Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought it was about time to update my blog, but when it comes to sit down and write something...fizzle...puff of smoke....lingering smell of something burning in the air.
That'll be my brain overheating and catching fire. Far too much to think about at the moment, I actually found myself slumped on the couch watching Home and Away the other night. I don't even like Home and Away!

So I have decided to take a leaf out of Amanda J's blog and her Sesame Street winners.

With no further ado I give you a video blog!

Enjoy mon amis!


2paw said...

I thought this might be The Count. It's not!!!
H&A?? Get thee behind me TV satan!!

amanda j said...

Ha! I own this episode on DVD! It's a good one! I love the way the celebs were happy to take the you know what out of themselves with the Muppets. Geez this must have been a bit creepy for the kiddies though!!