting coven for the first time in months!
Since that Saturday I have not looked at my knitting, I've thought about it and taken it out places with me but that is as far as it has got. I am working away on my second "Bratz" Gauntlet can't wait to finish it, I will buy the ribbon after the second one is done and they will truly be complete.
In light of this I've started thinking about the next project, while listing my sock wool on Ravelry, I had the idea to use a particular ball of it for some arm warmers. Hence the search began!
Now these Armwarmers seem the ticket, there should be enough yarn in my ball of Opal to complete them and being a fairly plain pattern it won't matter how variegated the pattern turns out. But I must confess to falling in love with You Snag.
My only concern is how striping the pattern of the yarn is, I don't want to lose the awesome deconstructed look of them with something that will end up looking too busy.

I'm sure I tucked the ball of yarn into my knitting bag to take to the Ravelry meet-up to get some opinions and I presume it's still in there, provided I actually put it in there in the first and didn't just think about it.
The other pick is Arm-egeddon Sleeves, but I'd have to buy yarn as well as beads to make them.

And of course it's that time of year again, Guardian Angel program has started once again. And this year I am finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm for it. Normally by now I've been and got my pattern book and picked out what I will make and usually have got it started. Not so this year, I haven't picked anything let alone started it.
I suppose I will get something underway but I doubt it'll make this year's deadline for hand in.

And in closing something I can muster a bit of enthusiasm for is proper use of pole dancing (no Britney flailing about here), the British Women's Institute had a proper performance!