Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where I talk once again about my ambivelance to Christmas

I've oft talked about my annoyance and disregard for Christmas and all it's trappings. But also about how passionate I am about food magazines and generally cooking in general and how I obsessivly peruse and collect these as the silly season rolls around.

This year, not even the prospect of baking up a storm can temper my disdain for the silly season. I was perusing a homewares catalog with my mother while telling her how I didn't see the point to Christmas.
And my mother says to me "Christmas is nice."
Nice? Nice? "I don't think Christmas is nice."
"You must be a throw back to your father's side of the family."

I beg to differ I think it is the Christmas lovers who might be the odd ones out, there must be a certain level of madness where you can actually believe you enjoy Christmas.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Multi-media joys

I was poking through my workout dvd's this morning and was bamboozled by what I had done with two of my pilates ones. So I had to do that thing, where I pretended I was a pilates dvd in order to think like one and imagine where I would hide myself.

After elimanating the obvious places I would have put them, I opted for the not likely but I have to look anyway, opened up a desk drawer and there they were. But not just my missing pilates dvd's but also another 2 dvd's I had completly forgotten about. A yoga-pilates blend and Chakra Dance Flow - Movement Meditation, both still in their original wrappers.

It's like having your birthday all over again. Speaking of presents, I got a Sanity gift card last Chrsitmas, yes Xmas '09. You have a year in which to use it before it "expires", if it's considered the equivelent of cash, but cash dosen't expire? Weird.
I came home with Scrubs - Season 1 and 30 Rock - Season 2 (unfortunatly they didn't have Season 1).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe this year

Things I say I will make for every Christmas and then don't but this year will surely be the exception!

1. Gingerbread House
2. Buche de Noel
3. Fruit Mince Pies
4. Panaforte
5. A buffet table loaded down with the things I like - seafood, assorted veg dishes and dessert.
6. A truly epic edible centerpiece. Like trees constructed out of truffles or those chewy lolly leaves. Because you totally need something to wheel out with coffee after lunch.
7. A bunch of people who will come to lunch and tell me how a) fabulous I am, b) pretend I'm witty and laugh at all my jokes and c) tell me how wonderful my food is a la Nigella. Oh and d) be impressed by awesome hat, I need a really big hat.

Quick question how often have you seen someone at one of Nigella's dinners more than once? Do they just grab people off the street? Hire extras?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well, let me tell you...

Isn't that how all stories start? I have been absent from blog land, because a) I had nothing really blog worthy to write about, b) I figured I could give my blog a revamp and unveil it with a new look but it turns out I'm not that technically sound at webpages.

I had a very exciting afternoon yesterday, went on a road trip for a knitting adventure, met lots of new knitters and had some delicious treats (ginger coffee no less!). Unfortunatly today has become a bit of an anti-climax with nothing exciting happening.
Now all I can do is be really, really, really excited about our next knitting adventure.

World Dance New York who I love for their choice of DVD productions and who you may remember me writing exctedly about their How to be a Pin-Up Model some time ago when I received it, are now about to release another gem that has my heart all a flutter...Femme Fatale How To: - Makeup, Hair, Accessories Step-by-Step for Victorian Vampire, Flapper Vamp and Gothic Lolita.

And just because I feel soemtines life can be a little dull, and sometimes you can just take yourself too seriously, in effect of that 2011 for me will be the Year of the Disguise - yes 2011 shall be the year I don wigs and false eye lashes (False Eyelash Love!) and people watch in cafe's while drinking skinny lattes. Not that I expect to be incognito at all, people who know me will see me and say "Look there's DarksideKnitter in a wig in a cafe."
Probably I should be knitting, doing something while I loiter in cafes. Or playing with a knitting app, I wonder if they exist? I've been dead keen on an iPod Touch since Nigella released her app for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and have been looking for more reasons to justify purchasing one, like a whole load of free yoga apps, Poh's Kitchen app (also free!) and now Dick Smith have the iPod Touch's starting about $225. Hmm wonder if there'll be any left after Chrstmas???