Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlight on a Punky Rose

These are some pictures I took yesterday of my in progress Punky Rose Wristers (aka Blackrose Wristers). I have since reached up to and started the thumb gusset after taking these photos.

I am really psyched for how quickly these are knitting up, I normally not a huge fan of working with 4-ply as it seems to take forever or feels like it at least to knit up. This is Blue Moon Fibre's Sock's That Rock in Moody Blues. It is delicious in both feel and colour, and is the perfect colour combo for what I like to wear.
I have a skein also of this yarn, but in the colourway called Pirate's Booty. Bought mostly because I couldn't resist the name, and I was quite taken with most of the colour way. There was a few sections I was a bit dubious about, but having seen how this one knits up I'm sure it won't bother me at all.

What I have my eye on now is the Raven Clan collection, and for a super not subtle hint for gidt giving later this year, particulary the colour way Thraven!
Toyed with the idea of enough for a shawl, but there's so many fabulous colours I may have to content myself with a skein a year and knit my way thorugh all the hand, wrist and armwarmers I have on my to do list!
Although I must admit cowls (or neckwarmers or smoke rings or tube scarves call them what you will!) are fast jostling the aforementioned warmers as my ultimate fave thing to knit.

Last night I went out for a knit & dessert evening, hence the reason I got so much more knitting done. A bit of chatter over drinks and rather a lot of strawberries is very conducieve to making progress.
Actually earlier this week I had a Marvel movie & knit night with Miss Stash, knitted like mad all through Ghost Rider, which I love and have seen a bizillion times and somehow seemed to knit the scarf I was working on wrong. I then spent the first fantastic Four movie which I hadn't seen since it's release at the cinemas attempting to take back mohair so I could fix the scarf...yikes! Then spent the second Fabtastic Four which I have never seen knitting it properly, sigh of relief.

What prompted this Marvel mood, apart from I like to spot Stan Lee, like in Alfred Hitchcock movies playing spot Alfred. I bought the Marvel Scene It dvd game.
Now I knew I would be absolutely woeful at just about anything to do with the comics themselves, I just don't have that knowledge and I'm prepared to admit it. But I figured I'd be on firmer ground re movies and cartoons.

I'm not too good on this actor was what character in this movie? And the answer is always someone I have never heard of. However about stuff that actually took place in the movies I had slightly more of an idea. Hence my Marvel movie marathon knit session! I'll have to have a couple more before I take a crack at Scene It again I think.

I am pleased to see that Wolfman is due to open on Feb 11th here, so it will be open before I go back to school. Yeah! Just got to choose between Vietnamese, Japanese or perhaps a noodle box for after. I find myself very enraptured with noodley stir frys at the moment and have been ogling recpies for them like mad.

Tonight I have a knitting date with Wycliffe, which are shorter and faster paced than a Midsummer Murder (although these are slow and lengthy which makes them wonderful not too distracting knitting time).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Write a blog about it!

Had a bit of a calamitous weekend, I broke my glasses, discovered a leak in my bathroom and during all this drama lamented that I couldn't sit and work on a concise with no spelling mistakes explanation for the local Sheriff's office as they have sent me another jury summons.
It unfortunately clashes this time right ton my return to study, last year it fell right as I was having my end of year exams.

I plan to write back to them and ask to be exempted for the rest of the year at least, I don't think I can ask for the next couple of years at the same time but I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

My dad managed to fix my glasses, which meant I didn't have to wait till today to try and go to town and get them repaired. And I got a plumber out to fix my leaky pipe in the bathroom after trying my real estate agent and having no luck.
I popped into the real estate office today to let them know I had gone ahead and organised a plumber myself, the young girls who I see once in a blue moon who do rental inspections tend to be quite friendly. But for some reason, the young girls I seem to have the misfortune to strike behind the counter at the REA office always seem to come across as a bit aloof if I put it politely, I wouldn't go so far as to say rude because their not.

I was on the phone to Miss Stash telling all my tales of woe and what had gone wrong on the weekend and she simply said to me, "Write a blog about it".
Here it is or there it was, it was just one of those days where I was just waiting for something else to go wrong. So far, so good.

And on to more exciting things, I have two projects picked out for the Knitting Olympics, with the possibility of a third. I have the patterns and yarn for all of them, needles for one and need to seek out needles for the other 2 I plan to work on.
I'm really excited about starting them actually, I am doing 2 cowls and of course a pair of the ever favourite arm warmers.

Before I go back to school, and my holidays are finished. I figure I shoul do school holiday stuff have little treats and outings, isn't that after all half the fun of school holidays???
I did I must add have 5 days away by the sea side, pure bliss, no one or anything to worry about and I did heaps of reading. I did lots of reading before I went away and have done lots more since I got back.
It's mostly been re-reading Janet Evanovich's Stephenie Plum series and reading some of the in between the numbers novels from the library I hadn't read yet and also Finger Lickin Fifteen! I read it in two nights, it was good.
My only critique of it is, it felt like an earlier novel, in the last few novels we've struck Stephenie's sister Val and her children, the lawyer Albert Kloughn and of course Sally Sweet who wears dresses and sings in a band. But they didn't pop up even in passing, it felt slightly like we'd gone backwards in some respects.

One of my outings this holidays was to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, it was absolutely fantastic. I loved their interpretation of Dr Watson and Robert Downey Jnr as Sherlock Holmes was just suitably eccentric enough.
While I was there they had a preview for a movie called The Wolfman, it had what I would call a very Victorian vibe about it which I really liked the look of.
Accordign to the official website it's released on the 12th Febuary, so before school goes back if that is a world wide date. Which I hope it is and not just a US date.

After I'd seen Sherlock Holmes I went to Dave's Noodle Box to get a take-away for dinner, a very yummy Hot Box. And as I was leaving I passed Bento, now someone has been there and told me it was very good but I forget who???
And I thought, I'll have to go before my holidays are over and try them out, I've never been to a Japanese restaurant before.

However today while I was out and about I passed a Vietnamese restaurant called Mekong, mind you it's been ages since I'd been into the square so I'm not sure how long it's been there or anything about it but last time I was in Yorktown Square Mekong was a Japanese resaurant of a name I have forgotton. But there does seem to be another Japanese restaurant in the oppodite diagonal corner from the Mekong.
Never been to a Vietnamese restaurant either so my interest has been peaked well and truly!