Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm melting! I'm melting!

Well it certainly feels like it, and the puddle of liquid that constantly surrounds me has given me a clue as well.

The very lovely Cindy lent me her new Vogue magazine to have a look at after last weeks SNB meet-up. She also helped me with the sock from the first issue of Yarn magazine, the short ankle sock. I have come to the conclusion from trying to turn the heel that it's no longer just me and an inabiltiy to understand the patten. I think it may be the pattern. In the end all the sock was doing was making me cross so it has gone to one side to be taken to next weeks SNB meet-up to seek answers from those more in the know.

Also a hat I started out of Patons Inca, (lovely stuff to work with I might add!) made to an old Husky pattern has came to a halt after I had to take back the 7th row and take it back and ...... Upu get the picture I'm sure, I lost a few stitches but recaptured them and proceded onto the 8th row and discovered I had indeed lost tow stitches altogether. They've run almost down to the bottom of the hat, I fear I will have to rip the whole hat back (again) so I have put it to one side to take to SNB. Nothing like putting off the inevitable.

Back to Vogue, I was so in love with most of the designs this time around a very good issue that I decided to buy my very own copy and while in doing that tonight I discovered the thrid issue of Vogue's Knit 1 was out!
It has some very nice hat patterns, also a very lovely (but knit on tiny 2.5mm needles - arrgh!) corset top. However the down side - it is Vogue so there is goign to be some absolute clunker and this time around it was a strapless knit dress with argyle pattern. I think the style is very nice, but maybe in a solid colour?

There was also a picture of a knitted faux bear skin rug! This has to be my fave pattern in the magazine, strictly speaking it's only a picture in the magazine you have to log on to Knit 1's website for the pattern to make it.
While logged on you may like to check out the new Knit 1 blog - it has pictures of some of the patterns completed by knitters from out in the real world.

Sharp eyed readers while veiwing the preview of the next Knit 1 magazine due out may spot something very near to my heart!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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Sharon said...

All may not be lost with the hat, bring it along to S'n'B I am sure someone armed with a crochet hook may be able to pick the stitches back up!! Here's hoping anyway. It is so humid here at the moment, I am sure people from the mainland see our temperatures and think it is very mild but if it is so mild why are we dripping in sweat???