Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now I'm Pissed!

I worte a rivetign post, included losts of fun links, and what happens it got eaten!!!

Not happy, to top it off, instead of bar work last night which I htought would be nice and safe since I had to go and be sliced and diced yesterday afternoon. No I ende upon the floor having to look after people, didn't do a very good job of it, probably because I was in pain. But Wonder Owman as I shall thinkof her was workign the tables near mine so she was able bodies and minded and very helpful. Usually when I was stranded at the bar waiting for someone to tak emy order, then make it, and then come ack to the table with it, and the other table would have probably decided they wanted somehting.

I just couldn't function last night. I have done three tables before and it was fab, did two last time and it was kind of dull. Got two last night and I wanted to be anywhere but there.
Ah well I'm in Scullery tonight, where no one can hear me scream!

A bonafide pissed off and very angry redhead.

Monday, August 21, 2006

How exciting!

Further proof that I need to get out more.

We use these very fab syrups in the bar produced by a French company called Monin. Well the label on the bottle bears a web address, a uick visit, a referal to the Australian importer, from there to his Tasmanian distributer and I know now where I can buy them from locally.

Monin syrups are all non-alcoholic and come in a variety of flavours. The importer here has 71 flavours available, I don't know if that's the full range I may have to double check the French site.
But a couple of the drinks I've made, use these syrups and I am super keen to recreate them at home.

See? See how it all comes out? I sit at home making drinks!

Of ocurse the fact that I find I have little in common to converse with my fellow classmates on is eased by the fact that I am one of the most anti-social creatures of all.
I am a non-smoker!

I find I lack the motivation to go and sit with the smokers, mainly because I can't stand the smell, secondly why should I freeze my arse off on the cold boogelly days? Thirdly, I prefer to eat my lunch while not being assulted by cigrette smoke.

However having said that, I want on that balcony in Boston! To be on that balcony with a stiff drink, a cigar and James Spader (and of course we can't forget Denny Crane!).
You know as shaming as it is to admit it, oh wait you all know I sit at home drinking, William Shatner never did all that for me. But now, I do believe it's the power of those two words!
I don't know what turns me on more James Spader or those now infamous words "Denny Crane!". I can't help but think of Monty Python and their Holy Grail and the Knights who wanted a shrubbery when I think of infamous words that entertain me greatly!

Season one of Boston Legal is being advertised in all the catalogues, you know I'm going to have to have it.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.
(On a side note I have to create a cocktail so as to pass my advanced bar wenching, I will say this much now. It will be called the Redhead's Revenge - I shan't disclose the secret ingredient just yet. The walls have ears you know!)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Call For Submissions of Interest!

Today dear readers, I am seeking some input. It is time I became a more rounded person, with less sharp corners, so I need to expand my interests and hobbies.

To start with I have cooking, knitting, recycling and pole dancing. And pirates of course. And the overwhelming need to be the supreme ruler of the world and most awesome bar wench ever.

But I kind of need something more, I need some inspiration, I was discussing with Ms Stash over hot chocolate about my need for this today.

In conclusion I need something that is un-naff un-twee disorganised aloneness. Any suggestions????

Ms Stash suggested yoga, which is very good, because I like yoga and it doesn’t involve organised team sport – bah!

And it’s kind of normal. Everybody does yoga now, not just longhaired tree dwelling unwashed hippies.

It’s very exciting, Ms Stash is cooking her way through the latest Kylie Kwong book. Unfortunately I was working the night she made the Mongolian Beef, but she has promised to make it for me again. We’re also going to have Crispy Prawns with Honey and Garlic Sauce, yum!

But tonight we are having Beef in Oyster Sauce one of my all time fave dishes.

Asian cooking has all ways been a passion of mine, spanning the region from Indonesia up and across to India and China.

Japanese cooking is something I know very little about, I think because for a long time it was so unknown and unavailable. The Asian cookbooks expanded slowly beyond Chinese into other cuisines but Japan was one of the last areas. Which means I own not one Japanese cookbook. Not a single one!

I actually bought myself some Soba Noodles (organic to boot) so as to make Nigella’s soba noodle dish from Forever Summer, which I haven’t got around to as it’s served cold and well I just can’t come at cold noodles at the moment. I want my food to be at least warm.

Speaking of Nigella I am planning to make some more of her dishes from Forever Summer as I have tracked an obscure liqueur. It was so exciting when I found it I e-mailed the Green Woman and waxed lyrical because I knew she could empathise with my excitement.

I treated myself to a new DVD on Tuesday; it’s one of the Simpson’s Classics series. They usually have about four episodes on them and are titled by the sort of theme they are put into. This one is the Dark Secrets of the Simpsons it was only $10 and it has what has to be one of my all time fave episodes.

When none other than three people of notoriety all came to Springfield, Leonard Nimoy along with Mulder and Scully!!!

Now we are actually having a mini Chinese banquet, beef in oyster sauce followed by chicken and cashews all washed down with some very lovely Tasmanian cider.

Absolutely delicious!

Well tonight is Dr Who night, so I must go and prepare myself. Get into my slippers, make a coffee and find something worthy of nibbling. What to follow a mini Chinese banquet with? Hmmm, I'm thinking of mushrooms on toast while I watch Parky though, Bette Middler is on tonight. Wouldn't mind seeing what she has to say for herself.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Denny Crane! and THE Matt Hardy's Day Out at the Knitting Coven

The long awaited sequal to the boys day out at the cinema has now fianlly with bloggers help come to plan!

Upon arriving at the Knitting Coven, Denny secured himself a luncheon invitation from a beautiful lady in green.

"Denny Crane! Pleased to meet you beautiful lady! Would you mind passing some of that fish over here?"

Meanwhile the best THE Matt Hardy could secure was a gig modeling half finished socks much to his displeasure.

"Damn that Denny Crane! Vengence shall be mine! GRRR ARRGGGHH!!!"

Vengence took place when THE Matt Hardy challenged Captain Denny to one of my fave types of matches - a COFFIN match!! Which also included a popular theme from womens wrestling, a food stuff.

I present to you the Mintie Coffin Match of Doom!

In the very black, black, angry corner THE Matt Hardy. The challeneger!
"Grrr Arrrgghhh!"

In the very fetching Trekking outfit is the challengee, Captain Denny!
"Denny Crane! I will sign autographs after!"

Ding ding! First bell indicating the start of the round and Denny has come up with a cunning plan to outmanouvre the troll man and escape his angry clutches....

"Take that! Think you can outsmart Denny Crane? I'm a lawyer dammit!"

Ding ding! Bring out your dead! Ding ding! Bring out your dead!

The match concludes when the crafty Captain Denny slams the lid of the coffin closed on the angry troll man!

And your winner! And champion of the Mintie Coffin Death Match is......DENNY CRANE!!!!!!

Much applause from the onlookers, or at least much laughing.

"Denny Crane! Pleased to meet you beautiful lady! You know I seem to meet lots of beautiful ladies here today....what the?????"

"Grr Arrghh! You lollygagger! Think stuffing me in a coffin would stop me? Vengence shall be mine! AH HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!"

Oh dear I fear the angry troll man may have gone mad.

"Look here! I'll teach you to terrorise pretty ladies. And more imprtantly how dare you interrupt me while talking to pretty ladies! I'm going to trap you in this escape pod and jetson you into space and then well see if you can come back!"

"Grr Arrggh! I'll be back!! From the future and get you! And your little dog!"

Ohhh nooooo! Will Captain Denny be able to rid our world of the evil troll man? Or will the evil troll man return as promised???

Stay tuned! We will bring you more reports as they come to hand. Next tonight we have a report on a flying saucer which landed on the front lawn of.......

Friday, August 11, 2006

We apologise for this interruption to normal services.

Blogger is being rejectable. Once again I will have to delay Denny and Matt's day out at the Knitting Coven.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sockful of Success

This is Denny Crane and The Matt Hardy holding up the Sister Sock so as you can all see how beautiful it came out. At this point all it needed was the Afterthought Heel which wasn't as boogelly as I feared it would turn out.

This is the finished result later that night, complete with heel. Denny and Matt were lollygagging somewhere and of no use.

Now a sample of the Skull Sock of Fury (you must say htis in the TOTAL ANNHILATION voice from Cats and Dogs to get the true effect.)

Once again proudly held up to be photographed by Denny and Matt!

And a final example of the sock that night, with some more work done on it and the beginning of it's empty eye sockets! Have you ever seen something more beautiful????

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Whoo hoo! Me time!

Yes, that's right I have a few days to myself, so I intend to use it to do borign things like catch up on my washing and ironing. Maybe do a litttle baking...I have two new books on baking!

And of course some sock work I will have some pictures forthcoming. Very exciitng. I have started, drum roll please!

The very first Skull Sock of Fury! So quake with fear puny mortals!

I wil also catch up with some e-mails and some blogs I have to catch up with. See what everyone else is doing.

NOw is time for Mushrooms on Toast, I've already ahd it four times this week buta fifth should be good.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn cold!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fear Not Evil Doers! I am on a coffee break...

Cindy started it! If only I had been Catwoman, she was BAD!!!

Your results:You are Wonder Woman
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

And because i am a compulsive link follower - and quiz junkie I had to do these two thanks to Yarnivorous.

What type of Fae are you?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Your artistic expression tends to show up in flamboyant bursts. When you are feeling creative, it consumes your every thought and action. But just as quickly as the muse shows up, it leaves you and you are back to your relatively normal self."

Awww, how nice. My fave flower! And how very true! The Muse is back and some knitting shall take place of the next few days, either that or I could do housework. BOOO!