Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vacuming the cat

I'm meant to be finsihsing an assignment but currently I am wresrling with my conclusion, I need to finish it and stay within the word limit as there are penalties for going over.
However I have just over 70 words left, the rest of my conlusion needs to be short or I need to cull something from somewhere else in the essay.....hmmmmm....haaaaaawww...heeeemmmm.....

I've located the details of what one of my tests tomorrow will be about, narrows down what I have to revise tonight for that one and the other one I have tomorrow I already know what it will be on.
Today I did a presentation, I thought it was awful, there was Basil Fawlty style escapedes with the lap top and projector to start with. It seemed an omen of things to come, but official verdict is the presentation went "very well". I'm inteperating that to mean a good mark.

But back to the assignment, I have this problem of I always find them hard to start but once I get started I have to struggle to rein it in under the word limit and have to start looking for lesser bits of infomration to cull to make it all fit.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few of my favourite things

My mum bought the latest Australian Women's Weekly and for any non-Aussies reading this magazine actually comes out monthly. I flipped to the food section, the only section I tend to actually read in the AWW.
And one of the food features was on High Tea as a means to promote the new AWW High Tea book.
The blurb about the book makes it sound irresistible, I love doing the whole fancy afternoon tea and getting the good china out.

"High Tea is every girl’s dream book, as delightful to look at as it is to cook from. Think finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, cakes, biscuits and slices. Think linen tablecloths and fine china, proper tea made in a teapot, your best friends gathered round, and lots of gossip. Here’s your chance to spoil yourself with cucumber sandwiches, chocolate ├ęclairs and raspberry cream sponge. Teatime will never be the same again."

Oh yum I have to keep my eye out for this one!

It's not being released till October so a bit of a wait but there is a vampire knitting book in the works. I've seen some of the projects to be featured and really looking forward to the finished product. Even if it fails to offer up too much in what I'd actually knit I just know it's going to fit in with my other knitting books - most of which are a bit quirky to start with.

Bill Bailey. The trouser presses, tea and coffee making facilities, spider singing, eagles, sheds and tiny pixies. It never stops being funny, any of it. And the boy playing the setar in Tinselworm is delicious!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yeah for me!

Breaking my own embargo...but I got 5/10 on my Accounting quiz this afternoon. For reference top mark was 6/10. And since we all had to mark each others, took me back to primary school(!), I feel even better about my 5 since the poor soul who I marked got 0 right. (I don't know who it belongs to were all identified by student numbers which our tutor uses to identify the papers and then hand back to owners.)

But when the answers were being written up there was lots of collective moaning (and not in a good way like When Harry Met Sally) and muttering of "Oh no I'll have so many answers wrong!".
Yet there was also some discussion pre-tute, not everyone had done their Independent Study Tasks. Might've helped!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No more painting the cat's nails...

Twice in the last week on Twitter people I follow have found cash in old bags. What did I find in mine an unfinished knitting project. I'd like to look through all my old bags on the off chance but it will have to wait.

Knitting, blogging, tweeting, searching bags and painting the cats nails will all have to go on the back burner. Put the nail polish down and step away from the cat!

I was filling in my calender so I have at-a-glance-monthly list of what is due when and when tests are, except Corp Reg we just have to turn up to every tute as their not telling us which tutes the tests wil be in. Very sneaky but probably very effective for attendance, learning and final pass rates.

But back to my calender, over the next 2 weeks (17th March to to the 31st March), I have in total 5 tests, 5 assignments and a oral presentation to do. Talk about baptisim of fire!
After this insanity, the following two months sees me with huge gaps between assesments loads of time to do far less work???
Admittedly census falls in the middle of this insane period so I guess either you do the work or you quit before you officially start racking up fees and/or academic penalties.

But guess who so far has been busy doing all their required reading and doing hopmework for tutes??? Guess who thought at start of smester they had plenty of time till first assessment and got stuck in on their reading (it's hard to catch up if your behind!)??? Guess who upon filling out their calender this morning had a Macauly Caulkin in Home Alone moment???

But maybe there is still time for one final Lolcat???

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Would you believe???

I was cleaning out one of my larger handbags so as to use it for school and I found a long forgotten UFO.
It was a finished sock and a half finished sock, everything is there but the pattern but they are an all knit sock so I just need to check other patterns regards heels and possibly the toe finishing. And no I'm not really fussed if they match exactly or not!

I've spent this afternoon preparing for tomorrow's school, printing off lecture notes and making sure my reading is up to date. There is lots of reading, there will have to be some more tonight and then some again tomorrow night.
If I were a Lolcat, I'd be a tiny kitten surrounded by huge tomes with lots of teeny tiny print with the caption reading "Why i haz so much readingz?".

Last year I came into Uni a bit apprehensive I knew it would be epic regards the workload compared to any other study I'd previously done but I got through. This year I've started back knowing full well how it all works and yet I have come back and been outraged at how much work they actually expect me to do. I think really the audacity of them!

However in the fun department, for one of my law units our head of department suggests looking to movies, TV shows and novels about law with the idea of course of using these to make comparisons to real life to fictional interpretations about it.
In the "Light Entertainment" department this week the suggestions were Legally Blonde, The Hurricane and The Castle. I'm going to concede LB and TC as light entertainment. But I feel The Hurricane is made from a much more serious stand point.

However I am joyful about Boston Legal being an acceptable topic for homework, I've been putting off and putting off buying more seasons of BL as they tend to be a bit pricey but I saw a catalog with some of the seasons on sale. Guess I have no reason to put it off any longer, it will after all help me with my school work right? ;)

As for the knitting front, well the good fight, has slowed down there. These last couple of weeks I have been too busy to sit and really work on anything but I have been able to squeeze a few rounds in here and there on the second Punky Rose Wristlet during breaks at school.

Tonight is Sunday night and that means Castle night here in Australia, if you haven't already seen Castle I can not reccomend it enough. It is very funny and certianly has some clever twists with a suitable sprinkling of quirky characters that sort of fit into the story well rather than just being there and quirky for sheer novelty value.