Friday, March 30, 2007

The Top 13 Most Wanted!

1. Sparkly Queen from AntiCraft (kint beaded pasties! They'd be great for pole dancing!).
2. Emerald Beaded Bracelet from MagKnits - this is too beautiful for words!
3. Bauble form Knitty - another shiny must have for me!
4. Petticoat from Anticraft (I can sew!)
5. Fowers on a Grave from AntiCraft
6. Nuclear Family from AntiCraft - the must have for any discerning housewife on the Darkside!
7. Bad Juju from the AntiCraft
8. Yorick from Knitty
9. Snowballs Chance in Hell from AntiCraft
10. Knucks form Knitty
11. Lilies from Knitty
12. Crime of Fashion
13. Lace-Up Opera Gloves (these may even beat Knucks onto the needles, I don't know I can wait till I'm done with the Bowhunters either, well maybe one Bowhunter....)

Narrowing it down to 13 was hard, but I have felting, beading and intarsia. Not to mention I can test my sewing skills with a couple of projects.
I can sew, knit, cross stitch and bake almost anything! Once I can crochet something other than a boogelly chain...but never will I take up scrapbooking! Never! And I will say it in regards this. Never will I say anything but never to scrapbooking!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Food Update!

I have typed up the recipe for my veg soup I made this afternoon, I've also done the Honey Crunch Cookies at long last!
Haven't typed up the Beefburger Risotto yet, but it was a success. It was pretty basic but very very tasty!

Look out tomorrow for the Spag Bol recipe, I'm making that then. My mother's recipe from before she bought jars of sauce. Could be interesting. Also hopefully a scone recipe and at long last some pictures of my apricot jam I made earlier this year, hopefully on the scones provided they come out well.

And if you haven't had a good look at the Inn recently I suggest a good poke about. I'm trying to update it more regularly and try and create a better order for my recipes.

There'll mostly be new baking coming soon, probably a run on friands. You can buy the tins for these now in the supermarket so not a real specialty item any more, unlike if I were to make Madeline's. Which I am hoping to, but then I'm a weird food person so I'm going to enjoy that.

Food again!

I had trouble downloading my e-mail last night, things just wouldn't go. So here I am first thing this morning attempting to do it again, well perhaps not first thing any longer. But I slept well last night and late this morning, fortunately I have m day to myself so far, I have to fit in Ms Stash after lunch. But she may be coming to me, so all is well.

I was hunting through a suitcase last night and discovered some new recipes I had horded away. A very easy vegetable soup, some gingerbread pikelets and my mum's beefburger risotto (yes it is very old it dates back to before I was born, back in my parents salad days!). I also have my mum's spag bol recipe but I shall have to do some converting, pounds and ounces I'm not bad on but pints are a mystery to me!

Also discovered in with the recipes I actually had a full printout of the skull illusion scarf! I also found a pattern for a knitted possum, I never knew I had that either.

I have made myself a compromise, upon finishing both my Bowhunters, I can then and only then start a pair of Knucks for myself. But until then I can wear my Whitewater Wristwarmers (they were from MagKnits for all those people who keep asking! They were also very easy.). Then after the Knucks depending on how I feel I am making the Mermaid Wristwarmers based on the Pomoto sock design.

But on the flesh front, I was highly excited because I've lost inches somehow, so I tried my beloved faded jeans on, I can actually do the button up. So I decided now was the time to make a sugar sacrifice, I've also been floundering at aerobics, I blame lack of fitness and coordination for my difficulty.
I was visiting a friend yesterday and was having a go on the new scales, I was pretty chuffed with myself so was eager to hop on and see how I was doing. I came away not chuffed with myself.
But this morning, I decided to look on the bright side, my clothes are still slightly too big for me, my thighs are now speaking to me again (the day after the last workout they decided it was too much) and my ultimate pleasing thing - I have buns of steel at the moment!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It was a perfect knitting day today! Very nice and cool, so I sat around in my Aran earwarmer so my ears won't ache too much (it has been invaluable of an evening as the the nights have started to cool down.) and worked on my bowhunter restarted. It's progressing much more nicely now, and I have high hopes this time.

I did some shopping yesterday, bought myself some new cake tins to bake in! On sale I picked up a 20cm (8-inch) deep loose bottomed round. Exactly what I have been looking for. I also got a 26cm(10-inch) round springform marked down, slightly larger than what I normally use but I have some cakes I want to try that require a larger tin and I love the ease of a springform for getting cakes out.

I also bought a 20cm (8-inch) square on sale the other day, not a deep one unfortunately which I wanted for fruit cakes, but it is just the right size for plenty of slices that don't need as much height.

Had lunch out at my fave haunt, Cafe 11, they do great food and good coffee. I decided to try their Fruit Salad Frappe (Low GI option to boot!) while in yesterday. Beautiful!!!! I have started exploring other drink ideas on menus lately so as to avoid coffee (which I add sugar too) and things loaded with sugar already (i.e my weakness for cola, that was harder to give up than I anticipated!).
Also tried with Sandra D the new coffee place not long opened up, iced coffee wasn't bad. But having paid $8 for a Chicken Ceaser Wrap, I wasn't too impressed with something that had, I kid you not, a whole two pieces of lettuce, some sliced hardboiled egg, that wafer thin chicken slicey stuff you buy form the deli and two tiny snippets of bacon. And something that I think may have been shredded ham(????????), I don't know what there dressing was but talk about vinegary.
If in the vicinity I may do coffee from them, but that's few and far between now, I don't just pop into town and buy a coffee anymore, if I'm in town I'm usually in to do everything and I want to be able to do coffee and something edible for lunch, no I didn't eat the wrap. I left it and walked out I was too tired to argue with somebody over it, besides with how loud the music nobody else would be able to hear my outrage at their daylight robbery. Bah!

Anyway it's time for my dinner, and I am feeling a little lazy today, rather sleepless night last night. I am going to go with my normally reserved for late night TV watching on Monday nights. My Boston Legal must have, my Tortilla Toasty! Actually I have found something I think will go well with it for a main with the colder weather coming up, I was flicking through some old Delicious magazines and espied something yummy (alright there was a lot of yummy) Chili Bean Soup. Now that is going on to the make list, along with some more pumpkin soup and some potato and leek soup! Yum! And double yum!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

How To Be A Domestic Goddess

Well Nigella may have written the book with that title, but I have been living it today. I have made 8 Date and Walnut Rolls, a One Cup Cake and a half batch of chocolate crackles. And I almost forgot the batch of Gingerbread Muffins I made!

There is a fair tomorrow and my CWA branch is having a stall so I have been busy baking for it. My contribution is at least done ready.

I decided to put the recipes up over at the Inn, and also add in one of fave classics Curried Meatballs which has a real retro vibe to it. And an even more retro I found while looking for the meatballs was a Crockpot Curry! Now that is going back, however I am to purchase a 'crockpot' of my very own yet, you can still buy them all marketed as slow-cookers now of course. And I have had my eye on a particular model for some time.

So I am feeling a little retro as baking as such is usually seen as a bit of a forgotten art. Most magazines if they feature it, make it look like if you've made a muffin from scratch you must be superwoman or they have fancy fiddly bits. But when they unearth classics such as a scone or a basic sponge it's like they've found the ark and resurrected these pieces of ancient history. They were always there! It just became unfashionable to bake, kind of like knitting, however I notice crochet is starting to get a bit more air time now as well.

I shall have to become a neo-50's housewife with my slow cooker, retro recipes and knitting! I've decided the time has come when I shall reclaim the proud mantle of 'housewife', I mean after all bitch has been reclaimed and is worn like a badge of honour by many. Why can't I wear housewife with the same pride???

I think I will start a new branch of feminisim after that, I shall cook, clean, pole dance and knit to my heart's content all why earning my own keep! Bah to all the others, although according to Miss Stash, there are a number of schools of thought on feminisim, maybe I won't need to start my own after all, there's probably one out there fo rme! However, none of them actually agree with what the other one is saying! Hardly surprising.

That infamous line "If women ran the world...." If women really ran the world we'd be no better off, there'd be equally as many factions vying for power. Instead of warfare, we'd be relying on rumour mills and two facedness with the other factions who we are 'friends' with. There'd still be starving children in Africa, religious differences, crime and pollution.

As Debbie Stoller wrote, why is it women doing well at women's work is not applauded? For a woman to go out an do well in carpentry and plumbing, then she's a hero because she has done well in men's work. Why is our work lesser?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knit Noir

It was a slow day at the office, my associate D.White decided to use this time to catch up on some valuable work....

I made a phone call to check on the Grand Dame who was an invalid yesterday, apparently she'd vanished! No one had seen her go and no one knew where she had gone. First mystery of the day disappearing dame. Second mystery was there actually anything else to drink left on my desk or would I have to seek further a field.

While pondering this and admiring my aran earwarmer on top of the speakers, very handy for chilly evenings, the Grand Dame appeared in my office. There was another dame in trouble, but when are dames not in trouble?
She'd been out to doing the rescue thing, I had been requested by the pale and interesting dame who needed rescuing.
Before I could leave the office I needed to pack the essentials. Sharp pointy sticks, lengths of yarn, camera, and most importantly of all, “Quick! Pants! I need pants! Pants!” I shouted to my associate D. White. The Grand Dame sat at my desk looking disappointed there were no papers to riffle through while we were all distracted. However she got the pleasure of looking disapprovingly at my desk status, D. White and I need a housekeeper. What we don't need is endless chatter and someone “putting things away”, we'll never see them or possibly each other again.

My final instruction to White before I left? Man the fort, get cash up front and don't turn the stereo up!

I arrived at the pale and interesting dame's home, I was greeted by her attack feline. Who was all friends till the Grand Dame tried to leave, then I mostly tried not to touch things so I wouldn't bleed on them. “I have band aids” whispers the P&ID. Surely a cat muzzle would be cheaper I muse? Still beggars can't be choosers, chicken ceaser salad does not buy itself. I investigated the bottom shelf at the back of the fridge, turfed some tenants who had outstayed their lease. Watched the unexplained be explained, fetched drinks for the P&ID.

And now at the end of the day? A summary of other cases waiting to be closed.

This is the horrible baby jacket! I hate it so!

These are the long awaited and completed Whitewater Wristwarmers! Yeah!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Alas poor photos you would have known them well.

Went to Miss Stash's to upload the photos to the doohickey so I could upload the photos to my computer off the doohickey to my blog. Got to Miss Stash's and realised I had forgotton the camera. Hopefully tommorrow, and I have got one of the daft white cat as well!

And now for something completly different!

Dear Monty Python! One of my other faves, is "Run away! Run away!".

Anyway the problem with blogger turned out to be me. So I am back not only able to blog but able also to leave comments! Ah ha ha ha! I'm back, baby!

I have been sifting through my e-mail catching up on what's in it as Katt can attest to, as so much of it has now gone to her Inbox. My Inbox was about to explode with how much of Katt's coffee man was in there. Matt Hardy is hardly ever in my Inbox, this is most disappointing.

What was in there is one of my new found heroes!

This is Ariel, who doesn't look much like the little mermaid I will admit...But she is a very freaky girl, and I adore her. I have to thank Katt for putting me onto her, clearly sending her all her Coffee Man has paid off!
Anyway Ariel does this most excellent bat thing on the ring ropes, and it seemed rather familiar, and I wondered....

And then there is this rubbishy gossip column thingo the WWE produce, I struck gold when I was reading one of the last ones, the name inspired me to check it out rather than simply delete it.

Pole position
Are you as impressed as we are with Ariel’s upside-down, batlike moves on the ECW ring ropes? Diva Dish just had to ask Ariel to reveal the secret to her limber body. Here’s a hint: it’s all thanks to something tall, hard and shiny…

“Well, I purchased a stripper pole. Because you know, the best work out is a full body work out with a stripper pole. I have a couple tricks with it,” Ariel said slyly. “The little tricks, I bring them to the ring. That’s why I hang upside down.”

It seems ECW’s resident Tarot card reader has been practicing her sexy stripper pole moves for quite some time.

“Oh yeah, I have experience with it,” she mysteriously laughed.

A full body workout as I keep trying to tell people (ie my mother) and no one believes me. I think the proof is in the picture!

Speaking of pictures, I have some of my knitting but since I have evidently turned into some sort of technological dunce, I am having trouble uploading form the camera, what am I doing wrong??? Miss Stash's help is going to be needed, so hopefully later today I will have some pictures of my knitting at long last for you! Now won't that be exciting??? And no before anyone asks (and I know who will ask) there are no pictures of socks!!!!!

Hasta la vista babies!