Thursday, May 05, 2011

In the land of Vegan

I love the Book Depository, but we had a minor blip earlier this year and I was a tad cross with them for a moment.

I pre-ordered last year in prep for a January release of a paperback version of the Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz (or as I like to call her, the Vegan Nigella) and Terry Hope Romero. I counted down impatiently to the release date, the hardcover version had been out for ages but the paperback due to be released was half the price.
Release day rolled around, but the book wasn't released it simply showed as Currently Unavailable on the Book Depository. I e-mailed the BD after being unable to find any e-mails from them to me to find out what was happening regards my order since I had paid for the book.

And I got nothing back from them, the listing still showed up as unavailable. Being the impatient person I am, I e-mailed again and told them I wanted a refund since they didn't have the book to send me. Seconds later I got a reply to tell me they were only too happy to refund my money and it was all being processed right then.

When I saw the paperback listed once again for pre-order I ordered again, release day rolled around the 2nd time and it showed on my order as sent out and the listing showed it as available on the BD website.
The parcel arrived yesterday and on opening it I discovered they had sent me the hardcover copy! Squee, I thought, I've got the hardcover version for half price!

Only now I'm wondering if I should e-mail and let them know, they've sent the right book after all. And a superior version at that.

The other quandary I am having is about a local animal rights group's meetings. They are apparently meeting once a month at one of the vegetarian cafes in town. On the groups poster one of the things mentioned was cruelty free food, there's only so much animal welfare rights I can handle but it's very hard to look at vegan cooking and not be confronted with animal rights. Even when it's not physically there in the cook book it still is.
Vegetarian cook books seem to be coming from a different place however.

I was looking at this particular animal rights website and reading through past newsletters, which all seem to focus on animal rights and environmental impact on wildlife. But it often includes a vegan recipe, which has me tempted because I wouldn't mind meeting some other local veg/etarians.
There are some very good resources available, all very informative. The downside is that usually the vegan ones are all North American and the vegetarian are British. I am yet to turn up a good Australian resource for veg eating.

Still I suppose I should consider myself lucky to be able to choose what I do and don't want to eat. Being able to pop to the local shops and buy whatever you want is something I think I take a bit too much for granted.