Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another month over.

Progress seems to be being made, suddenly everyone is really happy with me. Upside to all this is it appears my fertility is back, after years of girl issues it appears my body has finally righted itself.

Which is such a good thing, my body doing what it's supposed to do and if I come down on the Do I side of the Do I or Don't I baby debate, there's one less hurdle.

It seems highly apt that once I reach the stage were suddenly everyone else is happy, I'm not. I'm having a raging internal debate yet again about how I feel about my chosen degree. I have a love-hate relationship with my chosen major.
We had some very wet, very gray and gloomy days the other week and I guess I just haven't been able to pick myself up from it yet.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My cunning plan is working!

Got up today and tried on my jeans, I do this once a month to see if I can fit back into them. Last time I can recall wearing them is at least 10 years, ago. Today they fit!

I had an appointment with my doctor today, I was ready to go in armed with my loss of 4kgs over the last month and the fact I can fit back in my jeans after 10 years. Because I was expecting long faces and all doom and gloom with the light at the end of the tunnel being that oft referred to lapband.

I ended up keeping these little gems to myself, because today my Doctor was happy. We're going to get a good outcome with my weight problem. Oh really? Ye of little faith, I never doubted myself. I just needed a shove in the right direction.

And on the downside last Friday I had to have a wisdom tooth out, I ccould feel my IQ dropping as it came out. ;)
It's looking at least 6 weeks healing time, provided there's no infection - cue salt washes for my mouth. Not appatising but more better than an infection, it's painful enough now as well as being a mite uncomfortable from the stitches. This Friday the stitches come out, it will be a relief. I've been eating a lot of soup, mashed veg and yoghurt since last Friday. I miss chewing, there's a whole list of things I am going to cook up after the stitches are out.
Preferably something with chilli in it, I really need chilli!