Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just thought I'd write a few points, far too much on my mind to write something cohesive today.

1. School rocks! If Law didn't mean trekking to the opposite end of the state I'd seriously consider majoring in it.
2. Yoga is good. It does offer up some quietness in my head for a little while. Nice to focus on nothing for a short while.
3. Seriously dejunked my home, I'm amazed how much stuff was just rubbish essentially. Next is the wardrobe, although it's been slightly sad in some ways. OMG I remember buying and wearing that about 10 years and 4 sizes ago...yeesh!
4. Princess Farhana one of my fave ladies has a blog! Very exciting. I first struck her in burlesque performances but she's also quite an accomplished belly dancer while I knew she specilised in Egyption she seems to have branched out in other forms most notebly the style that's got me intrgued Tribal Fusion.
5. Miss Stash bought me a Hello Kitty Halloween toy from one of those vending machine like gumball machines. While not overly enthused about Hello Kitty I do love the Halloween aspect of it, I so need the other 4 designs!!!! Tee hee!
6. The Moody Blues yarn I'm knitting up looks not blue at all but is extremly funky and once I finish my mini-hand warmers I am going to knit some lacey wristwarmers with what is left.
7. I found Stephen Fry a bit quick last Sunday night, but loved Tony Robinson's Crime and Punishment on Tuesday. Having just done a crash course start in what is law and where it comes from it was doubly interesting because I could relate it to something I already know.
8. I love YouTube, where would I be without it? It offers up many joys that make me squel with delight Steven Tyler and hooping are just two of them.

Alright enough thoughts for today. Now I need to finally decipher how I get my Twitter widget on my page....

Thought 9....
Just finished sitting through Dance Your A$$ Off, there was pole dancing on the ad for it. Pole dancing is next week apparently or the "stripper pole" as they call it. While I can't see it being featured on Dancing With The Stars here, there was a Latin American show called Dancing For a Dream where one week they had pole dance. There were some clips up on YouTube, and talk about hot, hot, hot! While I'm not quite expecting that on next week's Dance Your A$$ Off, I would like to see it crossing-over into more of the main-stream.

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Darkside,

I'd love to learn to pole dance. I still need to loose 50 pounds first so I can get my feet off the ground.
But I think it would be fun.

Glad you are still liking shchool and doing yoga.

Hugs, Euphoria