Sunday, August 21, 2005

Write something insightful!

I'll try but honestly I don't know what to write about.

Aside form sifting through alot of long unread e-mails - that darn Matt Hardy. All that time wasted, so I try not to think about That Man. I get annoyed.

But yesterday I had some chocolate sponge and harressed my sister with pictures of Jeff Hardy. My sister is amused that despite the fact I have hundreds of pictures (there are even more of That Man) I know exactly what each of them are.

Stuff like that along with a number of other useless and vague things stay in my head. Nothing sensible or practical usually, but an amazing cornacopia of odd things just waiting to pop to the surface at the right time.

Despite this I have still been unable to find Thai yellow curry paste in my local Coles so I ended up buying red. It seemed closer than green somehow. I am planning to make Nigella's Yellow Thai Pumpkin Curry. After much debate about prawns (I think Nigella stressed fresh here as a must) I bought a pack of frozen prawn meat out of the freezer section near the deli. It's peeled and cleaned raw prawns ready to cook. Now they reside in my freezer awaiting the time.

I have been doing the occasional row on my sock, I had a brief disaster where I discovered I'd somehow started knitting backwards in the round and the inside of my sock was now on the outside. Arrghh!

After all that talk of Christmas I have gone into preperation, planning and trial mode. I even bought a turkey breast roll this last week, they were on special in Coles. It's stashed in my mother's deep freeze (at least I still hope it is) ready for when I am going to cook turkey for the first time ever. The first Christmas away form home I was going to cook one but my mother insisted on doing it and bringing it around. That was a good Christmas lunch, I even made this ice cream dessert/cake type thing which my sister couldn't stop eating. We have to have two desserts because my sister is one of these tiresome people who don't like Xmas pud.

I've also been looking out Christmas knitting patterns, after discovering Knit Christmas Stockings by chance in the local library knit section. They even have a pet one, a design for cats and a design for dogs. You know what the felonous felines will get next year, I don't think I'd get two done this year in time.

After the Devil Hat I think it's only fitting that I make a Pudding hat. I'll bring the pattern along on Tuesday if anybody wants to see it. Somewhere I have the Patons Christmas tea cosy patterns, my mother is desperate for the one that looks like a pudding.

And the link for the moment is this one for a Knitted Nativity Scene.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Sharon said...

I would love to see the pudding hat pattern, I found a cup cake hat pattern last night it is a kids one but it is so cute.

Katt said...

You got tagged on my blog too girlie ;)

And how come I cant get your email address to work..when I hit reply to the ones you send it they bounce back!

Mmm dont talk about Chrissie. I know its only about 4mths away but I dont want to think of it!! LOL


2paw said...

Welcome back {(Kotter) I loved that show!! } I made the Knitted nativity last year. It is at school. I want to make a camel ( I have been commanded to make a camel!!) I have a tea cosy book, I will bring it along on Tuesday!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

Katt said...

This site
has the knitted cup cake pattern that Sharon was talking about (well I think its the one. It has a kids cupcake beanie). Its the second pattern down.