Thursday, July 10, 2008

I decided it was time for an update of what I have been cooking lately from Nigella's books.

There was the pancakes from Nigella Bites, whipped them up in the blender in mere seconds. Too easy and very yummy to eat.
The Chili from Feast, next time I'm keeping it all for myself. The Best Chili I have ever eaten! Alas no sign of polenta so I had to forgo the cornbread topping. And I accidentally over limed my guacamole. But otherwise a success. One thing I wasn't happy with the Chili was the cardamom pods, it's all good till you bite into one. Blah!!!
Then there was the Croque Monsieur Bake from Express, I left the mustard out as there is only one mustard eater in my family, if you make this and leave out the mustard - it needs something put back in it's place. I'd like sweet chili sauce, and also to omit the ham because I don't like ham.
It was a simple thing to throw together and then fridge it overnight.

Now I am sure there is something else I have tried recently from them, I don't have them to hand and I can't conjure up an image of anything.
I made the Cheese Risotto from Express a while ago, I loved it, I seriously need to practice my risotto making skills, but I figure since the first attempt was edible it was a success.
High-Speed Hamburgers also from Express are good, as is the Go Get 'Em Smoothie. And not forgetting the Glitzy Chocolate Puddings.

I am now the proud owner of a second slow cooker (crock-pot)! I was on the hunt for a slightly larger one than I already own, it's not worth trying to work out the fraction of difference I'd need to make in recipes to get them to fit my current one.
Alas unable to find what I wanted I ended up coming home with a baby one, a little 1.5L (approx 1 1/2 quarts) one! It is very cute, and I figured the right size to just put whatever is going to be dinner in and leave it till I come home.
Really I see myself using it for stuff I've already made in advance, and just popping it in and leaving it on low so I come home to already heated dinner. Or just when I'm home it'd be enough for soup for me to keep it hot, so I can pop back and have another bowlful.
This is vital in my house, having to wait for stuff to heat or be delivered, means I usually end up eating whatever I can in my fridge.

The big test will come, when I attempt to cook porridge in it! I love porridge and having read about other people making it in slow cookers I am very, very intrigued.

I made a trip into see the BlackSpot, their own brand equivalent stuff is all marked down to special prices, so I went to poke about and look for anything I might want. The Inca equivalent, same quantities of wool, acrylic and alpaca felt nasty where the Inca was lovely to feel and I have a hat started in some Inca somewhere so I know for sure it knits up nice.
I wanted to knit an alpaca project up and I have some but I can't remember what ply it is and think I may have to rejig the pattern slightly because I think it may be a tad finer ply.


2paw said...

Oh nice cooking round up. I do like chilli and polenta or cornmeal is really hard to find. I agree.
Yes, I have heard the porridge stories too!! I always forget to put my oats in the fridge the night before.
I loved your Vintage Hues scarf, such a nice pattern!!
Bah humbug to the Blackspot of Doomlight's own brand!!!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...


Polenta is easy. Best made the day before and it keeps well in the frig. Just make corn meal mush or porridge. Butter is optional. While still hot put it in a glass bowl or loaf pan to cool hard. And there you are Polenta.

Lady Euphoria