Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well I am sure many of you will have heard about Benoit the pro-wrestler by now, he got quite a size able article the other day in the paper.
He was (past tense and all) one of my faves. Alas no more!

The first episode of Dr Who tonight, I like the new girl, or shall I say I I like who I presume to be the new girl, a huge improvement on Rose aka the pop tart!

I finished Thud last night, a fabulous work! Truly fabulous! I know it said in the back blurb there was another new one coming, something about Post??? I must look it out.

It is a short one tonight I am afraid, I fear I am being chased by a chicken! (Sorry Thud reference, you'll have to read it to find out the answer!).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's on!!!

Next Tuesday I am out to dinner, I have been waiting for this fo sooooo long. And it couldn't have come at a better time.
Chocolate Cremem Brulee here I come!!!
I will of course be accompanied by the usual suspects. And our weapons of choice, red wine and black fingernails....

Tonight I have a date with Terry Pratchett and his amazing ccast of characters. I am looking forward to it, I have not read Thud! before.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ice! Ice! Ice Baby!

I'm so cold, I think I will do away with the fridge and just distribute items about my body in a special coat.

I have been in dire need of a hottie, alas Matt Hardy has been unavailable so I have had to settle for a hot water bottle.

Who else saw Torchwood? It was kind of slow to get off the ground, but Captain Jack! What can I say there is soemthing about certain Captain Jack's that are really appealing.

Alas I have not seen the third instalment of the Pirate Captain Jack, but I have discovered that I managed to miss seeing the third installment of Spiderman on the big screen. Very disappointing, however a tiny part of me is actually considering Nancy Drew. Yes, I do recall her from my misspent youth, not quite as promising as an Agatha Christie mystery but they were quite good.

I haven't knitted, I've cooked a lot, I find it much more satisfying. it was after all one of my first loves. I'm hoping to squeeze a little more baking in this weekend.

On the needles currently and pretty close to being done is a Critter from the Naughty Needles book, I should get back to it, they look like cute little owls in the book when complety finished.

Did anyone else suffer the horrendous fate of seeing the start of Pirate Master???? I was dubious about it, but decided I had better watch it before disregarding it. I lasted about half an hour and called it quits. It was too sad, way too sad!

Sharon was right, I so need a night out at Smokey Joes with a glass or two (or three!) of Merlot. Maybe week after next, I am due a day off so won't have to get up early. Yeah! I can hear those fajitas calling my name now!

What I am loving at the moment is Mouthfuls of Heavn that CIndy put me on to. So far I seen a lot of things I am keen to try and and a few things I have made myself!
Inspired by this I have been cooking a few things from Feast. The Somerset Rarebit and Potato Wedges, most recently. There is often a repeat of the Mushrooms on Toast!
Even Sandra D, who isn't overly fond fo Rarebit, devoured her entire piece on toast. We can put it on the list to have again.
I made the Potato Wedges to help fill the meal out since I had to make what was a supper dish for 2 go around 3 for a main meal. My father thinks they are the best potato wedges he has ever eaten. Out class the bought ones by far.
I have to admit they were beautiful! We had Kennebecs I think they were, I don't know if it was the potato, the spices or a combination that pushed them into divine territroy.

Next on the to try list is the Breakfast Biscuit (think American biscuit, not biscuit as we know it), you make them up, cut them out and then freeze them. You can then cook them straight away or pack them up in a freezer bag ready for another morning when you want to bake them. During the week, is a little full on I think for baking stuff, but on a Saturday morning when I am lurching about, muttering to myself, they would be a real goer.
This morning I got up to make a drink, I took it back to bed and read a book, quite happily passing the better half of the morning away. Incredibly decadent , but as Peter Cundall would say bloody marvelous!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

And it makes Suzi a dull girl, I need a holiday. A time to step back from everything and everyone and well and truly let my hair down.

I am awe inspired by the Reptilian from the latest MagKnits. About the only thing that really took my fancy this time.

I'm in need of some rock n' roll, some good comedy and some regular coke, no holding back the sugar this time around. If only!