Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bring me a sandwich board!

Thanks to Cindy, I now know the new AntiCraft is up, I have been a little distracted lately.

I have to make an end of days kit up, the zombies could be here any minute! To those of you who choose to mock and laugh, remember people laughed at Noah when he built his boat!

Be excellent!


2paw said...

I know all about cubits, and arks and I have 2 things for the animals coming two-by-two: The Labradors, though there's no chance of any MORE Labradors issuing from them!! Unless they develop parthogenesis!!
I hope there's a cup of tea and a nice biscuit in the End of days/Go Bag!!

Sharon said...

Hehe!! He who laughs last or something like that.