Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's official I'm free to be naughty!

Yes, my exams are over so I have time now ot be naughty and plot lots of mischief to get into.

One of the things I have previously talked baout getting up to in my living room was the How To Be a Pinup Model DVD. Which duly arrived before my break started and well I couldn't resist and had to have a look at it.
Personally I think a "complete guide" is a tad overgenerous, there was plenty of room for more I think on this DVD, perhaps it should have been a "beginners guide". As cool as the hair styles were I am still a little dubious about curlers, there was a reason I bought a hair straightner!

Something that has been on my want list forever, Bellydance for the Beautiful Freaks with Tempest. Oh yes Gothic Bellydance is very much alive and kicking, although this wonderful dvd from Tempest is more about merging belly dance into something mostly suited for the dance floor in a Goth club. Not that we have a Goth club where I live, I believe there is one or was one in the capital city.
Maybe I'm glad I have a feeling here in my locale a Goth club would only be filled with poseaurs. Because let's face it, Gothdom is mostly populated by the young and I speak from experience, to prove how non-conformitive you are with society and how much cooler you are, you are such a poseaur, yeah look at me I'm death personified! Ooogie boogie!

And then you grow up, and probably grow out of the need to be a special snowflake or you simply have money of your own and can have as many coffin handbags, stompy boots and lacey tops your budget can with stand. Because somebody somewhere has to keep all those people employed who make rubber bats and plastic skeletons!

I don't get Emo, I can't see the appeal it seems so dreary, even the music is dreary, and there seems to be license for full on drippiness in the Emo domain. At least Gothdom was all about fun and campyness or at least in the School of Trashy Goth I burst cackling from it was. I do realise there are actually some quite classy Goths who dress very well and are probably far from tacky at all.

Which is what I love so much about knitting, especially now, it so lends itself well to the construction of things to complement your wardrobe so well, shawls and fingerless gloves anyone? Or my latest addition to my Avarice list is this Patons Metro Volume 4, full of good things. Also really like the designs if not the colours in Patons Surf and Beach, another I'd liek to get my hands on.

Before I ordered Beautiful Freaks, I ordered from the same supplier Tribal LA - Live in Los Angeles (you'd think the LA part would be a give away to start with). I was waiting, waiting, waiting and BF turned up really quickly given it shipped from America. But still no Tribal LA! I was getting a tad worried, but when it was actully shipped I got an e-mail telling me it was sent and if it hadn't arrived by a certain date to please e-mail.
The date duly came and passed last week, so I e-mailed on the weekend to let them know it hadn't and general wailing because I was sad as it had obviously been eaten by the postal service.

Blasted thing turned up today didn't it? I had to rush to my computer to hastily write another e-mail and ask them to disregard my previous e-mail as it had turned up today. Felt a bit of an idiot, oh well it happens I suppose. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the local postal service now contracting a number of deliveries out???

My fave Rachel Brice is alas not on this DVD, however my other girl crush Sharon Kihara is! In all her tattooed wonder, she's very tall and thin and this makes me very envious.
I shall have to make a time to watch it and finish my mother's hats for her, she has two that need to go on to the double points to finish decreasing and one on the double points also needing to be finished decreasing.

But once all three hats are done, that will be another three she has ready to send off to Tibet. It's not till you here about how the other half are doing till you really appreciate all you have. I've got a lot to be thankful for, more than just missing DVD's arriving eventually!