Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another hot one.....

Too hot!

I have soothed myself with some of Stone's (of the Green Ginger Wine fame) Ginger Beer nicely chilled and Bill Bailey's stage performance Part Troll.

Which I must confess was hilarious! I know him only as Manny from Balck Books so was dubious as to what he would be like on stage. He was an absolute scream! My favourite part was his version of the Hokey Pokey done in German to some techno-house music.

Although his mini film at the end of the show was almost as equally as amusing, he had said earlier in his show how he likes to look at his washing up under water. He does this by going to his fridge and removing all the fruit and veg from the clear vegatable crisper and then putting it into the sink and looking through it - as he mimed this he's looking in it and pointing at things and smoking.

As well as seeing all this in the film from the view point of the bottom of the sink we also saw him getting the munchies!

I'm highly intrigued, why I have I never thought of this? All those times when I've been driven mad by the heat and too hot and mad to want to do anything challenging.

My sock thanks to the ever capable Cindy (again) has progressed on, I think Cindy the pattern has passed all the boogelly bits and looks as though it will be clear knitting up ahead but if the stitches all add up when I get there is yet to be seen.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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