Thursday, September 06, 2007

Experment: Test 1

Tonight is Curry in a Hurry night, nobody else could get excited about Linguine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms.

I have heard a whisper that come October the book of Nigella Express will be available in New Zealand and will retail about NZ$95.00!

While I am hoping for a similar release date here, not too long to wait. What I am not hoping for is a similar price, I'd like a less price!

I have picke dup work on one of Ms Stashs abandoned projects all the talking at the knitting coven has caused a error that will need to be corrected. Arrggh!

Back with the Verdict! It all got eaten so that's probably a really good sign. Delicious but delicate curry, not too spicy for those who don't like it hot.

And I was reflecting on the supermarket visit I made this afternoon. It now yields up such Nigella needed delights as elderflower cordial, blood orange juice, jam setting (& marmalade setting) sugar and to my great excitement of discovering it this afternoon - '00' flour!!!!

However, I could only find pesto on the shelf in a jar, no tubs in the chiller section. And for some reason, there seemed to be a serious lack of frozen soy beans. I wonder why that could be???

Sunday sees the Saffron Roast lamb with Sticky Garlic Potatoes from Feast for Lunch. I'm looking forward to it, well to the potatoes at least. Roast Lamb is blah! I so would have taken that dinner date with Tom Cruise!!!!


2paw said...

What exciting cooking adventures you are having!!

metal and knit said...

The food all sounds so good I wish I was closer to employ you for my work dinners.

Pesto is so simple to make I prefer my own homemade with the kitchen whizz ( barmix/stickblender)

home grown herbs and a touch of shop brought basil for when it is out of season, pine nuts, parmasen, oliveoil


Anonymous said...

MrsDrWho says....
I'd take the least it is sane!!!!!
Wait til you see chicken and sausage casserole with garlic nearly made me want to cook!!!!!

Sharon said...

All that yummy food!

I hope Nigella is a bit cheaper than that when it hits our shores or else I might have to go without that one :(

As for lamb, I am with Mrs Dr Who! it has to have mint sauce though.