Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's not time to party!

I didin't expect to go back and furthur my bar wenching skills would be so tiring!

Tomorrow I go on a quest to organise my unform I will need to wear out on my practical placement. Told us on Monday what we needed and that we needed it by Wednesday next week. Nothing like plenty of warning, then it turns out the reccommended supplier is closed on Mondays....
By this afternoon I was done, all I wanted was to come home, take my clothes off and have a cup of coffee before embarkign onmy homework, some light reading. I also have to read the entire Barista handbook, fortuantly it's not long. And I have of course already been through it, we start our first coffee class Friday. Oue teacher said it shouldn't tkae more than two weeks if that to read it all. I don;t have much to read up on for tomorrow so I figure I can get it started and finished by Friday.
Get it out the road. Not to mention my other text books all have a chapter on coffee making so I figure I can read all them as well to refresh my memory. I did over the weekend dig out my notes and books from bar wenching last year to brush up my skills.

Tomorrow I odn't have to be at class as it's aunit I've already done and passed, so I figure I'll go in late, after following up on my uniform. But get in early in case anything has to be ordered.
I'm hoping they will do the wine service early and then the cocktail garnishes second, my wine service, opening and doing all that junk is fine. What I would lke to do is re go over the garnishes, my memory is a little blurred about the kinds we made, fairly basic ones I think?
Ah, well it dosen't matter. I have all the books, I will just have to practice at home if they've done it before I get there.
Perhaps I should pack some knitting and go cocoon myself in the cafeteria and wile away the time if there doing the broing wine junk.

RSA which I also did is all in one day, so I guess I will just have a day off! Might have to try and schedule a special SNB meet-up somewhere. Maybe I can convince some of them to come out for lunch? Theres a few places I'd liek to try, Smokey Joes being one of them.

Anyway too much talking, I need to go make coffee and do some reading. And possibly a little knitting. However the sock curse has struck again this time it has stolen my knitting journal and sock pattern folder which I had together. It has made all sock work come to a grinding halt....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

For whom the bell tolls....

I have been having a bit of a crisis of conscious. I have not got a lot of knitting done, I've read a fair number of Agatha Christies, spent slightly more time thinking about the very delectable Matt Hardy and generally occupying my time by discovering the most amazing things, like someone thinks I'm cool! That someone else out there wants Metallica to serve them breakfast.

As you can see I have got some more work on the remake of the Feather and Fan Socks, the lovely Sharon's pattern. I had hoped to do one of those Proof of Life photos, holding today's newspaper. But the Sock was having a Diva moment. Apprently it's trailer wasn't big enough, and there was no fresh ORCHIDS! ORCHIDS!

Well I have been wasting several hours watching my new, just arrived Matt Hardy Show Season 1 DVD. I'm not sure I actually like it, but I won't say I don't like it either. To say at times it confuses me would only be honest, how did Matt's brother Jeff get from Moses to cows in under a nano second has me lost. I did contemplate doing what the evil man with the long hair (no idea what his name is off the top my head, Bai Ling was his other half) in The Crow wanted to do with Skank, video tape it and play it back in slow motion. Well it was already on DVD, unfortunately slow mo only did my head in and I had to go lie down.

Matt Hardy, as you know dear readers is very dear to me, very dear, I put him up on the pedestal and super glued the soles of his shoes (didn't work he still got away). Do you know that moment when the perfect vision of loveliness open their mouths and speak and suddenly it's not perfect?
It all started with a discussion about trolls, I thought they were short and scaly but Matt and Jeff between them didn't seem to certain about trolls themselves. When out of Matt Hardy's mouth came the absolute clanger, someone, his cameraman I think said something about trolls in relation to Lord of the Rings. Jeff hadn't seen it, neither had Matt because he's not into sci-fi stuff.


No no no no no no no no no no....say it isn't true! Can the greatest obsession of my life not tell sci-fi and fantasy apart? Even I can and I'm not into sci-fi and fantasy (except for Terry Pratchett but that's another post another day when I'm less traumatised).

The lovely Ms Stash has been dying me some wool, I told her something dark and stormy and the results I am sure will be spectacular. There will be some before and after pictures on her blog. Or maybe not, the sock is not the only Diva today, so I will display here the finished dyed wool. Nice isn't it? I like to call it Stormy Sisters.

Anyway I am off to get ready for tonight's viewing, possibly some more Matt, but maybe we'll go for superheros, Wolverine hasn't disappointed me yet. That man is a bad, bad man. I like that. Still to see the third instalment, I will get there, I may even take Ms Stash if she so desires and doesn’t roll her eyes. No, wait that's only when I want her to come to the Rock's movies with me...

The bell tolls for thee......

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Now White Cat?

Edit: Almost forgot about one of the new sites the lovely Ms Fortuknit sent my way. Punk Rock Knit Girls, pink and skulls? Strangely I am not as averse to pink as I once was, I shall balme the person who sits across from me at Knitting Coven who keeps knitting pink socks....

The Daft White Cat finds it incredibly delightful of an evening when the heater goes on, he sees it as his personal luxury to roll around in front of and generally hog the heat by sleeping right on top of it just about.

My knitting mojo hasn't returned, I can only presume it migrated to a warmer clime. I would have liked to have gone with it, but then it didn't invite me.

It's like Denny Crane getting married, my mojo and I are drifting apart. I have become an avid fan of Boston Legal. Denny Crane. And James Spader? Not the James Spader mentioned in the very first episode of the very first season of Buffy????

I'll have to consult the oracle. Cindy!!!

Tomorrow is Knitting Coven and I have no idea what I will be taking along to knit, maybe one of the socks? I am keen to restart teh feather and fan sock. It was all going so well before being struck down by the dreaded sock curse...

Until next time,
A bona fide red head without her mojo and damn sad about it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another day, another dollar not in my pocket.

I think my knitting mojo may be coming back, perhaps it regrows?

Last night I started a hat for the Guardian Angel to Mongolia program. It's a made up stripey beanie made out of Angora Supreme in a pale mauve and a (yech!) pale pink. It is going rather well, I am knitting it in the round to avoid that boogelly job known as sewing up.

Also after my shoulders started to ache I converted back to straight needles and the mystery chunky yarn and started a rib scarf for Dulaan. Originally the mystery yarn must have been in hanks, because some of it still is and some is half wound into an ball and all boogelly. I wound a smallish hank into a ball last night after I knitted up the oddment first and I am nearly out so will have to finish rolling the boogelly hank, why can't people at least finish what they've started before donating it away?

I have taken Cindy's advice and indulged in chocolate and cute wrestling men. I am very soon going to be the owner of the DVD of the first season of the Matt Hardy show.
Yes, he has his own show. How vain can he be thinking people might want to watch a show about him? About right on the money it would seem. Albeit mine comes via ebay as I have been in two minds about ordering it direct from him.
It can hardly disappoint I know since the world has already seen the public melt down followed by the premature mid-life crisis that resulted in the red corvette (ooo yes!) and the overinflated blonde (she left to go model in New York shortly after, actually she was an ex-girlfriend but it all ended when she took up with one of his firends, which incidentlly was what prompted the recent meltdown as the then girlfriend ran off with one of his friends as well. Hmmmmm? Could this be a sign?)

Back on track, I actually secured my copy on ebay, much to my surprise as given the early interest in it I never thought I'd win it. To date it's the first copy to come up since it's release, yes I know the fact that I have been lying in wait all this time for it, implies I need a life. The fact that I would want a reality showesqe dvd of someone else's life is probably indictive of the fact that I clearly need a life of my own.

But if I had one, I wouldn't have time to knit for Mongolia, read other people's blogs and generally keep adding to my list of things I am sooooo going to make!

Actually after all that editing and rearranging of my blog sidebar yesterday I needed another percentage bar for my Dulaan Cloud Hat. I suppose I really should add one for the made-up angora beanie and the mystery yarn scarf.

And because nobody loves me, and I'm all alone and my Matt Hardy DVD is away off getting to me, maybe the end of the week (maybe) I need to fill in time so I have been cruising the net working my way through Google. I love Google, I just think (insert anything at all here), type it in and away I go on my merry way through cyber space reading about (insert whatever topic you picked here), and learning many new and wonderful things.
Today from my educational foray I offer you these two hot links Emily the Strange and The Addams Family. Notice they both include links to further increase your brain knowledge by explaining about other things associated with them. I like Wikipedia almost as much as Google.

Until next time,
A bona fide redheaded freak and damn proud of it.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes, I can knit.

Yes, I could knit. But I awoke this morning with a splitting headache, where is Matt Hardy when you need him? He could have made me cups of tea and occupied the Daft white Cat who felt the need to go MEOW! at me all morning, what he wanted was apparently nothing.
I was as they say, thankful of small mercys as the DWC did not wail or worse scream at me this morning. Although he felt the need to scream at the front door last night, clearly it was doing something very, very wrong.

Mostly I have been looking at what other people have been knitting. And then I found the Department of Craft.
Ah, lots of fun and merging into that wonderful thing known as craftivism.
Then I found Skulls n Bats, how could I not go look with a name like that?

I have located some Angora Supreme in Moon (a relly bright blue), I have four balls so not enough to do the scarf for myself which I really wanted. I am going to do the smaller size for a girl and pack it off to Mongolia.
Consulting the Guardian Angel booklet I think I can scrounge up some stray balls and make a few striped hats. Some industrius people have started a jumper....

I also have some chunky yarn knocking about that I thought probably a ribbed scarf with, I know, I know, I hate rib! But I knitted myself a ribbed scarf in 12-ply in about 3 days. It should be (fingers crossed the curse dosen't strike again) be done in next to no time.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

I am a cursed sock knitter, I started my second Jaywalker with delight. Here I was actually knitting a second sock! But all did not go well, when I discovered I had inadvertently ended up with two too many stitches on each needle.

I put it to one side and finally started my first Feather and fan Sock, which was going absolutely brilliantly, and the pattern was beautiful! But I somehow ended up with way more stitches than I should have had. The curse strikes again.

I am afraid to knit anything now, and so decided to finish my Angora Supreme hooded scarf, it's only been waiting 2 years to be finished. And it is now on the home stretch, I am coming down the other side of tech scarf section. But I only seem to have one needle. Back on hold, also on hold the small sized one I was going to do for Mongolia as Dulaan will go for 2007 after all!

However, I did get a copy of the new Guardian Angel booklet today and figure I may as well attempt to make something by the end of August for them, as they are after all focusing on Mongolia this year!

Then temptation struck, a new MagKnits. I am quite enamored with Rufflette, the Market Bag and the vest.

But the question remains, do I dare knit anything at all? if so what? I fear anything that involves any lace, patterning of any sort and colour changes even if only stripes. Perhaps garter stitch in one colour? Maybe a scarf with no shaping or decreasing required?

Until next time,
A scared red headed knitter and not afraid to hide!