Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I wanted to blog about something, but with one thing and another over the last few days nothing has eventuated.
And now, the heat has left me kind of flat, I can't think. It's far too hot to think.

Something that caught my eye in a recent catalog from a kitchen store was a Christmas apron which bore the phrase, "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...and when all the white is gone I will drink all the red."

Which has completely tickled my fancy, and prompted me to think. I've done a lot of thinking about a lot of things lately. I noticed being a bit mad about these things, that in our Australian magazines these past few Christmases we've been going a bit white mad, everything is very white. Although Chrstmas last year and this year seem to still be very white, but with the added in cranberries and pistachios. So white, red and green.
And every year we get cards with pictures of snow scenes and we sing carols about snow. And for some baffling reason despite our climate some of us still cling to the Hot Traditional Lunch, roast beast and baked vegetable. Followed by a hot pudding.

I look longingly at magazine spreads that picture tables spread with seafood (oysters! prawns!) and salads, the "non-traditional" lunch as they like to refer to them. However I am yet to see what I would define as my ultimate Christmas lunch, green Thai chicken curry with coconut rice washed down with lashings of ginger beer (or perhaps Nigella's Mistletoe? Ginger beer with lime cordial and lime juice???) and to follow? I'm torn between a really good choc mousse made with dark chocolate or a really good ice cream, possibly home made?

Of course for this scene to be fully set, I'd need Matt Hardy fanning me with one of those of really big fans or possibly giving me a foot massage I'm undecided as to the final details yet.


2paw said...

I meant to say "yes" i have sween the FC magazine, I have it. I also have a new baking book, $19 on sale at The K Mart. You will love it, I'll bring it along the KIPpers!!
Yes, I ban snowmen etc and we tried to sing Australian carols, ut I do like the traditional food even when it's hot!!
It is way too hot now, I need a nubile slave with a palm frond to waft vigorously around me too!!

TinkingBell said...

I like classic outside easy barbies and prawns at christmas (and maybe a really good proper butcher smoked ham

and lots of champers and finishing up with a clean sorbet - grapefruit and mint or coconut and lime or something


Tassie Rachel said...

I too ban anything white Christmas like, unless it is a decoration I have from my time in the Northern Hemisphere when I really did have a white Christmas. I am thinking it might be time to start decorating for Christmas soon. I like to get some good use out of my Christmas decorations since I have so many and use them for such a short time!

Tassie Rachel said...

and I forgot to say yesterday I found a recipe for my perfect Christmas dessert, raspberry and champagne sorbet...

Eddy said...
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Eddy said...
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