Friday, September 23, 2005

It's been a while

And unfortunatly instead of finsihing any of my UFO's I ahve started makign more WIP's.

The latest is a pair of socks in Opal Lollipop ??? It's a lot of blues wiht some white. Farbe 1011 - Partie 14. I'll see if I can track down it's actual name and post it here.

Since I last posted I've been to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with the luscious Johnny Depp only he was slightly less luscious as Willy Wonka. Teh chocolate factory however, halfway through the movie I had an incredible craving for chocolate.

Next on the list - Wallace and Gromit and the Wererabbit. I can't wait, and neither can my father. That's all I need a trip to the movies with another pop corn stealer. My mother came with me and my sister to Charlis and the Chocolate Factory. My mother dosen't like the cinema pop corn as she keeps tellign me but this dosen't stop her form eating it. Hmmmmm....

Speaking of C&TCF, I watched the final episodes of Blakes 7 Season Two the day after and in one of them they go to Freedom City - kind of like Las Vegas only out in space and with no law enforcement. At one of the casino's they had a speed chess champion The Klout, it was only the Ommpa Loompa from the C&TCF! Very exciting! Actually all of Blakes 7 was quite exciting.

The Daft White Cat is, well daft as ever, I don't think that will ever improve. But he at least apart form a few exceptions isn't a nusince at night anymore. IN fact he's gone form nusince to sleeping on the end of the bed to sleeping on thop of the wardrobe. Not hat I mind, because now I odn't wake in the morning in some very uncomfortable psoition with a white cat asleep on me - this lwasy results in pain from sleeping all twisted around.

We had our SnB - Knitting Coven on Tuesday at Cafi Centro. My second time in at the Cafi, it' was fabulous, the most enjoyable meet-up I think I 've had since we went Knitting in Public. The food is fabulous, I had their Hot Salami pizza which among other things includes gucamole and sour cream on it. It was the best pizza I have had in ages.

I bought the latest Simply Knitting last week and one of the things I am planning to make out of it at some point is the baby jacket, which includes directions for a prem size. My mother is in CWA and helps distribrute baby items through them to various things. One of these is the prem ward at our local general hospital.
Where beleive it or not, they actually have someone who does all the hand washing of the knit garments for them! Obvioulsy how else did I think they got washed? But in this day and age I think we're all used to just flinging stuff into the machine and away we go.

I've actually been doing a bit of baking recently, I do have some pictures but I am awaiting on them to come back to me. I have to get my own digital camera I can see, I can show you many of my half finished knit items as well.

I've just finsihed watchin gthe ifrst season of Magnum, I vaguley remember it. My mother used to like watching it, I was amused at watching Tom Selleck getting in and out of the Ferrari. Either it's a very small car or Tom Selleck is a very tall man. It was highly amusing watching him unfolding himself out of the car.

After much searching I located my Regia sock wool, after goign through every knitting bag I have - I knew it was in one of them. I will have to post a picture to show you them.

I will have to end this here as teh Daft White Cat wants to sleep on my desk, right next to the coomputer when I am workign here. Which puts him on my mouse pad, making my mouse hard to move, so I won't be makign any clickable links tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Nice to see you back blogging again.

It will be good to see your Regia sock yarn.

It's good that Geoffrey is settling down.


2paw said...

Hurray, I love it when you find lost things - I hate it when they are where you thought they might be in the first place...Deep Roy pops up everywhere, he was paid $1,000,000 to play all the parts. Thinking about ordering Season 3 of B7 soon!!! Tom Selleck is REALLY tall!!! Cat - MOuse pad, what else would you expect!!! I have started something new too, I like to have a lot of things on the go so I have something to suit every mood!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

Sharon said...

I can so relate to craving chocolate while watching C&CC, I had the same whenever I watched the first one also.

And yes the food was absolutely beautiful I have never had such a lovely focaccia as the vegetarian one.

Shel said...

I have started some more WIP's also, trying to attack those pesky UFO's on the side.

another redhead