Friday, May 30, 2008

Yes, Victor, I believe it!!!

It has just been one of those mornings, the kind that would have Victor Meldrew frothing at the mouth.
The kind where the world conspires against you???

I am submitting my final math assignment this morning, well while it's still very close to morning.

Today is also the first day of my holiday and today I am doing the baking I have been meaning to do for the last three weekends. It's just that time of year, when sitting at your computer with your cup of tea wearing a jumper, mittens, scarf and a hat, that you just fancy something with your cup of tea while you cruise Ravelry finding even more things you want to knit.
Can you guess who is refusing to admit it's cold enough to need heating yet??? Heating?? I don't need no stinking heating! Especially if the hydro prices go up, mines all electric.

In answer to the Greenwoman's comment, yes that is the yarn I meant! How delicious is it???

Speaking of Delicious has anyone else seen this months issue??? Lots of tasty things this time around.

Late evening edit!
I have submitted my maths assignment, now we just play the waiting game. I got no knitting done today, I was running late from the word go, so knitting just got pushed to the back burner. Maybe tonight, park myself on the couch and watch some episodes of Rising Damp - an about 1970's(???) British comedy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well well well, it's been an interesting day. My afternoon class finished 50mins early when everybody but me had had to dash off early...
We were only about half our usual number to start with, so rapidly losing nearly all the other half kind of brought our lesson to a halt.

In that time I have been working on my afternoon classes assignment and doing some more of my morning classes work.
Oh and now writing a blog post, multi tasking at it's best baby!

You may remember me starting Ysolda's Lace-Up Opera Gloves awhile back? The pattern temporarily had me flumuxed when I had to pick up stitches. What? What stitches? It got sidelined because I got impatient. But thanks to Ravelry, (yes I got my invite look out for me DarksideKnitter) I found a discussion about it and apparently someone else had the same frustration I had. They also took it back and retried it like I did. I feel much better about them now and think they may have to come out again.

I am tempted to buy new yarn, pretty yarn, fantasy yarn! I'm after some Cherry Tree Hill in a colourway called Tropical Storm, it looks lovely but do I really need more 4ply? More socks? No, maybe armwarmers I am good at those, I actually make two.
I site Whitewater Wristwarmers and Funky Punky Armwarmers (aka as the Emily's) as two examples of my capability to knit a second.
And after I finish winding my yarn up I will knit the second of my "Bratz" Gauntlets aka Swinging Gauntlets from Punk Knits.

The first "Bratz" needs the ends put away and some ribbon threaded through but it will be fantastic when it's done.

Anyway links will be provided later, three things I can do on school time, even if class is technically over, but hunting for links when I don't have my bookmarks will have to wait.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I am 7th in line for the new Anticraft book from my library! You know, I wouldn't at all be surprised if I didn't know who the some of those other 6 were...

And to you all I say, Hurry Up With It! It has things in there just begging me to knit them! Speaking of things being begged to knit, Bad Juju from the Anticraft site is made with Lionbrand Woolese which I spied in the latest BlackSpot mailout, I must pop in and see if there are any suitable bad colours.

That'll be on next week's list of things to do, when I'm on holidays, somewhere in between assignments and homework for school.

The Who was amazing, I'm still trying to get over the descriptive "nice" used with the phrase "rock band". But 1970's filming technique aside - that really dated it - would it have been better with all the bells and whistles of a modern tour???
Hmmm, well some things aren't going to be better no matter how much bell or whistle you throw at it.

Prime example Joan Jett's classic I Love Rock n' Roll

Now everybody and their dog has had a turn at doing their version, but this is Britney's version...

Music video or audition for a gentleman's club??? I'll let you be the judge.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I had a day out socialising with "real people" to borrow a phrase from a friend. All study and no play has not just made me dull, it's bored me senseless.

There was a much run debate about whether to organise a night out and get out and have a good time, but realistically given how dark and cold it gets by 5pm at the moment, not even I'm keen to be out and about! So I promptly shelved the idea for later use.

After much discussion I have re-requested an invite from Ravelery, I requested one which we worked pout must have been almost a year ago and heard nothing. But others have requested invites just recently and had invites issues quite quickly. Oh, well if you first don't succeed!

The Who are on TV tonight, a showing of their Isle of Wight concert I am very much looking forward to it.

I have another week of study then holidays! Oh yes! Things I will do? Finally rent Resident Evil 3, and after much discussion this afternoon I must track down Monkey!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lookie Lookie I Got Hookie!

I'm flahing back to Hook, what a movie that was, it had pirates in it. But really the point is I wanted to show off my new ice block tray today, there was only one of this design left on the shelf and I just couldn't take a chance of going away and thinking about it.

But a far better a photo than I could take is one here on the manufactures website. Look Here!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello, My Name is The Daft White Cat!

TDWC had the privelidge of coming out for an outing to my parents house to meet my grandparents while they were here staying, alas he choose to take up residence behind the toilet - don't ask nobody has an answer only theroys about small spaces!
The only time he deemed worthy of coming out and along the hall was to greet my grandfather and give him the full treatment and receive a pat in return before returning to his new residence. He did later venture just outside into the hallway and I managed to snap a few pictures of him.
Upon his return home he settled back into his routine of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, eating, playing with Mousie (a handknitted blue mouse made by myself!), sleeping and finally sleeping.
It's a hard life staying home all day, I just wish he'd learn to cook or iron. He'd make such a better house mate, he dosen't contribute financially at all either. He is a kept male of the first order!
While I am no Jane Austen fan, I am a huge fan of quizzes and when I saw this while reading through Melinda's blog I had to hop off and have a turn.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Also thanks to Melinda I am madly in love with these mittens - Daisy Stitch Handwarmers. They look amazing I am so going to have to make myself a pair.

Two new recipes I have tried recently, my Grandparents have been up visiting so we have been having a dinner and lunches and making desserts. The first is Treacle Puds, a very handy stand by. And the other which we had for the first time ever came from my mothers cookbook and she couldn't remember when she'd last made it (if ever) was Raspberry Trifle.
Which was another simple one made with frozen raspberries and was delicious, in future we should make double.

I need to search through my delicious magazines since it was in there I am sure I saw a recipe for Scotch Eggs that were baked as opposed to the quite often method of frying.
Something I am keen to try from Good Taste magazine is an omelette in a bag. It was featured in an outdoorsy-camping menu feature but the prospect intrigues at home on the domestic front as well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today I am off to sit a math test, not exactly a fitting way to end the week, I'll have all weekend to worry how I did...

I don't like maths, I like maths with letters even less, I really don't like maths with letters that require working out future values! Blah!!!
But my teachers seem to think I do know it, hence the math test this morning!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To atone for disappointing the Green Woman yesterday I have found the Count! Highly appropiate since I am about to sit down to some math.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought it was about time to update my blog, but when it comes to sit down and write something...fizzle...puff of smoke....lingering smell of something burning in the air.
That'll be my brain overheating and catching fire. Far too much to think about at the moment, I actually found myself slumped on the couch watching Home and Away the other night. I don't even like Home and Away!

So I have decided to take a leaf out of Amanda J's blog and her Sesame Street winners.

With no further ado I give you a video blog!

Enjoy mon amis!