Sunday, July 31, 2005

I've been tagged!

Thank you Sharon! Here we go...

I was completing my final year of high school. Yeah! It was over - then I started college. Yuck!

Was the Millenium, and for once I was a grump on New Years Eve and didn't want to party. Following New Year's Eve I was? What was I doing five years ago? I think I may have been working or about to start working?

I was still working part time, and I had also formed the Launceston Stitch N' Bitch. Now that is something I never would have seen myself do five years ago let alone two. But it's been an interesting journey, and I can't believe it's been this long or this successful! Excuse me while I wipe a tear....

I did housework, how completely awful, and on top of it I have had to try and transform my home into something from House & Garden for a rental inspection on Monday - consequentially I can't find my knitting. I had actually felt the need to finish my first sock.
In the end I just sat on the couch with the black and white furry lap warmer and watched Doctor Who. Very restful.

I did more housework this morning, and will do some more tonight. Final vac and tidy up, only by now I've lost the will and can't be arsed. My usual method for dealing with sudden clean ups is to hide everything in a corner of my bedroom, fling a sheet over it and deal with it when I'm less pressed for time and/or the spirit moves me. Okay so after four years this tactic means that quite often I have to search from corner to the other along one wall. Untidy but manageable. At least I'm not making bombs or running a brothel out of the place.

Is D-Day, so I am making plans now. Like make sure you are up and ready well before Officious Witch arrives so she dosen't have to stand on door step while you run away and finish getting dressed. I will try to keep a civil tongue in my head and will not glare at OW (alright so that was mildly satisfying because she ran away rather quickly) while trying not to tell her what I thought of her (OW attitude), her company (do you know how long it takes to get anything done - even a reply) and did she realise just what neighbourhood she was in? The only thing I'm missing is the five kids to half a dozen different fathers.
So when tommorrow comes, I will not stress, I will not mutter, I will smile, be polite and generally a nice human being.

Now I've had my rant and you all know I'm a non-bomb making lunatic, I'll tag some people.
I'm gonna go with Karen, Amanda and Cindy - because they are all far more sane than I am.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Random, not connected stuff.

I have a tag from Sharon which I will try to have up by tomorrow. It requires thought which requires use of my brain. Too much today.

I'm tempted to make this little bag - All That Glitters....

I love the name of this blog - Knitting for Boozehags

I don't know how I came across this, but it is so up my alley and makes a nice change from skull and cross bones don't you think?

And this one is simply because I love eating them M & M's! I highly recommend the Baking section.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

15 seconds of Fame and Felonious Felines

Don't mix.

Do you think the precious angels showed the slightest interest that their under trod human subject was a radio star? No not at all.

But I enjoyed myself, and I think everyone did well. Looking forward to our birthday at the Monkey Bar now, the knitting with one hand technique could be interesting - I'll have to get Sharon to show me this.

And still with exciting news, I picked up my very own copy of Stitch N' Bitch Nation today from Fullers. Then some sock wool I'd ordered from eBay arrived. It's some Regia; I got a blue one and a purple one. I'll have to take pictures to show you all.

And I actually knitted yesterday; I worked on the Zhivago beanie. Slowly but surely. I wound up the blue/green/white skein of sari yarn and have got nearly all of it done bar a knot about the middle which I need to untangle (or possibly cut, it's reached that stage) so I can roll it into one (or two) balls and start knitting a scarf out of it. Of course if I could locate my 12mm needles it would be even better. I don't think my 10mm are in use maybe I could substitute? I tend to knit loose anyway so it should be fine, and the design is meant to be holey.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head with new knit goodies and damn pleased about it.

Monday, July 25, 2005

An Important Message For My Fellow Local SNB'ers!


Tomorrow, due to some scheduling problems with the venue that can not be named in conjunction with Stitch n' BITCH I have approached the ABC to see if the offer still stands of us going to them.

They seemed very enthusiastac about it, we would be more than welcome. However due to the fact that I need to get there from work we've moved the time, WE WILL NOW MEET AT 1PM.

I still like to see as many as possible there, I can't form a circle by myself. When I spoke to them on Thursday they we're very keen to get a picture of us all sitting in a circle knitting, so better come prepared with some WIP. I presume if there's a picture they obvioulsy want to talk to us about our knitting and the group, if so out of respect for our unnamebale prior venue can we try and keep them unnamed. Even if we don't meet-up there again, I still have to work with these people.

Does everybody know where to find our local ABC? They are at 45 Ann Street, next to the butchers up by St George's Square. If your involved with the scouts, you probably know the Harry Abbot Scout Hall is you'll be set as that fronts on to one side of ST George's Square.

Okay, hopefully this will find you all in time, those of you whose numbers I have I will try and call to make sure you've got the new details if I don't? Put it this way if you know how to get in touch by phone with one of our fellow SNB'ers a quick phone call might be in order to get the word around.
If anybody does arrive at the shop I'll re-direct them, provided they aren't too late. I can always leave instructions before I leave.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow, at the ABC, 45 ANNE STREET, one side of St Georges Square, at 1PM!


Saturday, July 23, 2005

What Kind of Rocker Am I?

You Are a Chick Rocker!

You're living proof that chicks can rock
You're inspired by Joan Jett and the Donnas
And when you rock, you rock hard
(Plus, you get all the cute guy groupies you want!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh My Goth!

I picked up the latest issue of the English magazine Simply Kitting today and once again am highly impressed with it's contents but once again a little less pages and pages of a how to guide, the same pages and pages in the last is a monthly mag after all - couldn't they alter it slightly?

What really caught my eye while I was flicking through was a letter titled Oh My Goth. A lady who was about to become a grandmother for the first time was starting to knit for a new grandchild, however her daughter and fiancee are Goths so the first sweater is red and will be followed by a purple one as she won't knit black for babies.

Awww what a shame! When looking through Stitch N' Bitch Nation I noticed a pattern entitled Baby's First Tattoo. It was a baby jacket with motifs knitted into it, the pictured jacket had blue birds but there were other graphs provided including a skull. How cool is that?

At least I think so, and you know I would so knit my baby something in black. With skulls on it.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Some of my UFO's

Here are some of my UFO's, I took a heap of photos the other day and forgot to upload them. Look for some FO's to come within the next week and tomorrow I hope to have a write up to go with my pictures of the Recycled Sari yarn.

This is a Drop Stitch Scarf in Caressa, I love the colour this is in. I've made the hat already. But that'll have to wait for anohter day.

This is my first atempt at a sock, I've finished doing the heel and just need to knit the foot.

A close up of my heel, how cool is that? I've knitted up to the heel of my first sock! Oh for anybody who wants to know it's Patons Patonyle. I'm not real thrilled about the yellow but you get that...

Most of you will remember the Alien Illusion Scarf, half a face and I'm done. Just have to buy more yarn.

And this is how long the Alien is.....

This is the UFO I'm trying to work on - the damned ribbed tea cosy that sends me round the twist! It'll be good when it's finished just the right amount of kitsch for my kitchen.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rock On!

Ah, I still haven't knitted anything. This is getting bad, my slump has come back with a vengance.

I hate everything or more to the point, nothing motivates me to knit. This is causing an overwhelming temptation to start something new. Something new! Something new!
But what?

I watched Prey for Rock & Roll last night, it was very funny a little sad in places but very very amusing. It's based on a rock musical by Cheri Lovedog. Never more in my life have I wanted to be a tattooed rock chick, and I hope I still do at 40.
Growing old disgracefully baby! Here's to it.

After some googleing I'm having some trouble coming up with anything concrete on Cheri Lovedog aside from various reveiws of the movie Prey for Rock & Roll, one interview with Cheri about it. I'm afraid she's a bit of a mystery woman.
But despite that I can't reccommend this movie enough it really is that good. Starring the very lovely Marc Blucas (played Reilly in Buffy - thankyou Cindy! I thought it was but wasn't sure.) as Animal (who was one of my fave Muppet's, but then I think he was most people's fave.) in his all tattooed loveliness. Yum!

Tonight is Balde Trinity and I will have the opptunity to see how talented Triple Z H is.

Until tommorrow,
A bona fide red head rock chick and damn proud of it.

Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Official.

I have not knitted a stitch since Wednesday. However I am hoping to refind my motivation tomorrow, when I plan to wash my Recycled Sari yarn.
Now this I am quite excited about, then I can start planning to knit something with it!

Alright so it's not contributing to any of my UFO's. But you have to take baby steps, today one stitch, tomorrow one stitch....

I watched Elecktra yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised as I heard it described quite a lot as a dog of a movie. It wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, but it was a good movie all the same.
I love comic book heros and lets face it heros in general. I have a real soft spot for Bruce Willis, I think it's becuase he so frequently spends the entire movie looking a bit of a scruff. Loved him in Last Boy Scout.

Tonight, I may knit, but I am going to watch Prey For Rock and Roll. Nothing like rock chicks to make your Friday night. One of the guys listed in the stars has the tv series Buffy listed as one of his past projects. I think he looks like the guy that worked for the secret goverment agency that Buffy took up with.

I mean the guy, but I suppose also the agency, she sort of took up with them too.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head super hero wannabe and damn proud of it.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some thoughts on nothing in particular....

Our ideas are for the most part like bad sixpences and we spend our lives in trying to pass them on to one another.
- Samuel Butler

My sister is currently knitting Tychus from the current issue of Knitty, she's making it out of a coffee coloured yarn with a contrast of cream. It's knitting up really well, I am coveting it muchly.

This is something I am thinking of making, and have been for a while. Where I work a customer brought in this pattern as a request to be made up, so I am hoping I get the chance to see before I make and decide if I do like it that much.
The yarn the customer brought in was called Grignasco Tyrol and was 60% wool, 30% alpaca and 10% acrylic it felt super nice but I hate to think what the price was on it.

People who don't hold DVD's by the edges piss me off, I did the video rental store over this afternoon. I finally got to rent Elecktra and Blade Trinity. I also got Prey For Rock N' Roll, I read a reveiw of this some time ago and never heard any more about it. When I saw it today I decided to grab it and check it out.
It's about an all female rock group and their lives. It sounds good.

As for Matt Hardy, no I'm still in a sulk over that one. I can't believe all these years my fave Hardy Boy was the spineless one. I knew I had bad taste but even so, I think I need a dose of Baywatch: Hawaii Reunion.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Yarn! New People! New Books!

I am very excited because today I received some new Recycled Sari yarn I bought on eBay. I am very excited, apart form the fact that it has a bit of a funk. Hmmm, I'm hoping that will go when I wash the skeins.

I did some research and I gather washing your yarn in its skein, before winding it by hand, is the way to go . It's very beautiful looking. I got a black with flecks of red, bronze and grey - very awesome! And a blue with green and white flecks, which my sister assures me is going to look so good with my hair colour.
We'll see, I am a black kind of girl normally.

And on to more disappointing things, many of you my dear readers will be familiar with my beloved Matt Hardy. Even it's only from my mad ramblings here on my blog, but I am sad to say my beloved Matt Hardy will be just Matt Hardy for some time to come while I decide if he's going to be my beloved again.

Matt Hardy turned up someplace I never thought hoped to see him, if not ever then not in the near future.
Now I am going to have to sulk for a certain period of time. During this time I will wear the Devil Hat or the Pirate Hat, or possibly both at once.
Then I may make an effigy, if I do then I shall stick it full of knitting needles. After which I will possibly burn it, or just keep it propped in the corner for the cats to play with.
Then and only then will I have the answer and come out of my sulk.

I probably shouldn't have told him I thought he was becoming an obnoxious drunk, arrghh! At least Alice Cooper didn't disappoint - LIVE IN MY HOME TOWN! Why can't a girl have everything?

I am so excited about my new yarn! I am thinking of making a poncho pattern that was in the second last Creative Knitting. I just have to locate a 16mm crochet hook and learn to crochet.
I'm soooooo looking forward to the challenge!

Yesterday was my local SNB meet-up and I finally got to meet Cindy! Now I get to put a face to a name, and she was absolutely lovely and wearing green and knitting green socks (Cindy wears green like I wear black).
She also made these really nice little lemony morsels that YUM!!! Cathy did afternoon tea for our meet up yesterday - more YUMMY things. I did like the savoury toast, I heard something about chilli so that must have been it.

Cindy also brought along the new book Stitch N' Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. How exciting! I've been to my local and helpful bookstore and put an order in for a copy of my very own. I need to make something new, cool and unusual. I have to make ALLIGATOR MITTENS!

On that note I will leave you, I'm going to get my half done tea cosy out and look at it. And think about it. And possibly work on it. Then maybe I'll watch Resident Evil: Apoclypse, nothing like Milla kicking undead butt to make a girl feel motivated.
The fact that my truly fave thing about this movie is the Nemesis, is a bit scary because he's been getting rather more attractive every time I watch it. Have I seen it too many times?

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm a Pirate.

I went to a 3-year olds birthday party at Hungry Jacks today. The joys of being an honarary Aunt.

I got a pirate invitation like the little boys that were invited, the 3yo mother didin't think I'd appreciate a fairy invite.

It was all cool I got to wear a Pirate hat, it turned out there was only one other pirate there. He was very young and very quiet. As all underling pirates should be.

I went to get serveittes twice actually, and both times the young people sitting at the table near by had a good look at me in my hat and had a snicker. Hmmmm....on the way out people stared at the hat as well.

What is wrong with the world when a woman can't wear a cardboard pirate hat at Hungry Jacks? Now I was going to have a rant about these people. Then it occured to me it'd be unfair to ridicule those less fortunate than me.
Clearly being repressed as they are they can't be enjoying life very much.

And Cindy as a follow up to Vogue Knit One Issue Two - the green jacket was very cool but the one that really took my fancy was the ankle length jacket in the Urban Cowgirls section. And I think the vaudville "strippers" if it's the one I saw was called Velevet Hammer. That was pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing that again.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head pirate and damn proud of it.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Knit One, Number Two.

I have finally located and bought a copy of the second issue of Vogue's Knit One magazine, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Worth the wait indeed, and the Urban Cowgirls section is even cooler than I first thought. There are a number of jackets I really like in this issue, but my fave comes form the Urban Cowgirls and is an ankle lenght jacket. Way cool!

I can just imagine how long it'd take to knit though, eep!

I may knit tonight, I really should knit something. But unfortunatly my slump has found me again, I don't know where it went but I wish it would go back again.

Tonight on SBS is the Webcam Girls. I think it may be a repeat if it is, I might still watch it as it had this really cool girl who is an artist. She spins and crochets and makes the most amazing looking hats.
Well, some of them anyway.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I want a tea cosy, I know what it is.

I thought I would start off today having a whinge but feared it would make me seem a bit too much like one of the current Big Brother housemates.

So instead I thought I would talk about some cool new things I didn’t talk about yesterday because I was putting together that incoherent ramble about Alice Cooper. I’ll try to re-edit it later this week and see if I can’t get it to make more sense.

The new Knitty is up and this issue is The Man Issue. I’ll admit I was wary about this issue, it’s very hard to find good patterns for guys out there. No end of hip, cool and very trendy women’s patterns, but something you could knit and a male would actually wear? Aside from a very plain dark hat….
Trust me on that one. I mightn’t have any to knit for myself, but I sell enough hats to men to know what they will and won’t wear.

Although I sometimes wonder if this isn’t based on choosing something that the female companion didn’t point out as nice.

Back to Knitty’s new issue. I’m very enamoured with a pair of gloves someone has designed for their husband when he’s outside smoking so he’s first three fingers of the glove are like a fingerless pair and the last two are like a normal glove.
Smoking aside, that’s not too daft an idea. As an avid user of public transport early in the morning I don’t think so anyway.

I noticed my local Harris Scarfe store now seem to be stocking yarn; I saw a display in their window as I was walking past yesterday. It looked to be mostly feathers, clearly there not out to bring anything new to the market then.

Also yesterday I finally went inside Fancy Shoes, I’d been past a couple of times but they weren’t open. Yesterday I went in and had a look. Now, I love shoes - but boots even more. Especially with REALLY high heels! Absolutely adore them, they consume even more of my life than Matt Hardy and knitting put together.

I’m also a huge fan of faux fur and anything animal print.
What do you think I found in Fancy Shoes?

High heeled boots made out of faux animal print fur! Pure heaven! And they felt really nice too; I haven’t got brave and asked to try them on yet because that’d be fatal. I’d have to buy them then.
That’d detract from yarn buying, I know I’m still on my diet, but it’s nearly finished which is more than I can say for my UFO’s.
And besides the diet has like most diets after a period of time, mutated, and with the inclusion of other people’s ideas for doing it I came up with the plan I’d donate to charity the equivalent that I spent on yarn.
And it’s working, mainly because I can’t afford to spend large amounts on both. Unfortunately.

In the great land of UFO’s, I picked up a tea cosy I’d long abandoned and did six rows on Saturday night, after that everything slowed down because I took back the next three rows too many times. It’s been momentarily put aside again.

Following on from that I will end with a quote form Buffy another awesome chick with pointy sticks.
“I want a room with a chair, a fire and a tea cosy. I don’t know what a tea cosy is but I want one.”

Until next time,
A bona fide high heel wearing red head and damn proud of it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Alice Cooper Wrap Up Part Two.

Yes I should have written this half sooner, but I really didn't want it to be over....sob sob!

Anyway back to Friday night and Alice.
The lights came back up and the band have come out on stage and I'm peering at the stage looking for the Great Man himself.
He appeared from up the back of the stage in a cloud of smoke, and started singing Department of Youth (one of my faves!). I was soooo excited! It was ALICE COOPER LIVE!
Unfortunately this lasted all of about thirty seconds and everything became a little vague, nothing seemed quite real and I started to think I was merely imagining it this lasted through till ???? I remember I section of No More Mr. Nice Guy and bits of Dirty Diamonds what else I may have missed I'm a little unsure.
But by Lost In America (another fave!) I was kinda over that lapse and I was enjoying myself aside from the fact that I thought I would vomit any minute - not pleasant.
I can't put into any exact order that the following songs came in, I had a few vague seconds along the way. My vagueness was as conquered as my devil hat was finished.
But there was Feed My Frankenstein (my absolute fave), Only Women Bleed - but just before this was something from his Welcome To My Nightmare album the name of the song exactly escapes me, Poison, I think the Black Widow was in there somewhere, I'm Eighteen (another fave), Under My Wheels, and there were others either I wasn't familiar with them or I was vagueing out.

I did a lot of vagueing out, usually along the lines of OMG it's Alice Cooper! That's Alice Cooper down there!

The music aside, his daughter (I'm guessing it's the oldest one) was his dancer on the show, when she first came out she was in black and had a long black cape. She chased Alice, swooped her cloak over him and then back open again and he was gone - I suppose it would have been a dampener had he not been.
She came back later for Only Women Bleed, when they had been setting the stage up during intermission they had been placing body parts in various places on stage. One of these was a torso and head with blonde hair, during OWB it moved and stood up and it was his daughter doing her dancing bit. And, actually the song from Welcome To My Nightmare was after this because Alice stabbed her and then these guys came on stage and put him in a straight jacket and his daughter gave him a few good kicks before disappearing off stage.

This was followed by Balled of Dwight Fry (How did I forget this earlier? It's tied in first place with Feed My Frankenstein for all time fave), towards the end of this song Alice got out of the straight jacket and the two guys came back to get a hold of him. Then we got a guy who looked a bit like a hunchback, and Alice's daughter back wearing a short black cape over her red outfit and with what looked like a devil mask from where I was sitting (someone else's seat, did I mention the guys sitting to my left disappeared during intermission and never came back?).

The hunchback is saying "Citizens what shall we do with this man? Shall we burn him?", there’s a resounding NO and the devil creature is shaking her head.
Hunchback "Shall we electrocute him?", this was followed with another resounding NO and more shaking of the devil creature's head,
Hunchback "Shall we introduce him to the guillotine?”, resounding YES and the devil creature is nodding and miming laughing.
Over to the left of the stage was this large tomb stone looking object with a angel on top, but an Alice angel so kind of skeleton with wings, which is none other than the guillotine! How cool is this? I was highly impressed - but thinking back I remember seeing some people earlier when everyone was arriving had children with them. Small children, I didn't see the smallest there though. My mother told me she saw one very little one being carried out in it's dressing gown sound asleep at the end of the concert.

Anyway back on topic, Alice gets his head cut off. First the hunchback holds the head up and waves it around and then the devil creature gets a hold of it and she's running around stage with it and showing it to the audience. Now during the Feed My Frankenstein song Alice started putting a body together in an upright coffin to the right of the stage, (I know I'm going backwards now but the brain seems able to process everything if I start at the end and work back.), I was amused to notice he had difficulty getting the arms on at first. Then he changed sides and they seemed to go on all right then. But it didn't have a head.
Back to the devil creature she's holding the Alice head out to the audience and then snatching it back and holding it close sort of "Mine!" and then she takes it over to the body and puts the head on top.
Then she starts bowing down to it, like Wayne and Garth "We aren't worthy" style. Then the body comes to life, and it's Alice back and he chases the devil creature away.
Which was all very cool, body's coming to life and stepping out of a coffin, I so have to figure that one out for a Halloween. It'd be so excellent!

I don't remember what the first song after he came to life was but it was followed by Poison, then we had another song not sure really what it was because I was distracted by Paris. Hee hee, poor Paris. What was even funnier was to see Alice strutting around stage with a little bag with a little stuffed dog in it. He had the walk down rather well.
And that was it, he introduced his band finished and the lights came back up and there was a mass exodus again and I got a chance to see some more of the interesting people. The guy in the top hat who was in the paper Saturday. Quite a few of the guys had the black paint around the eyes a la Alice. Why didn't I think of that?

All in all, it was absolutely excellent! The ticket was worth very cent; it was so worth all that time waiting. In future I'll remember to wear shorter heels, buy a seat on the flat, take a baggage wrangler and learn some deep breathing techniques and mantras along the lines of "I will not vague out, I will not vague out".
My only regret, yes I do have one. Is that there was only one concert! I'm going to buy a lotto ticket and see if I can't get lucky or really lucky and become a groupie and follow the tour all the way around the world.....If only!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who's already missing Alice and damn sad because of it.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Alice Cooper Wrap Up Part One.

I know this is later coming than I originally planned. But here it is now and in two parts to boot. I didn't think it would be so long!

Friday night my mother dropped me at the Silverdome and I'm walking up to the main entrance and all these people are giving me odd looks.
I'm looking at these people thinking "What? It is an Alice Cooper concert, just because some of us made an effort and didn't turn up looking like we realised we were out of milk and went to the supermarket and got lost."

I lined up to buy my t-shirt, after I realised most of the people standing around were doing just that, I hate that! Because you’re never sure where the line ends and I'm loathe jumping in anywhere lest I should stand in front of someone else.
While I was waiting at the counter to get served and getting a much better view of the t-shirts and listening with amusement as the lady working behind the counter had the exact same conversation twice about the "ladies" t-shirts with two different couples one right after the other.
To me these t-shirts looked like they might be child size, but apparently they were made out of something fairly stretchy but even then they didn't stretch a whole lot (I saw this demonstration twice too) and both times the ladies in question opted for a normal t-shirt. Then I noticed the guy standing next to me was in all black with an Iron Maiden jacket. Now that is more like it!

It was my turn to be served, I'm standing there money in hand because by now I've fully decided which t-shirt I'm gonna get and the lady comes over to serve me and I say to her "I want that one." and point with my hand that doesn’t have the money in it. So the lady turns around picks one up from the shelf marked extra large, checks the tag and then unfolds it on the counter and says to me "This is the extra large."
"I'll take it" hand with the money in it outstretched, the lady serving me has given me the once over and gone "Are you sure?"
Noooooo, I'm just saying yes and waving money at you because I'm not sure.

After purchasing the t-shirt, I made my way to my seat. This required some difficulty because at first I couldn't decipher which end had the door I was supposed to go through. I'm walking backwards and forwards through the main entry and I've noticed this guy staring at my head. Hmmm, just to test it I went back past again. I think it may have been the hat.
After finding my door, the easiest part of getting to my seat I then had to go downstairs to get to my seat because I was in the fourth row up from the flat - here for some reasons the heels on my boots seemed to have suddenly grown and didn't shrink till I reached the wooden steps the row before my mine.

Upon reaching this row an usher was on the step below me and she asked me if I was alright. I decided to pretend as if I actually had some class and that I had been looking for row letters and not merely struggling to get down the steps.
I brandished my ticket at her and announced to everybody in the near vicinity "I AM LOOKING FOR ROW G"
I thought I'd attempt to pull off an upper class attitude, everybody knows their eccentric and bossy.

The usher checks my ticket and points to the row she's standing at the end of and says "This is your row here, your seat is about halfway along the numbers are on the backs of the seats."
I start heading along the row checking numbers, I can see this middle age couple already sitting in the row about three-quarters of the way along, I'm continuing along checking numbers and I have this suspicion.....yep, my seat is right next to this middle-age couple. I can't really tell you what the look on their faces was it was hard to distinguish. They may have been amused, perplexed, worried or all of the aforementioned.
I've looked at the seat looked at my ticket, looked back at my seat and then looked at this couple. The woman smiled at me so I smiled back and that was our only interaction throughout the whole night.
On my other side I had these two guys who din's even speak to each other, they left after Billy Thorpe and never came back so I moved over a seat after Alice had started figuring I'd just move back when they came back. But they never did.

While waiting for Billy Thorpe to start I did some people watching. Clearly all the interesting people buy tickets for the seating on the flat, although one of the couples pictured in the Saturday Examiner, not the one with the top hat had seats on the other side of the middle aged couple I was next to.
All the interesting looking people, lots of Iron Maiden and AC/DC t-shirts, a few Alice concert t-shirts and lots of Goths and another guy in top hat and tails (not the top hat wearer from the Examiner).

Onwards and upwards, Billy Thorpe started and was very excellent. Well not too excellent to start with, at first there was music and he was singing something, what he was singing wasn't very clear. The start of his set seemed to involve a lot fiddling by all members of the band with their equipment. NO! Not that kind I know someone will ask.....
Towards the end of Billy's set the silent men on my left, the one sitting next to me got a camera out and took a couple of pictures.

After Billy finished, there was like intermission and a mass exodus as everybody went off in search of???? I think the bar was a popular choice looking at what most people carried back to their seats.
During this time the front of the stage started filling up, on stage a bunch of guys we're running around moving equipment either taking it away or putting new stuff out.
I started an internal debate with myself if I would lug all my stuff (bag, jacket, t-shirt) down there or if I'd just stay where I was and not lug sny stuff down there.
Then I cursed myself for not paying for a second ticket and bringing a baggage wrangler i.e someone to mind my stuff.
By the time I had this out I realised unless I moved faster than Superman (not likely to happen in my shoes) I wasn't going to get a good spot and I'd have to try and peer over other people, ah the joys of being short.
That pretty much solved that.

The really noisy and probably very happy people mostly seemed to be right up the back, at this point yelled "We want f'n Alice!"
Okay so we didn't get Alice, but I was amused. And going by the amount of laughter so were quite a number of other people.
The place started to fill back up again, sort of. The firont of the stage got awful crowded and the seats around me and to the front started to be occupied again.
Then the lights went out, the entire place went off, and then.......

Part Two tommorrow! And all about the Great Man himself.

Until tommorrow,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Having a Devil of a good time....

Hark! What is this?

The requiste concert t-shirt. Very cool huh?

Dirty Diamonds Tour 2005 and everywhere it's going...The cities have the country's intials after them except the US and Canadian cities they just have a state or province. Notice the hat - it gets around.

Look! My home town! Alice came to my home town! How cool?!
The Devil Hat in all it's glory! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Post Concert Post

Ah this will only be a short one tonight, but I did say I'd post afterwards. I did have a good time, I bought a tour t-shirt. Which is always an important factor in the equasion I'm sure.

It's the Dirty Diamnonds tour, and during the song of the same name Alice was throwing necklaces into the crowd at the front of the stage. Very cool, except for the fact that I was glued to my seat having a mini meltdown. But more on that tomorrow along with all the good bits and many highlights.

Right now, it still isn't very real. Like I'm not really sure I was even there - well I was there right up until Alice came on stage....Tommorrow all the details I promise!

But for tonight, because I know Sharon being the wicked woman that she is won't be able to wait to hear about poor Paris ( I have the comment to prove it!).
Poor Paris was chaseed by photographers, attacked by her own little dog and then fell and hurt herself trying to run away from the photographers because she'd got tired of posing. Poor Paris - don't you all feel sorry for her? Stop laughing Sharon!

Until tommorrow or is it tommorrow already?
A bona fide devil hat wearing red head and damn proud of it.

Tonight's the Night!

Yes it's finally arrived, look back for a special after concert post tonight.

It's only hours away now, I contemplated if I'd take knitting to fill in waiting time. Might be a little impractical especially if we're all squashed together in the seating.

Until later,
A bona fide red head who's going to ALice Cooper tonight!