Thursday, December 28, 2006

The much anticipated but not forgotton picture of the last parcel from my not so secret pal, or technically second last, I will just have to take a picture of the latest!!!

A Pirate Devil Ducky for my bath! Lovely little chocolate men, why can't more men be made of chocolate? Or at least chocolate coated?? (I do like chocolate coated nuts!!!). A block of chocolate with cassis. And some very divine yarn, which is to go with the latest goodie that has arrived. How exciting!
And how cool is that card?I must try and get just a close up of it!

So far, no news. No e-mails, no phone calls and best of all no letters of doom!
No news is good news right??? But then January is just next week!!!!!
Should I start coniving cunning lies? Practicing illnesses? Researching symptoms? What exactly is the proper etiquette when sneaking around trying to get another job without your employers knowing???

I am working on a hat with the yarn my not so secret pal Karen sent in the first parcel. So far so good, it hasn't twisted and I am going to go out on a limb and try double points rather than a circular to see if I can avoid that dreaded twist. (I'll get it and it's little dog too!!)

I have a new toy or rather two new toys for my kitchen, I will give you more details as they come to hand...but it is very exciting!!!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Today's the big day and how is everybody fairing? So far I have had my martini and Frank Sinatra and opened my pesents, of particular note is the 3rd season of 21 Jump Street which Ms Stash gave me. Oooooooooo!!!!!

Second of note is the bag, it may be familiar to my fellow knitters - the 12:01 from MagKnits. Very nice! Very nice indeed. I suspect I know the elf behind that one...

Alas no Matt Hardy under the Christmas tree, clearly I shall have to have words with Santa in time for next year and a well placed donation perhaps????

I think there will be Gingerbread Muffins this morning, I could be wrong. They still need to be made, and I think I am making them???

Dispensed with the Apricot and Port Glaze for Roast Turkey and instead this year will be making a Cherry and Port Sauce to serve with it.

Below is the six weird things, those I have tagged!!! Looking forward to your six weird things. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

So this is Christmas?

Well just about, and I am laying down some new traditions.

1. There will be sausage rolls and mini quiches on Christmas Eve, there will also be carols and booze.
2. There will be one present opened on Christmas Eve.
3. Christmas morning will now see me opening my presents with martini in hand and Frank Sinatra singing carols in the background. Anybody who objects to this soundtrack does not have to sit with me, I will sit in another room if need be.

Now on to the really fun stuff, devoured aforementioned savouries and then opened the latest parcel from my now not secret pal Karen, it was the Domiknitrix book! How excited am I? Not much can top this at Chrstmas.
"Hurry up and finishing looking at it!" cried Ms Stash, "I want to see!"

It is a truly beautiful book, and the patterns are gorgeous! A very incredible good set of instructions at the start with lots of photos for how to's. I can not recomend this book enough! Go buy it, now!

And I have picked up my tag! Courtesy of Tianne.
Here are THE RULES:
Each player of this game starts with the weird things about you.People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
1. I like shoes! Actually I love shoes, the higer the heel and the trashier the better. Yep, give me trashy shoes and I'm happy.
2. I'm reluctant to finish my knitting projects because then they are over, and I don't like over, as it's the end. Apparently I share this with my not so secret pal Karen.
3. I prefer to wear black, all black, it's my security blanket.
4. I am not ashamed to be seen in public wearing seriously odd hats or anything seriously odd for that matter.
5. I will drink almost anything with an alcohol content the brighter or more varied colours, the more out there the names the more likely I am to purchase and drink it.
6. Collecting cookie cutters, and other naff kitchen gadgets. I have a fetish for kitchen paraphanalia.
Who will I tag? Where will the bottle of fun stop? Cindy, Sharon, Mrs Dr Who, Amanda J, Jana and Che.

That's all for tonight dear readers, unitl next time, find some Christmas cheer and possibly a young buff Santa.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

But why is the shrotbread gone?

Went ot Oatlands today to catch up with the rellies. Got burnt, am all purple-red with white blotces on my arms, fortunatly I was wearing my hat. Sandra D gave away all my shortbread, so now I only have left what is int he fridge waiting to be rolled out and cooked.

I made the sausage rolls and the litle egg and ham quiches yesterday, all cooked up ready, didn't get th mini apple pies int he oven, so will do them tomorrow as well as the last of the shortbread dough. White Christmas, simplest of all really was easily fixed up. Everything seems to have been successful so far!

Now it's time I whipped something up for dinner, something highly unexciting I am sure. Probably out of a tin.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Oh Drama!

Oh Drama! as the Discworld Death would put it, after the mass panic of trying to organise Christmas because I thought I would have to work, I'm not rostered on. YES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Excuse me while I have my When Harry Met Sally moment!

I have had a busy feral day today, started out at 9:30am this morning, went to the sacred Godlen Arches for brekafast and a latte, Ms Stash discovered her milk had expired and her bread jammed in the toaster she seconded this as a sound idea. On route to Ms Stash's current work I popped into a newsagency, picked up the English Women's Weekly (which really does come out weekly) Christmas Special (I normally buy them in the lead up to Christmas but forgot this year), the latest Simply Knitting with bonus Rowan magazine and 2007 calander and also an issue of Vogue's Knit 1 - the TV issue. Last one I saw was the art issue, and I am still going to track it down, the Wool Shack I am certain will have it.
Ms Stash brandished the new Yarn beneath my nose and said do you have this? No I do not have that, I've been waiting to see it. Ms Stash dashed off with it, I'm buying it! It has shawl patterns! Did I go and seek a copy for myself? No I merely chased Ms Stash with hers. Shawls?!?!?!?!?!?? Let me see!!!!!

Then in to the busy metroplis that is a shopping centre, try to get parked, then fight through shops in search of my new Santa hat, it's mauve and has "Spoiled" emblanzed across it's white fur trim.
Then to town, bought the last of the Christmas presents, stopped for a drink before I fell over with Sandra D. We returned to the car, only to then have to return to my house so I could change my top because all the heat and rushing had made me revolting. Then to the supermarket, get round with all but two things and then wait by the frozen pastry cabinet while Sandra D goes for evaporated milk. Wait longer by frozen pastry cabinet, start to feel like daft white cat, still wait. Give up after convinced deli staff are staring and retreat to meat section for sausage mince, guess who forgot to get it out of the freezer last night???
On way back to frozen pastry find Sandra D who has more than evaporated milk. Buy shredded ham from deli and leave supermarket. Come back to Sandra D's in order to cook, am too hot, unable to think, don't ever want to cook.

But after a sit down, a cold drink, get underway with cooking. Put my new hat on along with my "Stuff Being a Princess I Want to Be Queen!" apron and prepare ingredients to make pastry for mini apple pies, start White Chrstmas, Sandra D does not have icing sugar as she thought so goes to buy some, I wait again. This time in the kitchen by the thawing pastry.

Sandra D finally returns, Ms Stash has arrived, finish making White Christmas, prepare pastry and have it in fridge chilling, prepare shortbread and place in fridge to chill. During all of this people keep wandering in to the kitchen making drinks, bikkies and cheese and various types of sandwich. What the .....???
And on top of all these other interruptions "Have you got your roster?" repeatedly. After putting on the oven and not making a drink before embarking on preparing egg and bacon quiches and sausage rolls (both with bought pastry fortunatly) I come to check my roster. Only have 2 days. Yeah!!!!

Now dear readers it is back to the hot kitchen to stand over a stove and cook the ham and onion, yes I know it's egg and bacon but Sandra D wanted ham for something else... Oh Drama!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


While Ms Stash was getting fantastic phone calls, I was getting letters of doom. The job I applied for last week, my dream job. I got a letter today on very nice paper, thankyou but no thankyou. Oh.

Never mind, I applied to the call centre with the boogelly rep yesterday, I think it's put about by other people applying to try and phase others from applying.

Also in today's mail arrived my expression of interest form, to go back and do more study in hospitality. Sandra D does not approve. I don't want to get to 30 and think what if! So at this stage I am giving it some serious thought, I don't want to be old a and wrinkly and look back and think what if I had gone back and done what I wanted??? Where might I be today? With my own chain of restaurants? My own chain of hotels? My own airline (or at least a private jet?).

But on the upside of the mail, a very big upside I got gift wrapped in green a present form Karen my now not so secret pal! I haven't opened it yet, it's going under the Christmas tree so I can open Monday. I am looking forward to what possibility may be inside! It's so exciting!!!

However in closing, I have to share a thought that came to me, I feel a great kinship with the Wizzard, Rincewind from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Always where I don't want to be, always opening the wrong door. Which Ms stash informs me means something boogelly will come out and go ho ho! You've opened the wrong door an now I'm something boogelly. She may just have a point.

And another final thought, I am doing my best Nigella impersonations tomorrow, I'm going to take photos. Will I post them? It is the season for goodwill to all mankind so maybe not.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Housewife's desperate or otherwise....

The lovely Ms Fortuknit, sent me this link and upon having a sticky beek around the main site I have to declare I Love It! And I am so going to have bag myself some of those grocery bags! And do you know what other treasure I discovered while there??? A new knitting book! (I want you to think NEW CAR on a game show when you read that bit dear readers.) I think I may have to treat myself to a copy for Christmas, direct form the author and I can have it personally signed. Now there's a thought, and you know I am so worth that effort.

I have one Christmas present left to buy, and that is for the difficult Ms Stash, who doesn't like anything. So you can guaranty to get it wrong everytime. Having said that I won't be buying her a bath mat.

Then all I have to do is do some Christmas cooking on Friday, to finish off the last of the Christmas presents for everyone else. After much debate and the apparent turn out of the fact I am the only one who eats fruit mince pies, I won't be making fruit mince pies after all. Bah! However I will be making Nigella's mini apple pies from Feast. Let you all know how that turns out after. Speaking of Nigella and Feast the beautiful Jana led me to this sumptious goodie form Nigella Hungarian Sandwich.
I made one last night, only mine was light cream cheese (what would Nigella say?) and blackberry jam on bakery white bread. Not bad, I must look out some dark rye, haven't had it in ages, as it used to be nice with jam.

You know what would be helpful if I didn't have a daft white cat rolling on my keyboard, causing that irritating beeping sound and the screen to flicker madly. Oh and also if he didn't keep unplugging my internet after being removed form the keyboard would also be helpful.

Friday I'm also whipping up some more White Christmas, some sausage rolls and some much anticipated shortbread! No cake as of yet, maybe Saturday? Helped Sandra D make coconut ice on Sunday along with some Brandied Fruit. I'll try and get both recipes posted for anyone who's interested, and also the bean dip! My cook book has come back to me at long last.

How bad is this, as of last week I'd been there about 3 1/2 weeks and I applied for another job, it was offering permanent part-time as well as casual(bah! All ready have that) in the Hospitality field. I applied for it, feel a bit of a louse, I've only just got his job. But permanent part-time is pretty tempting, even casual in my preferred field would be a start. I can move into a permanent role probably easier from there. And into other areas of Hospitality all across the board. It'll be good I'm sure.

However also on the horizon another call centre is advertising full time permanent positions, however they have a boogelly reputation. Which springs to mind a quote from Buffy second episode of the first season I think.
"I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide till it goes away." - Xander Harris, one of life's great philosophers!

I now know who recruits for one of the call centers, located conveniently in town thanks to Ms Stash, and will be popping into their office with a copy of my resume now for future positions.
Not that I'm certain this is forever, but for now, these gigs pay good money. And good money buys nice yarn, and chocolate, and wine, and of course Matt Hardy's. Almost time I had a new one for my collection I think.

Back to the land of living go I, as opposed to the land of cyber I suppose.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I stand before you today....

for the purpose of writing a bitter diatribe about pay tv. First they tried to buy up all the sport, not that I really care, I don't watch it, but I am affronted on behalf of people who do want to watch it.

Now, they have bought up the good cooking shows, the much anticipated new Nigella series's. Both the new 3-part Christmas special Nigella's Christmas Kitchen and the new series to go with the book Feast.
While unfortunatly, the Christmas special is next week, and I highly doubt I'll have pay tv by Monday. I console myself with the fact that I can probably by Febuary when Fest is due to air probably have it. Provided I don't get stuck with a gaziollion channels I don't won't for the next billion years.

Curse pay tv! How dare it! Cads and bounders! Now I'm off to find something cold to cool myself down with. Nice cool drink of some sort.

Friday, December 15, 2006

How now brown cow!

Ah, well Ms Stash has done me a favour and done osme picture taking for me, yeah! she is a most excellent photographer and will do my newly arrived parcel from my Secret Pal (or should that be not so secret pal?) immense justice.

I've updated over at the Inn again, this time with more Christmas recipies, I need to reclaim my recipe book to be able to post the Spicy Mexican Bean Dip recipe. However you will find the Port and Apricot Glaze, the new treat of Apricot and almond white Christmas (divine! This will now go into the Christmas tradition list), and I've also managed to rouse up the truffle recipes I've made the last three years. I usually try to find a different one each year. Didn't get around to making any this year. Next year.

Not much else to report, last night was soup and season 1 of Buffy night. I have to say of al my Buffy's none have had as much use as season 1. It was a good season. Before they all started to take themselves too seriously.
Tonight i htink may be another soup night and possibly Elvira...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some like it hot!

It has been too hot for me, last itme I checked it had made it to 30.5C. Way too hot, and of ocurse that put a crimp in the Christmas cooking Sandra D and I were supposed to be doing today in preperation of the big day.

I also managed after reclaiming the recipe for the Port and Apricot Glaze for turkey then managed to leave it behind at Sandra D's. Oh well one day this week and I can put it up on the Inn. I've actually just been over there and moved the links in the sidebar around so all the recipes are listed first, making them easier to navigate. Hopefully.
There is a new Christmas treat possible going into my line-up this year, I'll post the recipe after I try it and find out if it's succesful or not.

carols by Candlelight next weekend, bah humbug! Having said that I will probably end up watching the televised version from the ???? on Saturday if only to shout at the tv.

It must almost be about time I dug my Christmas tree out and put it up. Decorate it so the Daft White Cat can steal things from off it. Bah!
Then I'll just have to get everyone's present to put under it. I suspect htere will be a lot of envelopes, such an easy way of shopping!

Until next time,
A bona fide hot and bothered red head and damn unhappy about it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

May the yarn be with you!

I need my very own kind of force to get me through a working week, however am less rubbish at job on day five than I was on day one of my first official working week.

So I have found my next treasures, both from the Knittery. First the Merino 4-ply in Sea Breeze and the much long awaited Merino Cashmere in Moonlight.

Discovered by accident the new Knitty was up, stopping by to check the archive. And there was a new one, and it seems to be quite a bumper issue this time or is it just me? Way too much good stuff this time around, my to knit list will grow majorly! However I think my absolute top pick is the Eiffiel top.

Went out to a party with Ms Stash last night, had a vodka cruisers, scoffed some very nice sauaage rolls (note to self make sausage rolls for Chrstmas eve this year!), and generally did what I do best sit around and observe the bright colourful lightside dwellign people do, which was mostly dance to weird techno music. Then we got a band, very exciting rock music! Yeah! Then we got the DJ with the dunce dunce dunce music, traditionally played in night clubs at the end of an evening loudly in an effort to drive people out.
Mostly a lot of young people in there interesitng outfits jumping and twirling about on the dance floor, I felt really old and out of touch.
And what else did I see out dancing together, well nothing new there, I mean lots of guys dance together. Or more to the point jump around the dance floor together.
But out on the dance floor having a good old fashioned make out session were a couple of boys.

Now I know most people will be disturbed by this, or just generally grossed out. But I, I was pleased that we, here in Tasmanaia truly seem to have come long a way in a short time. It wasn't that long ago the laws were repealed against homosexuality.

Today has been too hot to do anything and mostly I have been appreciating not having to get up and go to work. Bah, I find I'd like to accidently hang up on a at least half my customers. Don't know how long this will all last before I move on to a new workplace.

I have to go find somehwere cool to lurk and cool my fevered brow. I may have to wait until this evening before I tackle any knitting.
But how is this for fate? I missed the November issue of Aussie Women's Weekly, with their Christmas baking special. Guess what found it's way into Sandra D's hot little hands? Yes, a copy of the November issue I had missed given to her by a friend, neither of whom new I had missed it and was kicking myself.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Share and Tell

Well I survived today my first time alone and allowed out with the real custoemrs unsupervised.
Not as boogelly as I htought and I actually knew what some wanted and could fix it.

I see the new MagKnits is up with some awesome scarves! I like scarves.

My Family starts again this Wednesday on the ABC, I do like it. SUSAN!!! Snarf snarf!

Bones is on tonight? No Crimainal Minds? And did anybody else see the new FBI profiler thing last night, I watched half but went to bed because I had an early start today.

Went to Hobart on the weekend, and finally made progress on the Whitewater Wristwarmer, yeah! I'm about 6 rows away from startign the thumb and then that pretty much marks the half way mark! Almost finished! An finished pair!!

Time for soup. I have been eating my way thorugh alot of the Velish Butternut pumpkin, dosen't quite remind me of my pumpkin soup which is beautiful! But it fills a hole and is immensely satisfying.

Unitl next time,

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What month is it???

Here comes Meloncholia!
Here comes
Right down Gloom Lane!
Vodka and Bloody Mary and all the others
are pulling on the reins.
Door bells are ringing, children screaming;
All is sherry and bile.
Hang your stockings and say your prayers,
Meloncholia comes tonight.

Here comes
Here comes
Right down Gloom Lane!
Hope you've got a bag that is filled with toys
for the boys and girls again.
Hear those toys jingle jangle,(and clink and clatter!)
What a frightful sight.
Jump in bed, cover up your head,
Meloncholia comes tonight

Apparently it has become December, and no I am not excited or
organized for that event beginning with C!

I have come up with a little check list of things I will and
won't be doing.

First the will NOT'S!
1. Christmas Cards - No, none what so ever. However I urge
those of you who do to be thoughtful of the environment after
Christmas and take them to the Planet Ark recycling boxes.

2. Secret Santas - No, no and once again NO! I do not like
Secret Santas, I do not approve of them, and quite frankly I'd
sooner give my money to charity.

3. Carols by Candlelight - Never again! The last time I made the
mistake of going, everybody who thought they were anybody had to
have multiple turns to sing songs about everything but Christmas.
This is not a local karoke bar, sing a carol or get off the
$*!%*$#@^ stage!
Have I made myself clear?

4. Piped continuous carols - I don not want it on the bus, in store
or as I am walking down the street. I do not want them at all!

5. Too much time in a small enclosed space with family members - Far
too stressful and everybody ends up feral.

6. Too many Christmas outings - Only will I go to those I know I can
suitably let my hair down with.

7. Goodwill to all Mankind - Hah! May I direct your attention to the
Middle East? While I won't behave on that scale. "It's Christmas!"
just doesn't cut it for me, no sudden bosom buddies. If I didn't eat
it before December, I won't now. If I didn't like it before I won't
like it more now that it is December.

8. Too much shop bought Christmas consumable goodies - Too often
they have peel, too much sugar or taste like cardboard. If buying
choose wisely.

The absolute YES'S!
1. Lights - Yes a must. I must recreate the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Christmas Food Magazines - All of them I must have all of them!
As this is the most important component I will be scouring newsagents
and magazine sections in supermarkets to find all possible
combinations and ideas.

3. Christmas Cooking - I want it all and I want it now, you name it
I want to bake it or make it!
There must be enough food to feed a relatively large army, if I must
scale down, I will go with more than twice as much as needed for the
number of people.
Also I am a huge fan of food shaped into suitable themes, very kitsch
but a must!

4. Crass Christmas Movies - Never can they be too bad, or too camp!
These are a holiday must, what would Christmas be without trashy movies
about Christmas?

5. So Fresh Christmas Album - Promises slightly more upbeat,
funky versions of the old dirges. Probably going to be hated
by everyone else. Kind of like trashy Christmas movies. Must buy!

6. Wine! Spirits! And Frozen Margaritas!! - Never should those
fateful words be uttered "But why is the rum gone?!?!?!"
What kind of host would be I? Arrrr!

7. Suitable silly hat - No this is almost mandatory, everyone
should have one. Even if it's only the paper one out of a cracker.
It helps ward off evil spirits you know.

8. Try to avoid having to work - If this fails, beg, bribe or blackmail
your way into the earliest spot possible, so the rest of the day is free
for Frozen Margaritas, ridiculous hats (and/or antler headbands) and
bad Christmas movies!

Still to come on our Christmas Special how to survive Christmas
complete with instructions on making your own bunker!
A sligtly more practical Countdown to help you organize your way
right up to Christmas.
And not to be missed out 101 Ways with Leftover Turkey!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Tomorrow I have to talk to real customers, I would ideally like another week to figure out what I am suppsoed to be doing and how it all hangs together before I start trying to cope with real live people. Eeep!

On a up note I bought the latest Jo Sharp Knit Issue 2, Simply Knitting and Filati magazines today so a bit of reading there, I've had a quick flick and seen a lot of stuff I like.

Teh latest Oxygen e-newsletter popped into my Inbox yesterday and I was instantly taken with a recipe for Chicken Ceaser Wraps. Seemed like a yummy recipe and something to take into work. Soem times it can be hard to find ideas, really there's only so many vegemite sandwichs you can face!

I'm counting downt he days till Friday, I can't wait for the weekend to be here! Get some much needed and desired sleep. Maybe even get some more knitting done. I am determined to get this second Whitewater Wristwarmer completed as that is the pair then done.

Until next time,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tomorrow is the begining!

Of the second week. Our very excellent trainer was whisked away and we needed a stop gap Friday, well she wasn't from our area and she was about to go away for a week. I don't think her heart was really in it, which was quite a come down from our super trainer.

We'll see what this week holds. More excitement perhaps? One can but hope.

Haven't done a lot of knitting, but now everything is more familiar and less draining I'm hoping to resume work this week.
A few rows on the Feather and fan Sock and some rows on the Whitewater Wristwarmer. All set for winter or work currently, that air conditioning while nice can get a wee bit chilly.

People keep talking about Christmas! I am trying to avoid a secret santa at work. Aside form the fact that I don't really know anyone yet, I am so opposed to these wretched things.
I'd sooner donate the money to charity.

I'm about to disappear, search for chocolate, move mountains and set a trap for Matt Hardy (shouldn't be hard he thinks Lord of the Rings is a sci-fi movie) SSSSHHHHHH!!! We're hunting Matts!

Final thought! Mum look away now! Can anybody vouch for any of the local tattoo studios? I'm seeking mother passable, no tattoo studios aren't really mother passable in general as there usually dens of inequity and white slavers and opium dealers...but you know what I mean dear readers!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Today, today dear readers I slipped into Corporate Hell! It was agonising, and I don't think I was alone there was a general slumpiness in the room like everybody realised there worst nightmare had come true they had also slipped into Corporate Hell!

Then we got to go and watch the real people at work, which was incredibly interesting and I can't wait till I get to do it. It suddenly made me unslumpy and totally change my mind about never going back.

The DWC will be pleased I have promised him at long last digital television. Of course he's excited, which is why I am doing it.

I worked on the Feather and Fan Sock last night, I do pattern repeat only one at a time to be sure it all goes well.
It's looking good so far, however haven't taken it to work yet. I don't know there would be enough time.

Or enough brain power!

Until next time,

Friday, November 17, 2006

9 to 5!

Workin 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin
Barely gettin by
Its all takin
And no givin
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
Its enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it
- 9 to 5, Dolly Parton

I'm working nine to five! Nine to five! Excuse me I shall put my hairbrush microphone down now and tell you all my very exciting news!
I'm working nine to five! Yes, after long last and the never calling when they say they will so you consider it to be a dead end. But no apparently they like the element of surprise after torturing you some.
Not that I'm all that excited about the job, it wasn't quite what I envisaged for myself. But the prospect of what they will pay me is very exciting!
Just think of all the shoes I could buy!

And more exciting news! Remember that Aran Earwarmer that's been waiting to be finished? Picked up the stitches along the side Tuesday night while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and then sewed it up Wednesday afternoon while waiting for Ms Stash. And it was done!

Up to the second row of lace pattern on my second Whitewater Wristwarmer! I have a good feeling about this.

"I like a good man, but not too good. Because the good die young, and I hate a dead one!" - Mae West

How very true! Do you know what I finally saw last night? Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest! I have to say that Jack Sparrow, sorry Captain, Capitan Jack Sparrow is good but not too good...

I'm counting down the days till I can finally start those much cursed Hippo socks! I'm looking forward to them, but want to get my second wristwarmer done before I start.
Not too many thinking projects on the go at once.

Until next time,

Monday, November 13, 2006

The best laid plans of mice and men!

Between two evils, I always pick the one I have never tried before.
Mae West
Mae West was a funny lady, actually looking at pictures of her she makes me think of a blonde Bette Midler.

I have been choosing my evils, I am going to have a bash at a Pomatomus sock for myself, I figure being a thinking sock I will be so overjoyed with the making of it I will make the second one. Breaking the vicious cycle of the second sock syndrome!
Brilliant or what????

And thnaks to KGirlKnits, I had to have a sticky beek at a new commentors blog! I discovered the First Toe Up Sock Knit-A-Long.
Never made toe up socks before but I have seen some designs I would like to try, they have lots of helpful links so come the new year. It'll be toes up for me!

And a big thankyou to all who have offered up advice on what to substitute for Sugar and Cream, I am planning to knit a dishcloth or two myself. Now there is an evil, evil has a name it is dishcloth. Here endth the lesson!

Not that I have anything against knitted dishcloths they just seemed to be things other people knitted, like baby bootees.

I have decided I can put it off no longer, I will have to pick up the stitches along the sides of my Aran Earwarmer, it is getting ridiculous. I don't want to be starting Intolerable Cruelty (by the end of the month hopefully) knowing I have minor things like that snarling at me from the depths of my stash. Having said that there is the small matter of the two left mittens....

And the bigger issue of I missed the arrival of the new AntiCraft how could this happen???? No doubt more things to add to my never ending list. (note: this will be gracing something I knit soon! And on a more normmal note, this hat rocks!)

I got an e-mail from my secret pal, who is none other than the very wonderful Karen form the Spinning Goth! Yeah! Who not only has sent the most awesome presents, but also knew me before the exchange so is not likely she could be frightened by anything!

If I intend to get any knitting done tonight, I had better call it quits now. So many exciting things goign on! It's fabulous!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Riddle Me This!!

What is a suitable substitute for this Sugar and Cream yarn I keep hearing about????

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm in lurrrve!!!

Not since Intolerable Cruelty have I been so enamoured of a free pattern! Well, I have been enamoured of a few, but this one is like Intolerable Cruelty making it on to the Must Do list.

I have my yarn put away for for IC, it's currently on lay-by as I took advantage of the 20% off the other day at my local Black Spot.
Now I have to pick out some yarn for these gloves! Starlight Evening Gloves! And once again I am intrigued by the need for knitted food, I have seen a few examples of this and it fits on the one day when I have time list, I mean really knitted food? It's the sort of kooky thing I'd have to have a display of. Blueberry Pie.

It has been a few days since I updated, everything is going well with Broadripple so far. Shortly about to start the heel so I will reserve judgement till that is done.

Fianlly decided to make a start on the Green & Black Espresso Chocolate Bar my Punk Pal sent me, I have been saving it and finally started it last night while watching New Tricks. Very beautiful - both coffee and dark chocolate! Two of my fave things in the world.

Ms Stash and I have made a commitment to get together tomorrow with our knitting. What rsults waits to be seen!

People reading my blog, later!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

How awesome is this Halloween has once again rolled around! It's also a little sad because this is the end of it just about, the witching hour has started. Hence showing the ending to another fab sugar packed day.

Bring on next year! Whipped up some Ghost Merangues and a Haunted House Front. No cookies with my new Halloween cutters my Punk Pal sent me, yet!

What would we be without Living Elvis's?????

I actually bought Candy Corn today! I have often seen reference to them and seen pictures of them all in American websites and magazines, but walking past one of the most awesome lolly shops in town, there they were!
There actually very nice, kind of remind me of Jersey Caramels.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is Dia De Los Muertos - the Mexican Day of the Dead. This is a festival (I don't know if this is the quite the word I'm looking for but it's all I can bring to mind at the moment.) that truly fascinates me, I know I have a passion for slightly kooky and other things that sit outside the realm of normal decency. Anyone else up for poking about in graveyards? I find them very peaceful places, nice on a sunny day.

Back to the Day of the Dead, I find the little skulls and skeltons that come out very cute, I'd like them to have on my mantlepiece year round. But the ones I am most partial to is the skeleton brides and grooms. As some one who has no real passion for weddings, except maybe the receptions afterwards, you know all the eating and drinking. I like any celebration that involves food, especially if I get to muck around in the kitchen helping to create it.

And I have managed to get completly sidetracked, I have taken some photos of the Halloween creations and will post them hopefully tomorrow!
Next year I see a 3D house complete with it's own graveyard. Perhaps in a magazine somewhere...

I have a little Halloween viewing lined up, and it does invovle Johnny Depp. Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, sweets and a weird hermit eccentric - perfect for this occasion!
Also good would have been Sleepy Hollow, From Hell or Edward Scissorhands. Or possibly Cry Baby, that would be pretty scaring filming by today's standards! Actually I wonder if you can get that? Wouldn't mind seeing it again. (Edit; Yes you can! Region 4 too!)

Dear blog readers, later!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Long and the Short Of It!

Here it is! Here it is! Here it is! Here it is! The eagerly anticipated parcel form my secret pal! And it is so exciting!

You shall have to excuse my very lame photography skills they do not do this most awesome parcel justice!

We have in no particular preference but the random order my brain can file them in:- Pirate Devil Duckie Pencil Toppers, Black & Green Dark Chocolate Bar with Espresso, a set of Ankh stitch markers, Daz Bog Organic Coffee (Breakfast Blend), Rocky Mountain Lama Fiber Pool 100% Alpaca Natural (not dyed!) Black x2 skeins and a very cool Wizard of Oz card.

Today at work since we are preparing for a conference, I had to help do some of the food prep for tomorrow. I say help, but I was probably more of a hinderance. I probably would have been safest left to wash dishes, however I did get the fab job of trying to scrub out the muffin tins where they had been preparing the breakfast muffins. Trying to scrub off baked on egg, a challenge I met with vigor and beat!

Then I ended up helping to cut up chicken breast ready to be threaded on skewers so as to be marinated over night ready for cooking tomorrow. I may not have discussed my aversion for raw chicken much in the past. But I am now! I do not like raw chicken, I don't like touching it and I usually got Ms Stash round to cut up any chicken I was planning to cook.
A 5 kilogram bag of chicken breast, it took me an hour to cut up all the chicken breast, the cook had done about two packs in this time. 10 kilograms of chicken in an hour? She also managed to cut the fat off much neater than I could. I tried sifting through my off cut pile to try and salvage any bits that had chicken still attached to it.

I know it took me an hour and so was probably not much of a help in the grand scheme of things, but it was all about mind over matter, I had to psyche myself up for each and every chicken breast! Everytime I picked one up I felt my stomache turn, I don't know how many there were as I didn't start counting to the last 4.

I probably could have stayed longer and helped chop up some more chicken or even start threading chopped chicken on skewers, but my stomach had had enough. And so had I, I never want to see another piece of chicken again at least for a week! No Mexican Wrap on Tuesday either.

And something I just noticed about my coffee my secret pal sent me, I noticed it had something about Russia on it so was reading excitedly and actually started to feel the pack. I think it's beans, it is beans! I guess I have reason to finally buy myself a grinder! I'm shopping next week! And like all good coffee, it has the hole in the pack allowing the beans to "breathe" as carbon builds up in the pack. It also allows a good sniff of the coffee without opening it!

Watched the final episode of Jump Street last night, Johnny Depp like a fine wine has simply got better with age, if not slightly different looking. He's features sure have changed over, dare I say it? 18 years!
Ms Stash who dosen't like coffee, but ate my Choc Espresso cake anyway, had the audacity to sit on my couch and watch Jump Street and say "Which one's Johnny Depp?"
Upon pointing him out, she says to me "I don't remember him being that young."

Hmmmm. Grrrrr Arrrggghhh! One of the girls in the kitchen at work had her birthday on Wednesday and has reached the grand old age of 21! 18 years ago she would have been all of what? 3?????

How old do I feel? I'm surrounded by people who are all far to young to have remembered the joys of Jump Street or any other 80's tv for that matter! (He-Man, Vultron, all those Mr Universe looka-like movie stars!)

I felt so olllllllllllllllld, here she is 21, a tiny little thing in both height and width. And who am I? Having a birthday 2 days before? Some old bag lady who is not exactly tiny in width although I may be in height who'd thought nothing could be better the night before when she sat for 9 hours watching Johnny Depp when he was what? All of about 21 himself probably then.
Granted I thought about how young he was and briefly contemplated the fact that, at the time so I had been as well - with one wall of my bedroom wall papered in posters of Johnny Depp (he was the man back then, in every magazine!), well I was very young and you do soppy things like that.

I also had a giant poster of Alice Cooper, that creeped my mother out, I don't know if I still have it stashed away anywhere but even no longer present Alice still gives my mother the creeps!

Alas, I must away and prepare the knitting ready for Bones, and before that a quick spot of ironing for tomorrow and possibly Saturday who knows what I will be like tomorrow?
Hopefully the Daft White Cat will have fetched me a nightcap to be melancholy into on this dreary yet exciting day!

Blog readers, later!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The famed Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream. Ms "I don't like coffee" Stash devoured her piece in no time the other night and when visintg me yesterday devoured two pieces!

The Holy Trinity of Socks - Broadripple in the Dark Blue Prisma, Sharon's Feather and Fan Socks in Regia (which do look incredible once you get into the pattern, I know I've been there and back too many times!. And Ms Stash's Jaywalkers in some Hot Socks.

The camo scarf, a Filatra Di Crosa yarn I htink can't remmeber which though. I must look out a ball band. Forgot the Piuma scarf for this session, next time, again!

Avast! What have ye here?

Halloween Stitch Markers all the way from the Black Stich!

On Monday I went shopping and lay-byed myself some Zhivago ready for Intolerable Cruelty, at the store that can not be named! They had a 20% off sale so made it a much reduced cost.
Yesterday I went in search of Boston Legal Series 1 and couldn't find it anywhere. Very sad, and NCIS Season 1 was very expensive, Seson 2 wasn't too pricey but I'd like to start from the beginning.
In the end I settled for Season 1 of 21 Jump Street, I nearly bought both Seasons 1 and 2 but decided to hold off just in case my nostalgia had me wearing rose tinted contacts.
After 9 hours and 12 episodes, I so regret not buyiung Season 2 at the same time. Ah well just one more episode to go tonight!

Although I didn't recognise soem of the sotrys or the guy in charge at first, and wondered if perhaps I had come in in Season 2, but half way through the series we changed in charge guys and suddenly I remembereed all the storys after that!

Dear blog readers later!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another year, another year....?

Now this was taken on this day exactly 22 years ago! We won't go into exactly how old I was at the time, because that will reveal my age and prove Matt Hardy isn't the only one who's old and suffering from Mad Cow Disease ("Denny Crane" whispers the wind).

And speaking of Matt Hardy my Secret Pal who is so kindly sending me something for my birthday, not here yet perhaps tomorrow?? Thinks I have good taste! Well maybe not exactly, what they told me was they thought Matt Hardy was a good looking guy! (Perhaps my secret pal is Matt? Or maybe Bill or Ted?)

Here is my bountiful haul, alas no Matt Hardy ("Denny Crane!) plus some unpictured pieces of eight - that went towards buying a new springform tin so I could make my Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream.
The cake is cooling upstairs as I write this in preperation of making the cream to go with it.
What do we have in no particular order:-
A block of Old Gold with Roast Almonds from the DWC,
A block of Club Dark Choc Cappacino flavour, Jack Daniels mug and fudge (Jack so lives at my house!) and the Undead and Unwed, Undead and Unemployed books form the divine Ms Stash and Ash (who wasn't part of the parcel).

The second Naked Chef cookbook (and my first! I have the complete works of Nigella and Ms Stash has the complete works of Jamie and between us we are now trying to gain the complete works of Ainsley!) from my "adopted" Grandma - the poor woman has become part and parcel of our family!

From the beloved but beleagured parents I got a block of Old Gold 70% Cocoa! Love Actually on DVD, love this movie - particulary fond of Bill Nighy(?) and his role in it. And of course Alan Rickman! And not forgetting Hugh Grant! An all round winner.
And some more pieces of eight! I forsee in my future the first season of Boston "Denny Crane!" Legal or possibly NCIS. No, I think Denny will beat Jethro to the shelf this time.
But still Christmas to come! (And CSI Season 4 - hint, hint!)

And then there is the piece de resistance, made by the able minded Green Woman who is an unnoticed genius and all round superwoman who kindly made this since my mother is not crafty at all - a Betty Boop bag!
Not just any Betty Boop, Betty Boop on a motorcycle! Luuuurrrrrrrrvvvvve motorcycles!

However it makes me laugh every time I see it, as it is just so huge! I know I have a passion for large bags as I like to carry my life around with me as I term it. I could live out of this bag most likely!

Not that I probaly will fill it if I do go out, no that's a lie. I will undoubtly fill it. Just be unable to then carry it. The only danger with big bags is you take far too much! Not that I don't anyway.
But part of me wonders, when Sandra D sidled up to Cindy, and said will you sew a large bag for Susan's birthday for me - what were they thinking? How did Sandra D describe the size? Ginormous perhaps? Or do I just look like a giant bag lady who carrys everything round in my bag since the supermarkets frown on you taking their trolleys away?

Ah well either way, it is fabulous and one of the truly greatest birthday gifts ever! I think Cindy has managed to top even the year Ms Stash gave me a Cartman mug (till this day my most treasured possession!), thankyou! Thankyou Cindy Loo Who! (Oh now I'm turining into the Grinch - maybe I will even save Christmas!)

It's time for Cinema Le Darkside! Tonights screening is Love Actually! Have to go see if the Icecream Girl is coming round...

Dear blog readers, later!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What is this fiendish thing I see before me?

It is a clash between CSI and NCIS, I ma not at all amused! At least NCIS goes for two hours so I can catcht he second one uninterrupted as I don't watch CSI New York, I have never taken to it.

Being Monday tomorrow my fave place in the world is closed, the Me Wah and so is alas Smokey Joes, ah well another night perhaps. However I have forgotten to look into the Prickly Cactus which I am still yet to get to. That might be the first another night.

Tomorrow I am making a Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream and it sounds really nice. And the picture looks promising. I've even picked next year's cake, the Chocolate Guiness Cake! Or possibly the Chocolate Merange Truffle Cake....

I need to start compliling a shopping list, I fear for a few of my upcoming projects I am goign tohave to purchase new needles as I don't currently have a lot of circulars.
Still haven't picked colours for my Illusion scarf. Must do that, buy Zhivago for Intolerable Cruelty. Get knitting on both these projects!
And still waiting to be knitted is my very own pair of Knucks! I must get around to that before next winter. And taking back the twisted hat. And finshing umpteen dozen socks.

Or I could not do any of it, and just sit and have a nice cup of tea.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bah! Bah! Baah! Bah humbug!

Still no phots, there seems to have been a breakdown in communication. But tomorrow I wil hopefully get some done. Oh well I suppose I can get some more rows done and the socks will look even better.

And you know that recipe for the Chocolate Cake I have been meaning to type up? You know the one I made for the birthday party for Matt Hardy? Finally done! And you can view it here.

Theres something about making a cake that requires a baking dish that is immensly satisfying! Cooking on a large scale appeals to me like those immortal words "Denny Crane!" and Keith Richards (that man is so a pirate!).
I have a few more recipes for cakes in baking dishes so I am keen to try them next. Actually I think I have an article somewhere on cooking giant ginormous round ones that will feed 30 people or something equally stupyfying!
Must look it out and see what I can find.

In last month's Delicious magazine they had a dinner party for 10 I think it was that really got me thinking. And itching to cook.

Speaking of large scale food production. I have been asked to help next weekend at work as they have a conference on, how important do I feel? They need me to help them, obvioulsy just couldn't do it without me! Probably a good thing I am a cracking good sport and all round jolly fellow!

Dear blog readers, later!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Can Be Productive

Proof that I do useful things sometimes.

Frist off, a site dedicated to that most fabulous knit, the Dr Who Scarf. I might even be mad enough to make one for myself one day...

And how coll is this? A Gnome KAL, fromt hat now infamous pattern in Simply Knitting! Sharon made one and it was very cute! I should make one, but he would have to be more of an evil hobgoblin. Actually Simply Knitting in the next issue which won't be out till next month at least here features a knit Jack o'Lantern a bit to late for this year.

Got some more work done on my Broadripple sock today at the final houe of the knitting coven. Hopef ully some more tonihgt, it look sreally good and I am super pleased with it!

The Hat is Twisted!

I don't even know when it happened, I moved them all onto the bigger needles which also has a slightly longer cable and hey presto! It was there a twist in my so far I thought beautiful hat! But on the upside I only have 6 rows done so it's not going to be any hard ship to take back and try again.

Also on the upside yesterday, my Secret Pal sent me an e-card! How exciting!!!!

Also the Broadripple sock is coming on well and I am really happy with how it is knitting up. Really pleased.

Well I think that's about all the new sI have since last night, I'll have to see what gossip I hear today.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Waiting Game!

I'm sure your all aware of the Crying Game, well this is the waiting game. They'll be in touch early next week, thak god for answering machines or I wouldn't be able to leave the house for fear of the phone ringing while I am not here!

As for my new hat, I hate circulars they all curl in on themselves in their packets and are a nightmare to work with, hence the bigger size I need for my hat got soaked in hot water last night and stretched out under my flour containers to try and hold it flat. Ready to recommence work tonight, I did the ribbing last night while on the couch watching tv. Anything to avoid thinking about today, but I am happy with how it went. I just have to hope they were as well.

Over at Stigmata Knits there has been talk of Halloween Craftisim. Not likely to happen on my part, my rate for new projects. But I have been given the green light on food that is art! Art that is food????

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, what will my cauldron cook up??? Ah now I'm not going to say anything definite here. As our knitting coven meeting falls on Halloween and it would take away too much of the surprise element!

No Boston Legal tonight, I am not happy at all. This is cruel and unusual punishment! To make things worse they have moved Sopranos form Wednesdays and put them on tonight at the same time as Criminal Minds!
Oh the agony!

Cup of tea time I think, maybe a slice of toast with jam (no cheese sadly) and some more work on this new hat, with how cool it's been getting I may need it!

Found a couple fo fellow Aussies through my Punk links - Black Crow Knitting and Impulse Knitting Mummy!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I am very nervous tomorrow is D-Day, I am not looking forward to it.

I've started a new project - a hat, eaten bread with jam and cheese - surprisingly good! And mostly muttered and fidgeted. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

Stuff isn't quite working to plan I keep losing things, even though I know I've just had hold of them. Very infuriating.

I am nervous beyond belief. I think I may have to go ahve a vegemite sandwich - with no cheese! Because that would be gross.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wishing and Hoping!

I am a little green woman of envy! There is some discussion at Stigmata Knits about tatts, I feel left out, I am the only non-inked up person in world!!
Budget jsut does not include my own private ink collection. But who knows the winds can change and so could my fortunes.

Started another sock last night, a Broadripple in some Opal Prisma in a dark blue. I have formed a conclusion about my sock knitting habits, and yes it comes from the Muppets in Space again.

And just so there is proof, will you look at this a Man who is not a model wearing a Marf in public! Who would've predicted that? I suppose Metrosexual is the new in thing.

And then there's this one....ummm....well, I guess it takes all sorts to make the world go round, and if there are men who are willing to publically decorate themselves with womens underware than so be it! I just hope their new or at least clean.
I believe the qoute that often springs to my mind comes form a Terry Pratchett book "the world seen through the leg holes of a pair of underwear". I do believe it was in reference to insane dictators or perhaps mad scientists? I think there was an Igor in this story somewhere.
Back to the picture at hand, I do like that top and I could happily decorate myself in that.
Take it off! Take it off! Ah NO!!! Put it back on! Put it back on!
And you know I think he should go with the red and black pair, suit his colouring.

My dear blog readers, later!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Baby Steps!

Here is the first photo of my goodies, notice how there all wrapped beautifully with black tissue paper?

Here's my bounty of treasure. Isn't it fab? I'm loving the Happy Hooker and have even started to a make a crochet chain. Granted a very boogelly one, but I can take it back and try again. If at first you don't succeed.....

The Cookie Cutters are just in time for Halloween, I shall have to get baking! How very excting!

I was going to take a picture of Ms Stash's Jaywalker, but I am too tired, it's been a busy week and I am ready for a good night's sleep and non-early start. Besides Ms Stash takes much better photos than I.
I finished the heel flap this morning and completed turning the heel this afternnon when I took it to show Ms Stash and see if she was happy with the progress.

I had planned to contiunue on it during Midsomer Murders tonight, but when I settled on the couch and got it out the bag I was missing a needle, I will have to check with Ms Stash and see if I have left it behind.
It's taken me a week for me to get this far, this is quite an acheivemnet for me. I wmust be coming down with something.

In place of the Jaywalker, I took the doomed Feather and Fan sock back and restarted,100th time lucky perhaps????

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Ready To Make Nice

Blogger is being difficult tonight, I will have to postpone the photos till tomorrow when I have a bit more time and patience to sit and wrangel with it.

Which is disappointing as I hoped to show you a photo jounrey of my parcel form my Secret Pal who is a pure genius!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life and Times

Breaking NEWS!!! Not more than half an hour ago, Ms Stash arrived with Sandra D and a box that was bigger than Texas.
It is the just arrived parcel form my Punk Rock Secret Pal! It was very exciting, but I wasn't allowed to look at one side of the box until I'd opened it.
There was a very cute Lantern Moon Black Sheep Tape Measure, three skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Onyx, a set of Halloween Cookie Cutters, a Palm Forest crochet hook, a dashboard Pirate and Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker! All wonderfully wrapped in black tissue paper! There were also pages from the New York Times packed in the box and I am looking forward to reading them.
I love it all, it's all so exciting. The Daft White Cat found the box exciting, even more excitng once he was able to sit in it.
Now he's trying to steal it, moving it across the room, I can see him as I write this. No, now he's sat back in it, must have wanted a better view.
Now I am all excited, I have to find a project suitable to use my new hook! (Arrr! Avast my new hook! Admire it or walk the plank land lubbers!)

We will now return you to your normal broadcast....

I rang back, then had to wait for them to ring me back. I had a brief phone interview and the upshot is I am going to an actual in person interview Monday which will last apprx 21/2 to 3 hours.
But this time covers paper fillign in, computer tests as wella s a one on one person interview so perhaps not all bad. Which makes me feel a whole lot better.

Now I've I had to go and search out the advert that I rpelied to so I can see just what it is they do and they want me to do.
"Inbound customer service for a telecommunications company fielding calls from a national grid".

However the phone interview was kind of scary, what kind of hourly pay are you expecting? Oh dear, I have no idea what to say to this, will I look less interested if I have no clue as to what I can expect?
So I told the truth just like that ad says, (it didn't have writhing women so some of you may have not paid any notice!) I siad I wasn't really aware of what the award was and basicly I was more interested in a job than what I would be paid to do it. Money cames second to that at the moment.
They pay award rate (almost $18 an hour, there are jobs out there that pay that much???) and penaltys, they don't have those contract things.

I spent last night working on a sock for Ms Stash, I got to 141/2 cm for I could prop my eyes open no longer. I had hoped to make it to at least 17cm as stated int the pattern so as to commence the heel today.
But instead I will be doing the final leg of the leg and then starting the heel hopefully later tonight.
Hopefully on tomorrow, which will be Day 6 I will be right to start the foot and Ms Stash has small feet, so hopefully only a couple more days after that to finish it. I'm putting no time on the second one however.

I'm off to make a Chai Latte, and settle on the couch, take my shoes off and recommence knitting.

But before I go, I had a thought about being a Cyber woman last night, I could then be supreme rualer of the Cybermen and make them knit for Mongolia. I could also make them kidnap Matt Hardy and make him knit fo r Mongolia.
There's a silver lining inside every balck cloud. It's probably a lurking cyberman......

Monday, October 09, 2006

Who knows what our future holds?

After watching CSI last night, with the psychic or should I say supposed psychic. Events that have unfolded today that have got me thinking.

First day on my voluntary effort to appease the government, ie I will make myself useful to a non-profit organisation in return for them to pay me to live.
It was a Monday so pretty quiet, I wiped down a few tables, served upa few meals, refilled all the napkin holders, folded about three packets worth of napkins and counted all the tea spoons.
I know this is hardly riveting work, it's more like hospitality actually. But I am grateful I got a placement somewhere being able to do something that will actually have some importance in pursuit of work - giving me that elusive "experience" marked as an essential requirement in all hospitality position vacant ads it seems.

I figure this is a good sign, things are moving in the right direction. Tomorrow I ring back one of the local recruitment agencies, I applied a fortnight ago when they advertised for call centre employees. Yes, a fortnight ago, in a day and age were most places simply make no contact at all unless you've made a good enough impression to be qualified for an interview and these people are ringing me? This has to be a good sign, while not quite what I was hoping for, there is the faint scent of money......

Could this be a twist in my path? Or possibly a fork in the road? Hmmmmm, what I would give for clairvoyance right at this moment!

Also on the weekend I was thinking while watching the Muppets form Space, I was thinking how true it was to me, granted my family aren't form outer space - but my other family is from cyber space! And how did I find them? With knitting!
And how did I come to knitting? Well after several failed attempts form childhood on, I discovered the first SnB book, then never ending amount of squres and the rest as they say is history!
I may not be the fastest, the most precise, knitted since before I could walk or even capable of finishing a matching pair of socks, but I knit therefore I am a knitter.

Even if I had the Flash's speed and Poirot's methods, then I could finish every project I started in no time. But then it would be different processs and I would be a different person. Not one who sits round on weekends watching the body tally in the most dangerous county in Britain keep rising or having deep philosphical thoughts while watching Muppet movies.
I'd be a Cyberwoman.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something's Amiss...

This is the Daft White Cat (aka Jeff), just so you cna all see, he does exist and is not merely a figment that I use to blame Daft happenings on around the house.
Here he is in his fave spot on the desk next to the Count, on the mouse pad where he can be of most nusience.

And the long awaited photos form Matt's Birthday when he and Captain Denny had chocolate cake. I haven't typed the recipe up yet, but will hopefully get it done tonight, so look for it at the Darkside Inn by tomorow night.

Please note - according to the box they were meant to be star sparklers!

Stick a fork in him he's done!
Here's THE Matt tucking into his slice of chocolate cake, almost as big as him, almost.

This ius my latest knittign acquistion, picked it up off a slae table at one of the bookstores for $10. Some nice designs also some more dubious ones, a knitted three piece suit? And it features 2!
Loads of good info at the start about how to's with some well set out step by step pictures. Worth the $10.

As you may have also noticed, the camera date functin was way off. Didn't realise until I took allt he photos but it has since been corrected to avoid future daftness.
I finished my Piuma scarf on Tuesday and have been meaning to take a picture since. That will be the next long awaited photos!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Quick Quickie!!

I have heaps of e-mails to answer, all of which will get done. I promise. If oyu haven't heard form yet, you will by tomorrow.

Tonight is Midsomer Murder night, I enjoy it because it is excellent knitting time. However the last one was a little disappointing. Only one murder!
I am not alone in this disappointment I am sure, as the star John Nettles once said he's always concerned with the body count being too high so convinced them to tone it down a bit. They were flooded with letters of complaints from viewers because their were not enough murders!

I'm going to work on something, undecided as to what it will be tonight. Progress report tomorrow, along with some long awaited photos, as I will finally be able to get them from camera to computer.

Since it is my birhtday coming up I am thinking of treating myself to some of the Knittery's new Merino Cashmere Sock wool in Moonlight.
And just possibly also a ball of Nundle's new Hemp Wool.

Note to self: Still need to buy Zhivago for Intolerable Cruelty!

Stigmata Knits is having a Illusion Scarf KAL - I am excited as I may actually get the Skull Illusion knitted up at long last. I do enjoy Illusion work, I've been very keen on it since I completed the Alien.

On the shortbread front I have found a Brown Sugar Shortbread recipe I am keen to make, however Tienne got me all excited with talk of a Malt Whosky shortbread she used to buy. Surely it wouldn't be hard to make? Add a slosh of whisky to a normal shortbread recipe???

And on a quest for Ms Stash, since I fialed to find th right site for her, a 2ply lace scarf pattern???? Has anoyone seen one online????

Until next time,
A bona fide sharp pointy stick weilding red head and dman proud of it.

Monday, October 02, 2006


The new MagKnits is up, and I really like this pattern, 12:01. Can you guess why????

And also the wrist warmers, but I'm yet to see a pair of wrist warmers I wouldn't give house room too.

I've got a parcel to collect form the post office, I wonder what it is? It'll probably turn out to be something boring after all this exciting thought process.

I'm having mushrooms on toast tonight, ior possibly earlier. Maybe as a late addtion to lunch? I'm trying to leave some Vanilla Shortbread (Nigella's Forever Summer) I baked alone. I love shortbread. But I am hoping to take it along to the coven tomorrow, so someone other than me can eat it.

Catching up on some more blog reading, Stigmata Knits is seeking ideas for a knit along, some of th esuggestions so far are most excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing the final choice.

Note to self: Buy Zhivago!

I watched NCIS last night, it was a bit weird I haven't seen NCIS since I don't when, since it seemed to move to Digital, so I totally missed Kate.
Who, incidentally appeared in a episode of CSI, she played a District Attorney. Abbey was also in an episode of CSI, she was Catherine's ex-husbands girlfirend/singer he was managing.
She had pink hair!
And watching the commentary they were talking about how lucky they were to get her for, cough cough, errr....oh yes for our new show.

Anyway. more reading to do and I need ot see if Boston Legal is on tonight. And also hopefully Scrubs.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I went, I saw, I coastered!

Late Edit: My good friend Katt, lost her prized orange feline. A sad loss, at this time I can but reflect on how my prized black and white feline came into my life.
Katt bought him a week after she got her baby from the very same shop for me. Such vibrant pieces of life they certainly leave a void now that they have gone.

Well, as for my recent abcense from Blog land, not from sudden lack of ability to type, or death or some other catastrophe like suddenly for once not actually having anything to say.

I was summoned (yes, just like a royal summons) to go and do family obligation and starve while going slowly mad. I left the care of the Great Daft White Cat to the capable Ms Stash.
Went to the library before I left town and hired the latest Stephanie Plum book through the express service all copies were out and I just couldn't wait any longer. Took me two nights to read it, and Sandra D about the same.

I went Tuesday, journey down wasn't too bad. I discovered in a local store on my journey to Hobart, that not only selling Easiyo kits they had those elusive extra jars!
And the Cadbury squiggle top biscuists Ms Stash has been lamenting she can not find anywhere. Boy do I know that feeling.

And I don't know if it was momentary euphoria or a sudden flash of divine intervention, but I bought the latest Creative Knitting. The first I've bought in a long, long time. Budget dosen't cover all luxerys so I've had to make harsh decisions when it came to my magazine habit.
I really like this issue, even after the euphoria phased. And was pleased to see an answer to my prayers (divine intervention alright), a pattern for a hat I adore that is made out of, can you believe it? The new Nundle Hemp/Wool blend just released! Only one ball - even better!

Furthur down the road in another little town, while browsing through a newsagent I picked up the latest Family Circle and off the discount table The Utterly Unrefined Cookbook - which brings together 50 British chefs with their recipies to help combat breast cancer by raising funds with the sale of this book.

Wednessday??? I don't believe I got far Wednesday, just vegged out. Made a Tea Cake, something I haven't made since I don't know when.

Thursday? I made a foray into that evil empire known here only as the Golden arches for breakfast, foole dno one and ordered a latte, nothing skinny about it. Hit the supermarket, stocked up on contraband with which I intended to smuggle into the house in my huge hand bag - big handbags are important for so many things!
Contraband is usually eaten alone, in my room at night after everyone else has gone to bed and consists of chocolate/Killer Pythons/twisties and anything else easily stored and requires nothing more than open packet and insert contents in face. No careful storing conditions either, stuff that can be literaly stuffed into bags, suitcases, under mattreses, in shoes...
Then I came home with my carefully concealed contraband, two new cd's from Chickenfeed's bargain priced discs loud rock music (Nickelback) and angry chick music (Pink). The first to disguise eating noises and the second because that's how I felt.
After that we made the Christmas pudding, so it's ready or should I say they as we had to make two as it wouldn't all fit into one cloth. Their hanging out to dry now, should be good for Christmas.

Friday? Got out the house and into town alone with Sandra D to test Starbucks, did not buy mug, Ms Stash demanded I least buy one that said Starbucks Hobart when I stated my intentions.
Alas, mugs started at $12.95 and one that said Starbucks Hobart was $20. So no mug, however I did buy a black rubber coaster consisting basicly of the Starbucks logo. It was only $2.
Great place, great coffee and hot chocolates, Sandra D found hers a little strong however.
Then onto my second highlight and regular if secret outing when in Hobart. Off to Flippers at the wharf for Flake and Chips and a Scallop or two. They do truly beautiful fish, I don't know how they manage it. I've eaten good but not better here in Launceston from a very prominant Fish and Chip shop, while good not as good as Flippers. I've since heard that the one here, in actual fact uses frozen fish, so while it is cooked fresh your fish has come form the deep freeze...

Popped into a second hand book shop I try to frequent every time I go to Hobart and picked up four back issues of Earth Garden. Then went to the library and discovered on their shelf, The Millionaire Float by Kirsty Brooks the third in her Cassidy Blair series. Number 4 is out so I am a little behind. Read it in a day. Can't wiat to get my hands on four, The Lady Splash!

Had dinner, with some more of the rellies, fab BBQ'ed chook. Lovely baked vegetables and some fresh aspargus all followed by pavlova and really good coffee.

Today was market day, off to Salamanca. Lots of beautiful but expensive things. I'm still imagining myself with a Led Zepplin bag ($60). I did by a new head band, only $5 so fit the budget well.
Got an early birthday present from visiting rellies who gave me 3/4 the cost of a screen printed bag with skulls ad crossed swords. Some local outfit, they removed the tag because I was going to use the bag rather than have it put in a bag.
Bought some fruit leather (raspberry) and coconut ice for me, the DWC and Ms Stash's beast who is a true fish boy got a treat from the Pet Treats stall, (all human grade ingredients no pet grade in any of the products).
Dried Anchovies and some Tuna Crunch which can be sprinkled on their food, I didn't really look at her dog choices.

Then was the long journey home, why does Hobart have to be so far away, I think they should move themselves closer.
Ms Stash had made me dinner, chicken-cauliflower curry. Absolutely beautiful. Came home to DWC, who didn't scream at me when I arrived, in fact he's rather subdued. Apart form the mad climbing-purring but no slobbering fortuantly.
We watched Doctor Who, a good one again. Look forward to next week, Billie Piper aka Rose is leaving at some point? A little uncertain if it's this season or next, but I'm hoping since this is supposedly "the last tale she will tell" it will be this season and we can get someone new and more interesting in time for the next season.

Discovered this pattern which I am sure Cindy will appreciate as much as I will, okay maybe not quite as much as I will, but as a felllow Terry Pratchetite the concept will amuse. A knitted Death of Rats! I must make one, I love the Death of Rats, almost as much as Death himself. I think in third palce would be Archchancellor Ridccully - shouting at people and jollying them along! And of course the fact he believes in BIG dinners!

Yes, I know most of this post has been about food, but then I am slightly obsessed with it, and lack of it and skull duggery required for certain amounts of it makes me slighlty more irritable and start to contemplate just how eating disorders ever truly came about.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud if it.

Side note: Finished first Skull Sock of fury which is aptly named on Wednesday night, a little blocking, manual stretching and possibly some swearing and then I have decided depending on reults to rip back from the top and re-knit the intarsia/fair isle bottom up. More news when I am less furious enough to look at it with out plottign to start cutting...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You call that a slab cake???

Unfortunatly the pictures haven't made it from camera to computer yet, so I will have to post the pictures of Captain Denny throwing a surprise party for THE Matt complete with chocolate cake bedecked with sparklers.

Yes THE Matt is another year older, and yes I do celebrate his birthday by having a mini-party by myself because I am a bit of a Nigel. But this year, I had Captain Denny and THE Matt himself to enjoy eating chocolate cake with me.
Does this surprise you dear readers? Maybe not those of you who've been here for the long haul but for new-comers it may seem a little weird.

And also today signals the official one month to my birthday at which I will be another year older....Only a month and I haven't even planned what cake I will have! I might try the chocolate one with espresso cream as featured in Nigella's Feast. I've been keen to try that one.

As for my interview, they were apparetnly hoping for a experienced applicant, but despite that I couldn't bring myself to ask why they'd called me in.
I knew I should have!
However dare I say it lest Mrs Dr Who is overcome with excitement???? (She does talk a lot about the Knitty magazine - it is a tad worrying!) Shaking hands with my interviewer was like holding a damp dishcloth, your shaking hands with someone when you first meet them, I expected a litle more. Or am I just some sort of bone crushing freak??

On a side note I found this exciting post while catchign up on Punk Rock Knit Giirls - Captain Jack Chart. I see a Poster Boy in my future.

That's all for tonight folks! I need my sleep despite the excitment of the party.

Until next time,
A bona fide tired red head and too damn tired to care about anything.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random thoughts from my head

I'm exhausted, I think it was lack of sleep last night while I worried about everything.

Located one of my "good" black skirts, worked mostly on the Skull sock about almost at eh half way mark for the foot now. Made a small ironing pile, watched Border Security then put Batman Returns on to pass the time till Crossing Jordan and continued work on the sock hence all the progress!

Dashed out to town today to arrange new clothes for my interview, snagged a shirt straight off in the first shop, and a jacket which was unfortunatly navy then spied black jackets - none in my size of course. Damn!
Debated about getting navy pants to match the jacket but didn't dare because the jacket alone was quite xxx'y and then I needed a shirt. Something un-white as I am a proud member of the black bra brigade.

So I now have the choice of my "good" black skirt, my work pants which are very presentable but also black to wear with my new navy jacket....

I also tried to seek out some navy shoes to wear, as I only have black shoes. But the two shoe stores and one department store I was in had all converted to "summer" styles so full of strappy open sandles/slides.

Probably should have given some thought to an outfit prior to now, but the difficulty to find anything decent and also the price when you do has made me a bit slack.
Ideally a suit would be good as it would be a matching set, but try buying them! How do people buy work clothes I don't know, because all round town they sell everyday floaty around clothes. Very limited choice in practical shirts.

Also had my hair done, trimmed, thinned and straightened. I'm almost a new woman!
All for a job I have no experience or qualifications for, but they still asked me to come for an interview! Who knows!

And a thought that inspired me to google, with Halloween coming up and being on our knitting coven day. I had to google!
Knit Witch
Knit Witch's Realm
Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knit Witch
Stitch Witch


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast land lubbers!

The Skull Sock of Fury is fully underway, I'm into the heel.

I made gingerbread muffins (arr, the exotic spice trade, arrr!) and topped them with pirate chocolates (Wrappers have a pirates face pictured on them and a cardboard hat backing).

I may be a working girl once again, I'll know more after Thursday, however it's a an area I've never worked in before. I may yet be able to post pone ringing up about th ejobs going at the Men's Gallery (No experience required, full training provided. I don't need to have worked in that area before! Wonder if they want waiting staff????). But technically I am required not just to seek work I want to do, but any I could do. Oh how I owuld love to put that down on my form!

Which brings me to a side note, apparently in Germany a woman can not legally claim to have exhausted all her employment opportunites unless she has considered everything. This includes prostitution which is a legal for m of employment evidently?
Kind of glad I'm not living in Germay.

Which brings us to a topic discussed at the knitting coven today. Yes, those adverts late at night. Mandy and Candy....
Well in Sydney there are legal brothels and I'm not sure if there are also in Victoria???? So while Mandy and Candy are hot (snort snigger) strippers for your mobile the theroy that this promotes something else may be true but in certiain places at least it's legal.

Avast! There be high seas to be sialed and navigated!
Mad Cutless Bootleg Sue

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shiver me timbers or else!

In honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I decided to unearth some suitable knitting links, well not this year, but for next year I may be more organised.

What's more, how shameful is this? It's our knitting coven the same day! And I still haven't located the missing Pony Pearl needle so I can not even work on the Skull Sock of Fury!Found is the lost needle! Yes!!! I shall knit the sock at the coven tomorrow!

The Original Talk Like a Pirate Day - (does feature a knit pattern! The Pirate Queen's Booty Bag!) Has wonderful advice on Talking LIke A Pirate in English, German, Swedish and Madarin. How to Pick Up a Pirate (take note boys especially if your Captain Jack, Matt Hardy or Denny Crane!).

Knit Like a Pirate
The Black Stitch
Yarn Pirate
Laurel's Pirate Knitting - A very interesting knit blog!

And as for the actual knitting. Well anything with a skull or skull and crossbones should be suitable....Oh and a really big hat!
Kid's Pirate Hat
Skull and Crossbones Cloth
We Call Them Pirates (hat)
Pirate Mittens
Skull Cable
Big Skull Tote
Mini Skull Tote
Skull Socks of Fury
Skull and Needles Knitting Bag
Felted Bag with Fair Isle Skulls
Skull and Dogbones
Skull Scarf
Skull Illusion Scarf
Skinny Skull Scarf
Skull Chart
Pirate Arrrgh-yle Chart
Skull Mug Cosy
Jack Sparrow's Favourite Socks (There certainly going to be mine!)
Snowball's Chance in Hell
Nuclear Family

There be no excuse for you worthless land lubbers not to make something in honour of Talk Like a Pirate day! Arr!
If you don't , ye'll be made to walk the plank! Arr!

Sunday Tasmanian Article

Sudden afterthought, has anyone else read about the knitters in Queensland who are knitting a scarf the length of a proposed dam as a protest???
I'll see if I can look the article out.

So many good things!

Where shall I start?

With my Secret Pal who has sent me an e-card! How exciting??? I am absolutly thrilled.

Then we have an invite to join the Intolerable Cruelty KAL - maybe I will get the skirt made and go to the ball after all! Now I just have to pick yarn.....
Dug upone local supplier, anybody know of any others? Bamboo.

And thirdly, the Bondi Chai people e-mailed to say they'd read my comments on how much I liked their stuff and offered to send me a packet. Which has left me in a bit of a state of shock! Never imagined my ramble would inspire someone to give me something.

And here I was rabbiting on about how things come in three's!

Until next time,
A bona fide and very pleased red head.