Sunday, May 30, 2010

What have I created?

My mum is off and running with her knitting in the round on circulars, however I have to transfer the stitches to double points and finish the decrease as she hasn't mastered that yet.

I seem to have contracted a cold from one of my fellow germy students. That's the only trouble when your moving around a campus and touching chairs and desks and shared computers with a number of other people, alhtough I try to take full advantage of the antiseptic gel stuff for your hands which are available scattered around campus. Probably should have supplemented it with one of those tiny bottles I could have stashed in my bag.

I have fallen in love with a German band by the name of Corvus Corax, there quite a popular choice with bellydancers who do some of my personal favourite styling of fusion. Punk rock meets Medieval is how I have heard it described.

It's a future must to go on my iPod, along with a band I found on You Tube in the related video side bar while looking at Corvus Corvax, called Apocalyptica a Finnish Hard Rock Cello band. Yes, that's right a hard rock cello band.
I must say I wasn't all surprised to discover they were European, I must say they produce some very interesting rock/metal bands in Europe. However H.I.M., which I will admit has a fantastic look, very European goth always done well, I have yet to hear any of there music that I actually like. I am disappointed.
With Eurovision been and gone again, springs to mind the band Lordi? I must see if I can track them down on You Tube I have never heard anything from them. Hmmmmm.....

I need to do some more work on my Knit for Tibet hat, speaking of Tibet I was reading about an Australian climber who has just done his third trip up Everest. He was talking about the bodies he had passed on the way up and apparetnly also a couple of climbers from other groups who died on the descent and how they could do nothing for them.
Apparetnly on the Nepal side of Everest, Sherpas are endevouring to recover the bodies of those who have died on the mountain.

There was a series on tv about the Himalayan Rescue Association and the about medical staff working at Everest treating climbers and Sherpas during the season. Very interesting, and amazing just how many people were climbing Everest!

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TinkingBell said...

Thanks for the brilliant clip - I love this stuff

You might want to check out Korpiklaaani - a Finnish folk band turned Metal - thry this

or this (no filmclip but great beat!) On holidays just as the kids go back to school - sigh

we must try and catch up next time I am up at the campus.....