Saturday, July 29, 2006

Breaking News Update!

Nearly forgot again. I have been meaning to update the Inn with some recipes so I will finally upload them today.

One of those days.

Well, well, well, well. Well.

What a day today turned out to be, yes I am going to have a rant. I don't know if it's because I'm a redhead or because I may just be a bit of a crochety old bag. But it all happened today.

Today was market day, those of you who are regular readers you will be familiar with these outings. Those of you new to my blog, let me explain, a local market started up a few months ago and advertised for stall holders of local goods – Sharon had the brainwave that this was just what we at the coven had all been talking about – somewhere to sell excess knit items.

And it has been a small success, nobody's become a millionaire out of it, but we have had some sales, and generally a good gossip and some serious knitting time.

Today, aside from the fact that it was quite blah weather we (Sandra D, Ms Stash and myself) turned up for the market, it started to rain so we had to rush to move the stall back under cover. Wet knit wear is not promising sales wise.

Then the irrepressable Cindy arrived and there were 4. There was much talking and lots of news. Cindy told us how she had told off some able bodied people without a disability permit for parking in the disabled bay. Which we all heartily agreed upon. That's one of my pet peeves.

Then Cindy went off to do some shopping and this woman (who shall hence forth be known as Crotchety Old Bag aka COB for short) appeared round the corner and announced we were all making too much noise and it was difficult to hear on the phone let alone think.

I did what I do best in these situations, I ignored her and knitted. As most other things I am prone to do in these situations Ms Stash always tells me off for.

Cindy returned more talking ensued, and then there was a knocking sound I noticed when I was looking round so did Cindy so she must have heard it and then we went back to yaffling.

Then I spied COB out puffing on a cancer stick, having a conversation at a level the entire market could have heard with someone standing all of about a half a meter away.

Soon as she disappeared – flicking her cigrette butt on the ground I might add, another of my pet peeves. I was whispering to Cindy how the COB had come out after she'd gone to the bakery and told us we were all making so much noise she couldn't think.

About a minute later, the grand wizard for the market appeared at our stall and told us that “the lady in the office was doing some critical computer work and she had asked us nicely to be quiet, she didn't want to cause any problems, but we needed to be quiet.”

How f*****g precious can you be? How she works when the market isn't on and the square reverts to a car park I don't know. All those cars driving around and through, car doors being slammed and I am sure people are talking then as well.

Instantly made me think of a former co-worker who was a bit precious and would have coped so much better if we had elimanted all face to face contact, telephones and anything that required a great deal of thought.

The first two solutions would have overcome the problem of her not listening to anything anyone else actually said.

But I digress, I got annoyed, very annoyed. May be the red hair, may be I was a COB, but I announced I would not stay and would not be back. Being treated like naughty school children. Be quiet? I am a little uncertain about this one, were we meant to sit in silence for the rest of the market? I am also also considerable pissed off, that if we were making so much noise where we were they didn't offer to help us move somewhere else in the market with our stall.

Then Sharon arrived and then there were 5. We were all trying to whisper loudly enough so she would hear on her way over to us that she couldn't talk.

Which led to more discussion about COB, and we all decided to pack up and go home since we had had no customers and it looked like it was going to fully rain.

After we've all packed up we were standing out in the car park whispering with Sharon catching upon all the gossip. And one of the other stall holders was packing up near by making a bit of noise, when Cindy noticed the COB was at the window staring through the blinds at us. Sharon being the most polite, friendly member of the group waved and sung out goodbye her.

Maybe it was just the weather for them, because at one point another COB was on the other side of the market shouting at a woman running a stall before marching past us and back around the corner somewhere. What????

I don't understand people who go round shouting abuse at people in public. That's not saying I wouldn't do it, had I been in a lesser mood this morning I would have got stuck into it with our COB.

I still think we should have taken her, there was only 1 of her and 5 of us. Not to mention smoking those cancer sticks she would have been fair game.

I actually successfully finished the toe on the first Sister Sock, now I have picked up the stitches for the heel it almost a completely finished sock. I just need a completely finished sock that matches one of the other 3 now. No tot mentio the half finsihed Feather and Fan, the Sock Curse has struck again I am three stiches short as I am about to start the heel. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Until next time,
A bona fide angry red head and damn cranky about everything!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'll have what she's having!


Finally for the first time in weeks I made it to the covne meet-up. So exciting to see everybody again. But there was so much to talk about and so little time.
Some valuable knitting time was got in,drank a latte, ate a chocolate brownie which wasn't half bad, actually it was reasonably good.

Finally picked up a copy of the Filati knitting this afternnon after the meeting. It's put out by Lana Grossa and is a sumer edition so has lots of very cute little tops and wraps in it.

I'd like to take htis opportunity to lament the restrctions on becoming Renassionce Woman. While I would like tobe a an all spinning, all dyeing, all knitting and all crocheting. I just ahve the time, more's the pity. I will have to content myself with getting on top of my UFO's and mastering the art of crochet.

There is simply not enough hours in the day or enough money in my budget to indulge all my passions. However having said that I am getting a bit crafty with some fabric and velcro for a special project. That is all I will say for the moment as there is some more work to be done before all can be revealed......

Some discussion at the coven this afternoon has got me thinking. About deed polls and name changes, and how many peole hate their names. Maybe after my advanced wenchng (food as well as beverage service) course is over maybe I oculd reinvent myself? Nothing major, it's not like reinventing the wheel. Or is it??????

If you do change your name can you apply to have all oyur schoola nd educational certificates reissued in your new name? Or do oyu merely have to have accompyning proof with you when being interveiwed to show you are the person who got those results? many questions! And so many other quesitons! And projects and ideas and things to do!

Where will it end? Perhaps when I become Buffy! Buffy Summers! Or better yet Xena, yes I could pictue myself as a Xena.

Until next time,
Suzi (or possibly Buffy or possibly Xena)
A bona fide red head (or maybe blonde or brunette) who has to go and still the mind and do some actually more knitting - socks to finish!

Monday, July 24, 2006


I am so exctied! If I knew what the Friends elbows were I would so be doing it!

With any luck and I can get out of class early as well, I may actaully make the knitting coven meet up tomorrow.

Now if you excuse me I have to go and go "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo" and wring my hands lots.

Too excited to tell you anything here today!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

New clicky link!

Just for Ms Stash and anyone else who is interested. How many pairs socks have you knitted yourself?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Live To Write Again!


I did not as I feared, simply write fish all over my order book. Not that this would have been a bad thing as we were serving fish.

Tonight was our first restaurant practical, despite what we all thought we all weren't on these tow nights. I was in Group A and we worked by ourselves tonight. Four of us in total plus our supervising staff, and the kitchen crew of course.

Tomorrow night Groups B, C and D get to work and we all get the night off. They aren't as talented as us, that's why were Group A and get the customers to ourselves.

However I still need to finish off an assignment so I will have to go into school tomorrow after all. BOOO!!!

Then Friday I get to do the oh so thrilling, and much looked forward to breakfast shift. No, really I am looking forward to it, because once it's done it's done. And fortunately there is only one breakfast shift.

The Daft White Cat wasn't too impressed with my knowledge gathering excursion. I heard all about it when I came home, well just after I came home since he was actually sound asleep. Blissfully unaware of me coming in with all my bags of stuff.

I had better check and see what it is I am meant to be doing next week. As I am missing my knitting coven get togethers. Bill and I seem to be still getting on like a house on fire, Ted has been noticeably absent. Which is probably a good thing because he has those pants that the crotch is down around his knees and I just want to go over and grab the back of them and pull up. It irritates me to no end, I have my true grumpy old bag moments then.

Anyway my beloved readers, I am off to bed, the DWC is giving me the eyes and sitting on the desk sending me telepathic requests. Lets go to bed, I want to curl up on the blanket. Lets go to bed I want to sit on your hot water bottle. Lets go to bed I can bury myself under the covers next to your feet.

That last one has me beat, quite frankly at the end of the day I'd rather be far away from my feet. But cats are strange creatures, or at least all mine have been. One of them was a definite foot fetishist, wouldn't get up and sit in your lap, but he adored feet. He had to be as close as possible to them.

Ah well I'm of to bed to get some rest, busy day tomorrow. Actually I'm glad I don't ave to work tomorrow, it gives me plenty of time to do stuff during the day and the opportunity to get early to bed so I can be ready to report for work at 7am.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who is not a morning person and is damn cranky because of it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good news!

Being laid up with my sore and still swollen ankle - fortunatly not bruised - Ms Stash came to visit me and keep me company. I actually got some more work done on the Sister Sock. Very exciting!

Since then I've logged on to finally look at the new Magknits and Knitty's that are up.

Nothing in Magknits really screamed make me now! The stuff was nice, but not I have to make it! Knitty on the other hand, I mean literally on the hand here, has inspired me and also a number of people I discovered while catching up on Punk Rock Knit Girls.

The Knucks are very cool, and seeing what others have done on the Knucks KAL has really inspired me. I was just looking at the Tiger Paws and Tabby Paws in the Yarn magazine earlier this afternoon thinking I would make some of those. Well I will be making a lot more as it now seems.

Other inspiring patterns I found while catching up on the PRKG was these socks and stockings. The wonderufl DIY Network site for Knitty Gritty, listing all the episodes so you can see hat htey all featured.
However back at Knitty I found these to add to my ever growing list of things to make - Carpathia, Reptilian Lace, Baudelaire, Swell and my two absolute faves from fab factor alone Allete and Lilies (my absolute fave flowers ever!).

I've also found a new web ring I've fallen in love with, The Bad Ass Knitters Webring. Bad ass aside, I am enamoured with their choice of buttons - which despite the name of the ring also cater for spinners and crochters.

To finish off, a little something I know Sharon will appreciate as well! Betty Boop herself x2.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who will answer people's questions, I swear - alot! But it will be done.

Friday, July 14, 2006

So many good things and so few.

I have been so distracted, I have failed to blog about some of the more important knitting things that have happened.

My much coveted Tiger ayrn has long isnce arrived, very exciting! All the way from Germany. Unfortuantly Ms Stash dosen't have her borrowed camera so I can't take a picture of my lovely yarn to show you. However, the wonderful Sharon has a pair knitted up.

On my way home from class today I encountered the rabble that is other people's children, fortunatly their are a number of buses close together so I managed having to avoid traveling with a large number of them.
The hair cuts alone are enough to drive you mad! Being one of the last on the bus, the bus driver took off before I could even sit down and I odn't know what I did but my ankle has been sore ever since.

I met Ms Stash as I was dragging myself home, after deciding not to come and see her now I was all miserable but she espied me so I went to visit her and the Boy.
She was also brave enough to take my sock and shoe off for me, after I complained I had a fat ankle. Apparently it's not just fat, upon looking at it she also thinks there is a bruise coming up.
Now we just wait and see, either I'll wake up tomorow and it'll be fine or I'll wake up and it'll be even more hideous than now.

I guess there will be no excuse to not sit and knit this weekend, now all I need is something to watch. I've been re-watching everything I possess latley as there seems to be nothing but rubbish on tv. Rubbish!
Having re-seen St Trinians and the Train Robbery, I ma more than doubly determined ot find some more of this classic if nonsical series.

Also on the knitting front, I saw a new knit magazine while in the newsagent. Filati? Filata? It was only $9.95 and there looked to be quite a few copies there so I am going to go back next week and pick up a copy as it was full of things I loved. Which is more than I can say for the Creative Knitting which was the same price but no where near the same excitement level.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head in pain and damn unhappy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My loyal subjects!

I address you now to let you know I have not forgotton you or our plan to rule the world.

When the day comes and I am supreme ruler your loyalty and patience shall be remembered. However I fear I may have bit off more than I can chew. And I didn't once think those immmortal words "How hard can it be?"

I don't think I am quite cut out to be a food and beverage wench. Bar wenching I could handle, add food to the mix and it gets complicated. You have to know things!
I don't know I can explain menu's to people, or discuss wine choices. To me either it is drinkable or not. Which reminds me I discovered on a foray into a bottleshop that Hardy's produce their Merlot in 10 litre casks. Very pleasing.

Also you will all have to have black coffee's or flat white's, possibly a latte if your lucky or flat cappacino's. I'd advise the black it's going to be the least disappointing.

The Thrilling Adventures of Matt Hardy and Denny Crane are temporarily on hold, Matt needs to think about the meaning of good customer service and can't come out of the corner till he does.
I am his customer and I expect to be serviced promptly and politely regardless of personal meltdowns, hot blondes or crazy cranks, as would any of my customer's.
Do you think they are really interested if I am getting good customer service elsewhere? Or if they are going to get their drink promptly?
Now that is a hard one, can I have some thinking music please Bob?

"At the age of thirty-seven she knew she'd found forever
As she rode along through Paris with the warm wind in her hair ..."

Alright Bob, I'm going to go with the first option! What???? I'm wrong??? Aww!
Wait, there's a booby prize what do I get?
A Matt Hardy action figure? In a skull and cross bones top?!?!?!?! Perhaps not a complete loss then...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fear not!

As for Bill and Ted, well, I got my own back in class yesterday on Bill. We had a class on communicating on the telephone, yes, they actuually tach you about telephone etiquette and handling.

Well since Bill and Ted and our other group member voted me into being secretary, I was outvoted by threemales as Bill told me. Soemthing in our group discussion, we somehow got onto perky. I made osme crack about how we wern't talking about the kind of sex phone lines Bill rings up...much to great amusement.

Today, today was anew day. Bill and I got along a lot better, I wouldn't say a house on fire, but considerably better, especially since we got assigned to a group together along with the two R's (yes, both girls have the same name).

And the wonderful Che put me onto this, aren't these the coolest lookign oven gloves you've ever seen??

Monday, July 10, 2006

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Did anybody else see Miami CSI last night? I do believe that was a not a Hottie Clicker or something very much like it that boy had.

I had to do a practical for my Advanced bar Wenching aka Food and Beverage Wenching course on Friday night, so my father taped Blackbeard for me, which went well till towards the end were first someoen had chnged the channel while it was recording and then it had stopped recording altoghether after giving me brief hope when someone had turned it back to the right channel.

So no I don't actually know how Blackbeard ended...

I ended up sitting next to Bill and Ted today in class, or more to the point they sat next to me. I had to work with them, I got voted 'secretary' because I was the only girl in the group.
But honestly I look at bill and Ted and I see myself as a prime candidte fro that Grumpy Old Women show. What I could say!

A bona fide cranky red head.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What a day!

We had originally intended to try and organise a lunch at Smokey Joes since I had a rare day of freedom and missed out on last weeks coven meeting. But Smokey Joes was not to be as they don't appear to have opened yet in their new premises. SO I thought plan number two, I would take advantage of cheap tickets at the movies and go see the much advertised Pirates of the Caribbean 2.
Dosen't open till Thursday.

But to my delight I discovered X-Men 3 had not finished but was in it's final days. 10:30 this morning I was not at the cinema. 10:40 Miss Stash and I got to the cinema
And wouldn't you know it? The movie had actually started! No never ending preveiws!
I had planned to take some pictures of Matt's day at the movies to detract form the lack of knitting but that didn't go to plan, you can't take pictures of empty popcorn boxes in empty theatres with blank screens....Poor boy, if only he had relaised it was all a lure on my part to liberate him of his bandana!

So when we got home which was very quickly, something did not agree with me. I'm blaming the cinema popcorn. Matt and his new friend Captain Kirk (so he dosen't look a total Nigel) re-enacted their day's outing. Below is the humourous story. It is very amusing, and you will find it so or you will be shot.
Now that my stomache has settled I think I can safely dash to the corner store for a packet of rice.

"Denny Crane! Beam me up some popcorn Scottie!"

"Dude, I'm THE Matt Hardy! I'm not into sci-fi so I don't know who you are, or what your qouting at me because I didn't see the Lord of the Rings!"

"Denny Crane! What do you mean you don't know who I am? Denny Crane! I wasn't in Lord of the Rings - that was some other old guy! I'm Denny Crane I was in Star Trek you boob!"

All been distracted long enough? Good, Ms Stash when she went shopping was good enough to pick me up the new Simply Knitting with the free circulars. And the circulars turned out to be the size I keep meaning to buy so I can pick up the stitches on my Aran Earwarmer. There may be knitting progress yet.


Until next time,
A bona fide red head trying to distract people from her lack of knitting reports on her kniting blog.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Coolest Exchange of the Millenium!!

Who haven't I told about this? Probably you my dear blog readers, I have how ever been talking people's ears off about how Che asked me if I'd like to participate in a gift exchange similar to secret pal but more suited to those of us with, ahem, similar asthetic tastes.

It now has it's own blog page, yes it has grown, evolved into it's own being, soon it will take over the world (and rightly so!). The Punk Rock Gift Exchange!
I think you all should take the time to admire and marvel at it! This is truly a revolution in gift exchanges, where would we be without the internet?

My father (who is from Scotland) talks about Anoraks - people who are obsessed with a particular hobby or collecting certain things and how the internet is like a giant anorak allowing Anoraks not only to meet in clubs and classes in their own area but converse and view pictures of what fellow Anoraks are doing on the other side of the world.
To which I say: Bloody Marvelous!!!

And in closing, Matt my little knitting helper has now got a big head and the fact that he has acquired a small number of fans. There'll be no living with him now.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who is going to find out exactly why the rum is gone!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Last week on the Darkside....

We acquired a new knitting bag, and Emily the strange tote. Let me count the ways I love it!

These were the goodies I picked up at he last market we attended. A couple of patterns, 3 pairs of 4mm, a pair of Pony Pearls 3.25, a 4mm circular and for sheer novelty value a 2mm circular. I may use it for socks yet.

The feather and fan sock which is now one repeat away from the heel

And would you believe here we have Matt Hardy, doing some work on the Sister sock.
Johnny Knoxville claimed ina n interview that the Rock not only knitted but made him a pair of socks on set while they were filiming Welcome to the Jungle. Would you believe that?