Saturday, November 10, 2012


So in preparation for what my sister and I are dubbing "Grown-Up Christmas", I had a test run of a few things.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes from Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations 

Green Bean Casserole from Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations
These both came out a success, although I did make a double batch of sauce for the beans as one lot didn't seem to be enough and that was using only half the quantity of beans.

Still a few more things on the to try list, which is very exciting. And of course on the day I'll be serving up on the "good" china, even break out the special cutlery, neither of these have seen the light of day since ?????? A really loooooong time.

A certain extended family member has started putting in requests for what they want for Christmas, most notably home-made shortbread and Xmas pudding. Which reminds me I must investigate vegan Xmas puddings, no way am I attempting to veganise great-great-grandma's with it's 9 eggs.
Then my sister doesn't eat Xmas pudding so I could probably make something else for dessert that day, there was a chocolate raspberry tart in Vegan Pie in the Sky that looks promising. Choc-raspberry is a win-win combination.