Sunday, April 06, 2008

Done minus pockets!

Funky Punky Armwarmers done in Woolbale - solid purple no stripes on this pair!

I have knitted up and blocked (read put under a towel and ironed) my first pocket and begun sewing it on, however aside from aesthetic of being all matchy-matchy I am debating if I want a pocket on both arm warmers or just the one???

While I debate about it, after the first pocket is done. I'm throwing Ysolda's Opera Gloves onto the needles and getting them underway in some Angora Supreme which should be lovely against the skin.


Gustav said...

Dear Suzi

Your blog rocks.

I also noticed you have a Halloween countdown.

How cool is that?

Halloween is my favourite holiday.

Have a great day.

2paw said...

Wow!! Two of something: a pair, a duo, a duet!! Fantastic!!! They look really nice, pocket or no!!

Melinda said...

I think that just pocket would be pleasingly asymmetrical.