Monday, January 07, 2008

It's far to hot, too hot! This is Tasmania! Clearly the weather gods are on holiday and have left a minor god to fill in who has no clue what buttons to push.

My Christmas wasn't bad, it was fairly good. I ate prawns and oysters! Yummo! Presents were good, people understand now about buying off the list.

Surprise, surprise I got Nigella Express! Saves me having to print off all the stuff I want to make off the net now. Goodbye loose pages!
The really good present was Ronnie Woods book! Really good read so far, the other thing I am loving is Velvet Revolver's last album Libertad. It was my Xmas present from the Daft White Cat.
He may be daft and white but he sure knows what his mummy likes!

As for Nigella, New Year's Eve saw me melt, mix and fridge two slices from the latest book, much easier and cooler than baking anything. Marshmallow Crispy Squares and Rocky Road Crunch Bars - the Marshmallow I could eat the whole tin alone if I succumbed, the Rocky Road is incredibly sinful! Even for me, one piece is enough at a time.

Belatedly I got a mezzaluna, it got hidden and forgotten about. It's not as big as Nigella's but it is one of those double bladed ones and it comes with the special board with the dip to make chopping easier. As soon as he saw it my dad wanted to have a go - what is it with parents buying their children toys and then commandeering them for themselves???

Just before Christmas was Terry Pratchett's Hogfather made into a movie, and much to my joy it is available on dvd! It was good, Death was perfect, the wizards weren't as they should have been. A bit too Gandolfy and LOTR. Very disappointing.
But very satisfying spotting all the familiar faces!


2paw said...

Absolutely, there are Learner Weather gods in charge, they are hooning the weather!!!
Quelle Suprise!! Nigella Express!!! I love it too!!
And a rocky cutting thing!! Cool!!!
I have yet to watch HogFather. A treat for later on I think....

amanda j said...

A slight relief from the weather today! It has been amazingly hot, hasn't it!

Sounds like you did well out of Christmas. Yummy slices.

zippiknits said...

Oh my! You are in Tasmania! I have a long time buddy in that beautiful part of the world. She sends me pictures from time to time of sunsets and things.

Here in Cali it's raining. We are in the Wet season. We are in drought and really need the rain, so everyone's glad it came around.

We, you and I, are in UFO Anonymous together. :o)