Thursday, May 14, 2009

A hasty photo!

I was so enthused I had to take a photo and post it as soon as possible, I am so in love with this pattern. Although I think my hasty slightly average photo skills perhaps do not really do it justice and Ravelry does it less always cutting off the right of my photo's!
You think I would have learned to not put things in the center of the picture and more to the left.
This is Moda Vera Picchio in "Bark", as you can see it goes from green to light grey to what looked like blue last night but this morning in natural light looks like a darker grey? But having completly changed my mind again this is so the colourway I am seeking out again for Ondine.


Katt said...

oooh noice!!

i do like how subtle the colour changes are in this wool. i so have to get everything else finished so i can cast on my jumper/cardigan with mine!!

2paw said...

I have the same Ravelry picture issues too. I bought some green Picchio today,two balls though I might only need one because it had a lot of metres, to amke some mittens. I love your knitting, it looks lovely!!!