Saturday, August 06, 2005

Christmas in August???????

When you talk of Christmas in Winter here in Australia most people associate it with the whole Christmas in July phenomenon.

But not at my work, they're having Christmas in Winter in August.

As being in charge of the display I had to do a Christmas theme, I had to fossick about and seek out what was left after last December. Not much.....Okay so provided nobody buys anything we should be safe. No people are buying things and we are stuck for anything to fill the gaps that keeps with the Christmas theme.
Who's idea was this? By December we'll no doubt have a wide choice of Christmas goods but now? ARRGHH!

This has marginally put a damper on my plans to make my Christmas Puddings this month, just marginally though. I figure if I get in early there's plenty of time to make more if my mother gets the whim to give them away again. And besides it won't be too hot this month to have boiling pots all day on the stove. The kitchen sure gets hot.

Also on the Christmas front I went to my local video store today and rented some Saturday Night Veiwing. Christmas with the Cranks and Bad Santa, the last one I'm very keen to see. As for the Cranks, well since I am the proud owner of A Diva's Christmas Carol and Santa with Muscles, it's bound to be good.

While viewing tonight I am hoping to get some more knitting done. I am pleased to report, my dear readers, that work has recommenced on the sock. The sock now has a partial foot. I am incredibly thrilled!

Until next time,
A bona fide red headed Scrooge and damn proud of it.


Sharon said...

I do want to see the sock on Tuesday.

2paw said...

Dear Suzi, socks are so amazing aren't they??? I will confess here that I am thinking about Christmas - making my cards, I have a calico Nativity to make and I found a pattern for knitted reindeer. I don't think I want to buy completed things - oh but if there is Christmas material etc in Spotlight I could be tempted!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors

Cathy said...

Catch ya next week.


JoanM said...

I haven't tried socks. Booties would be the closest I came to that. I don't think it is cold enough in Adelaide to wear knitted ones.
Do you have any external Stitch n Bitch members? I don't have time to go to a group (though I don't think there are any in Adelaide.) I joined the NSW Knitters Guild.

Cathy said...

Joan while in Adelaide and a bit further north I was wearing my knit socks and I needed them.

They keep your feet warm when it's cold but because they are made from a wool blend they also keep the feet at a more even temperature.

Be a devil and give them a try.

I'm home girls.