Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where I talk once again about my ambivelance to Christmas

I've oft talked about my annoyance and disregard for Christmas and all it's trappings. But also about how passionate I am about food magazines and generally cooking in general and how I obsessivly peruse and collect these as the silly season rolls around.

This year, not even the prospect of baking up a storm can temper my disdain for the silly season. I was perusing a homewares catalog with my mother while telling her how I didn't see the point to Christmas.
And my mother says to me "Christmas is nice."
Nice? Nice? "I don't think Christmas is nice."
"You must be a throw back to your father's side of the family."

I beg to differ I think it is the Christmas lovers who might be the odd ones out, there must be a certain level of madness where you can actually believe you enjoy Christmas.

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2paw said...

Ah yes, I am not a Christmas celebrator per se, and I don't actually have Christmas things at my house, but I do enjoy all the palaver of the cooking and gift giving and the catching up with people.
Bah humbug away though!!