Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's on!!!

Next Tuesday I am out to dinner, I have been waiting for this fo sooooo long. And it couldn't have come at a better time.
Chocolate Cremem Brulee here I come!!!
I will of course be accompanied by the usual suspects. And our weapons of choice, red wine and black fingernails....

Tonight I have a date with Terry Pratchett and his amazing ccast of characters. I am looking forward to it, I have not read Thud! before.


2paw said...

'Thud' is great!! I think we are all due a new Pratchett soon...
How very Monty Python of you, you sound like The Spanish Inquisition sketch!!! Order dessert FIRST!!!!!

MrsDrWho said...

New Pratchett book is on its way...and hopefully 2 movies this year....but probably not.
I have been in a re reading frenzy while i was brothers choice of reading materials was Terry P or things involving rogue soldiers from the SAS or a terrible set by some one who might not have passed grade 4 english.
I'll take Terry any day...but not instead of chocolate brulee!!!!
Happy Thudding!

Andrea said...

I loved "Thud" almost as much as "Monstrous Regiment" (almost, mind you). I'd recommend playing the game if you can get your hands on it. Turns out I'm great playing as a troll, but just awful as a dwarf.

Tell me, is it wrong to get my Hogfather prop tooth silver plated so I can wear it around my neck?

che said...

Black nails and red wine hot foxy!