Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My cunning plan is working!

Got up today and tried on my jeans, I do this once a month to see if I can fit back into them. Last time I can recall wearing them is at least 10 years, ago. Today they fit!

I had an appointment with my doctor today, I was ready to go in armed with my loss of 4kgs over the last month and the fact I can fit back in my jeans after 10 years. Because I was expecting long faces and all doom and gloom with the light at the end of the tunnel being that oft referred to lapband.

I ended up keeping these little gems to myself, because today my Doctor was happy. We're going to get a good outcome with my weight problem. Oh really? Ye of little faith, I never doubted myself. I just needed a shove in the right direction.

And on the downside last Friday I had to have a wisdom tooth out, I ccould feel my IQ dropping as it came out. ;)
It's looking at least 6 weeks healing time, provided there's no infection - cue salt washes for my mouth. Not appatising but more better than an infection, it's painful enough now as well as being a mite uncomfortable from the stitches. This Friday the stitches come out, it will be a relief. I've been eating a lot of soup, mashed veg and yoghurt since last Friday. I miss chewing, there's a whole list of things I am going to cook up after the stitches are out.
Preferably something with chilli in it, I really need chilli!


Tassie Rachel said...


Great job :-)

2paw said...

Fabulous news!! You will be denimed till the cows come home now, it will be all about the jeans!!!
Ouch, I hope you are feeling better soon, you are very brave. Yes, I am eating some carrot with chilli Asian sauce right now. It is definitely yummy. This week I have been putting chilli in everything.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Whoo Hoo! on the weight loss. Good for you.