Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm so tired of being lonely!

"I'm so tired of being alone
I'm so tired of on-my-own
Won't you help me girl
Just as soon as you can"

The legendary words of Al Green, I am going to buy one of his albums preferably this one with Tired of Being Lonely on it, I shall paly it to the socks, those single ones waiting for their second one to be complete.

I have ordered a copy of that unimitable (we should be thankful for small mercies) cult classic Showgirls on DVD, not just any DVD. This is the special edition box set complete with shot glasses and Pin The Pasties On The Showgirl game. Now how is that for a crazy whirly gig of fun???? THAT WOMAN! (aka Ms Stash) has declared this is an illness and there is nothing left for it but to get me thearpy.

I have started a new project with my Sea Urchin yarn from the Black Stitch using the Bowhunter Wristwarmer pattern, also from the Black Stitch.

At least four of my co-workers have defected to Ms Stash's new workplace. Although one of the other girls I trained with, there was 4 of us. One quit before we'd even finished training, another seems to have gone, but I don't know if she's found more permanent or full-time work somewhere or if she's just had jack (I know I have, but alas there are still another 2 seasons of Matt Hardy's public displays of tom foolery which could still come out on DVD, he's showing currently Season4 on his website and we're only up to Season 2 on DVD.)

Did anybody else see Love Tunnel on Wednesday night??? I did love it, so much for Goodbye Cruel World ( I'm Off To Join The Circus), it will be Thank God I Am Outta Here Boogelly Job (I Am Going To Join The Funfair!).
Lucy Jordan may never have got to Paris because of husband and kids, but I will not let my boogelly job stand between me and my Paris!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Numfar do the dance of joy!

It's done, it's done! It's finally done! Aha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah my precious beautys all that's left is to give you a life of your own. Places to go, people for you to be seen by!

Oh it's you. Sorry didn't realise you were there my dear readers. All this excitement is over the fact that today I finsihed the second Whitewater Wristwarmer! Excuse me while I have a Harry met Sally moment.

Alright, now I'll hold them up to the screen for oyu all to see and oh and ah at, if oyu don't the wirstwarmers will be sad because no one likes them. Bringing them up now!

Aren't they lovely???? I need to acquire the piece of tech equipment that will allow actual photos of my wonderous creations!

In order to celebrate I ordered myself Season 2 of the Hardy Show - Matt Hardy's personal platform to prove that he is........Well I don't know exactly, I'm still recovering from when he announced in Season 1 that he thought Lord of the Rings was a sci-fi. Perhaps that he is a walking side of beef ???? Maybe that he is the male equivlent of Bridget Jones?????? Could this be the equivlent of being at a party with famous authors and asking "Do you know where the toilet is?"

Also snagged the latest issue of Oxygen magazine today, I am about to go and actually read it now. I am still planning on trying these Chicken Ceaser Wraps

Men in Trees is on tonight, I saw the first episode then promptly got Wednesday nights and haven't seen any since, the idea intrigues me, being in a town with that many men? The choice and lack of competition! Also My Family, I've also missed that a few times now. And of course that special tonight with Dylan Moran (Bernard from Black Books). A very productive evening, I may actually look at a sock during this time and think about working on it. But I don't want to go too crazy!

Oh! another exciting thing, Nigella uses blood orange juice, and I despaired at actually locating a blood orange here let alone cartons of blood orange juice. But i have noticed you can get pretty much anything now in the juices, like carrot or guave or carrot and guava if you really wanted. And I disovered a brand of bottled Blood Orange Juice! Two reasons this is exciitng, firstly I can finally try some more of Nigellas cocktails (almost like finding the Limoncello again!) and secondly it's BLOOD orange juice! I might have to stock up for Halloween.

Friday, January 19, 2007

There's no smoke without fire!

And fire there was! Went out to dinner on Wenesday night with some of my friends, or should I say, ahem, internet friends!

Started off with Chilli Cheese Fries, these are very very wonderful. I just wish they came in a bigger serve. Followed up by Chimichanga (Mexican according to the menu) - now this was shredded beef grilled with spices and onions and put into a tortilla with cheese, rolled up and deep fried. Fabulous! Only downside, there was most likely half a cow in it, talk about huge!

And of course it was all topped off with a Muddy Creme Brulee and a very divine cappacino, which traditonally you wouldn't see in Italy after mid-morning as it's considered a breakfast drink. Also a word to the wise whan ordering coffee in Italy, if you ask for a latte, you will most likely get milk, you need to make clear you want a cafe latte, ie coffee with milk!

Ended the evening with a bit of tasseled bag twirling, and, ahem, panhandling....

It's been way too hot, no knitting, except Wednesday I did work on the Whitewater Wristwarmer, the thumb is now progressing nicely. If only it were less hot!

Not much else has happened, my expression of interest form has gone in for the upcoming courses. I saw the dates advertised in the paper for the classes themselves but none for the info session dates as yet.

What else? Nothing else I don't think for the moment. Oh excpet a little something for the not feint of tassel twirling???

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well my fellow knitters you sholud ny now have heard from me. Is it hot enough or what??? I have to work today, not looking forward to it, but on the upside I will a) be paid for doing it, and b) it is a short shift so can't really complain too much.

And what will I do with all this lovely money I am earning? New yarn??? Possibly. Pole dancing??? Hopefully, there are classes in Launceston now! Applause, applause! Anyone care to join me for that??? I'd feel a bit of a boob going by myself to these things, but then if i go by myself no one can see me being a boob. Ah ha!

Dinner tomorrow night! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

No knitting, I've thought about it, poked it, shouted at it, but it's not knitting it self unlike Mrs Weasleys knitting. Shame.

Until next time my fellow cyber citzens!

Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm heading out for dinner Wednesday night. If any of my fellow knitters would like to join me, drop me a line, you should all know where I am now. Let me know by about, 12ish? No maybe about 2pm, get lunch over with first tomorrow, ie Tuesday the 16th January 2007.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It doesn't rain it pours.

The bank or more to the point it's reps have not done what they told me they would do! I still have not been sent anything online.

But how is this for exciting? The job I applied for last month that they wrote me a rejection on nice paper, clearly I wasn't to be forgotten after that. they rang me today to ask me to come in and interview for another position! The only down side it is more specialized than what I originally applied for. Hmmmmm. But on the upside I may get a position somewhere else in the company. I may not be right for right now, but later who knows???

I odn't know if I wan tot eat ro lie down, or possibly both. I was looking forward to a nanna nap. But i bought nonsense food at the supermarket, marinated fetta, vintage cheddar, quince paste and Dalfour's raspberry jam! Also I succombed to temptation whit chocolate is becoming very mod and fashionable. So I bought that Chocacino Italian style drinking chocolate in white to try. What else??? More of that chilli and tomaro pickle and some tortillas!

I did buy some sensible stuff like chocolate, oh and some pumpkin (which I am planning to make into soup, I've had a real craving for it.).

Nearly forgot bought some new knit mags today, the new Filati Winter, Interweave, Simply Knitting (complete with knitted nativity set, oh well plenty of time this year now) and soemthing simply titled Knitters.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Houston we have a problem!

Today was knitting coven, it was very exciting, it was truly wonderful to catch up with everyone again. I've missed them!
Work has continued on the Whitewater Wristwamer, I have started the thumb. Then I was just sooooo tired of it. I'm tired of everything really.

I have to go back to my truly depressing job tomorrow, ah it was good while it lasted. I am so over it, the novelty of a new job and earning money has waned. There has to be better ways to earn a living! Most people are either new like me, been there 2 years or fall into the 5 - 8 years catergory (or longer!). I'm trying not to imagine 2 years in that place, it's far too depressing thought. I'm surprised there isn't a high rate of people hanging themselves from the nearest light fittings.

So far nothing on the job hunt front, they rang me and left me a message to let me know I had to complete an online assessment before my interview on Monday. By Monday morning I had had nothing from them! Nada, nought, zero, zilch! Apparently I discovered at the interview I wasn't the only one....However they assured me they would send me another one out, and if I've made it to the next level they will actually be sending me a second one to do before the next round of interviews. Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

In light of recent undevelpments, I am still considering my study options. Actually I have two study choices in mind, one's about 12 weeks but I have about a quarter of the units already done from it and the other is just a one day affair. But still a valuable asset.

I'm going to finish now because I'm Tired, so tired! As the Teutonic Titwillow sang in Blazing Saddles, who was she Lilly von somebody? Not quite my problem, but still there's been a lot of going and coming! And coming and going! And misinterptations about what exactly Matt Hardy was saying, but still. A girl sometimes just needs a break from it all!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

It's so over!

Well today was the day, yes the day when I went for my interview to the bank.

And you know what? I was so over it by this morning, I was certainly over it after 3 1/2 hours waiting for my interview. So I said what I honestly thought, not whatever I thought however.
That I saved for when I had 40 mins to sit around and do nothing, so I started to have a mental debate, if I was making dinner for Matt Hardy what would I make?
I suppose he is a man, an easier question to answer would be what not to make?? Certainly create a shorter list.

There is something immensely satisfying about the possibility of making something, planning, buying and cooking, unfortunately after all this I'm usually over it and don't really want to eat it. Unless it's chocolate cake!!!

I have a hankering for scones. With jam. Perhaps apricot jam???? Made two batchs snow. Beautiful stuff. Now were all waiting on Ms Stash's apricots to come good so we can start boiling up again.

I was catching up on my beloved Matt Hardy, see multitasking! Using more than one computer program at a time, should have told them that, see I can type a blog post and perve at the same time as well as hopping between umpteen dozen knit links. Am I talented or what??? Anyway back to Matt, he was talking about a fan signing thingo, and how he didn't get to interact with his fans as much. And what I thought said making out and got slightly hot flustered and need to shout to the Daft White Cat to bring me some booze. Clearly what was I missing out on??? Closer inspection revealed it actually said make it out, in reference to people who hadn't been able to get there. Ohhhhhhhhh!

It's knitting coven tomorrow, I might take the whitewater wristwarmer, get it finished. Just in time for the hot weather!! I know I know I need to get my organizer hat on and make some calls. But I have to have a cup of tea and sit down before I even think about that. My brain is overloaded with insane questions, we had to fill out these questionnaires things, it was the same set of questions over and over again. I'm sure of it. 20 questions would in reality be about 5!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year?????

I stayed in alone, and ate sharp vintage cheese and drank cider. Watched the old rockers on the tele, my long time readers will be familiar with my afficiondo for aging rockers.
And that was as exciting as it got. I saw the New Year in and it the world didn't end, alas now I will have to make decisions.

There was a phone call Friday, I have made it past the initial stage. However while I am passionate about customer service and have excelent customer service history, and while I am keen on permanent full-time as job security i.e I want a regular pay check that I know what it will be every week, not 20 hours one week and 16 the next! I still need to display a passion for banking, a passion for banking????? And I actually got asked for the first time ever, what do you about our company? To which my reply was, aside from your a bank absolutely nothing.

I need to be able to display I am passionate about banking, have some knowledge about the company and come up with another reference from an employer.
And I'm still in two minds about my current employers, do I come clean and ask nicely if they would be a referee? Or do I persist in sneaking about and waiting to see what happens. I can't afford too many 16 hour weeks, or worse. Probably be better back on the dole queue.
I'm begining to regret applying for this job now, I was excited about the possibility of full-time permanent. As for banking, give me the job and I can be passionate about whatever they want.

And if all else fails, the Players Club in Hobart (you know the one that had the feud with the church), is advertising for dancers - make $2,000+ a week. Clearly there still in business, good business by the sounds of things. Nothing like a bit of contoversy to bring in the punters is there? I could be there now with my sequins and feathers, up on stage doing my dance to "I Did It My Way!" sung by Frank Sinatra (as written by Paul Anka, I bet he's glad of that now).

"And now, the end is here (technically the end was yesterday, but why mess with a classic?)
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's fullI traveled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way"

Yes, it is all becoming clear to me now, I was destined to be on the stage. Perhaps as the cleaner who comes after the show and sweeps it.

Nothing to report on the knitting front, after everything going so well with my Whitewater Wristwarmers I suddenly lost the will to knit. Must be the heat. But I am going to perserver on with the hat, and hopefully get it onto the double points today. It's just a matter of getting back on the horse so to speak.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who's damn cranky (must be the heat).