Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well I am sure many of you will have heard about Benoit the pro-wrestler by now, he got quite a size able article the other day in the paper.
He was (past tense and all) one of my faves. Alas no more!

The first episode of Dr Who tonight, I like the new girl, or shall I say I I like who I presume to be the new girl, a huge improvement on Rose aka the pop tart!

I finished Thud last night, a fabulous work! Truly fabulous! I know it said in the back blurb there was another new one coming, something about Post??? I must look it out.

It is a short one tonight I am afraid, I fear I am being chased by a chicken! (Sorry Thud reference, you'll have to read it to find out the answer!).


2paw said...

The new Pop Tart, as yet un nicknamed, was excellent. The villain great, the Rhino Police fantastic and see all the Mr Saxon references????
"going POstal' was before 'Thud!' then after 'Thud!' 'Wintersmith' and to come later this year: 'Making Money'. Happy Reading!!!

amanda j said...

Hm, that's the sort of press wrestling certainly doesn't need.

I knitted through Dr Who with a podcast in my ears. I really should make an effort to see what all the fuss is about, shouldn't I?

Andrea said...

Can it be possible? An assistant to the Doctor that has a functioning brain?

che said...

Im not a Plasma Whore thats all Ive got to say! Or am I? hahaah
You have great taste Miss Suzi Jude!

As for that wrestling situation, its just awful!! It was such a heart breaking story...

Well Im glad that your about and well my dear!
Cheers for this!

che said...

Hope your 13 was happy my sweet!

spyderkl said...

This looks like one of the more promising Doctor's assistants.

Oh, you've been tagged. :D