Monday, April 04, 2011

What's eating Darkside Knitter?

I spent far too many years hating myself, it is far from productive and leads to the accomplishment of nothing.

Over the last 2 years I have learnt to be a bit nicer to myself, hence the greater success rate now than ever before. Before I had a sucess rate of zero. I attribute a lot of it to turning 30, it truly was a life changing event.
Old habits are hard to break, and I find those little niggling habits creeping back. That little voice that is so critical and then I find myself actually having those critical thoughts about myself again.

As you will know from my recent blog posts I have dipped my oar into vegan cooking and it was through this that I found the pick up me I was looking for. On a blog called Beyond Will Power, the latest post was Because even the beautiful people don't feel beautiful...

Before this I was watching a vodcast, looking at and thinking would it really matter if I discovered the cure cancer if I didn't look good in a bikini? Alright so curing cancer might be a bit of a stretch, I am not scientifically minded at all. The principal is the same though, does it matter how good I am at anything if I don't look good in a bikini? I was watching the host on the vodcast talking about women or more exactly talking about looking at women.
And I found myself back where I was 15 years ago, looking in the mirror and hating myself for not being perfect, not being beautiful enough.
Which had prompted me to look this clip up on You Tube of Mel Fyfe, a strong woman on a now defunct tv show here with Christa Hughes singing Bikini Parade. FYI: You'll have to skip forward ot the 4min mark to get the song, the first four minutes is Mel talking about and doing her strong woman act with the show's host.

I would have liked to linked in P!nk's F*cking Perfect here, but the first time I watched it I had to run away from my computer during the video as it made me so uncomfortable. Christa's Bikini Parade is much much more humourous.