Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yeah baby!

Now that's more like it, after discovering a pattern for a cotton bag that is knitted as opposed to the usual crocheted, and finally discovering the pattern for the knitted tree house (complete with instructions to make your own giant needles needed to knit it). What could top it?

Well thanks to Katie (who's blog my long term readers will be familair with in my list of frequently read blogs or it was until Blogger informed me it couldn't take me there because it didn't exist - damn Blogger! I'm sorry Katie but I thought you must have quit but I have re-bookmarked you!), on to the point, Katie directed me to this site - The AntiCraft!

Thankyou Katie I love it! And you were right the armwarmers were just my thing, a snowflake that morphs into a skull! the first issue is titled Your Going To Die Anyway You May As Well Knit and featured a very cool cover picture. And the patterns! This my dear readers is what Knitting on the Darkside is all about!

I noticed a project for knitting with wire - I love this idea althouh I suspect I would make a mess of it as I doubt wire is as forgiving as yarn. Actually speaking of knitting with wire, the last Saimply Knitting magazine had an article on it and alos in wither Better Homes and Gardens or Notebook there was a Lincraft Christmas special and they had knitted wire napkin rings. Hmmm, becoming less obscure all ready?

And onto other things beocming less obscure, after seeing the recent adverts for the tv show Celebrity Overhaul I decided to give tonight's episode a watch. Because they had a segment on pole dancing! Unfortunatly a bit of research shows that still, still the closest classes are in Melbourne. How disappointing!

But all is not lost my dear readers! My research has shown that there is a company in Queensland who with this latest boom manufacture poles - and they are portable! Yes, my dear readers, have pole and will travel.
The Pussycat Poles produce a full range from Basic to Deluxe (it spins) and they are all removeable so you can take them down when not in use, although some of them are semi-removeable which menas they have a lock that bolts into your ceiling. Who would have thought they could be so complex?

No, my dear readers you can't just buy a pole, you have to make decisions about your pole! As well as a phyisical workout once you've bought your pole you get a mental workout before! (Actually you could get one after if you have the semi-removable and you need to explain your new ceiling fixture, yes it's a ??????)

In conclusion my dear readers I have one last question for you - DO I MAKE YOU HORNY BABY? DO I?

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

You Showgirl you - the Pussycat Dolls are here. Wanna job????
AntiCraft is so cool!! Yes, wire knitting is everywhere. It is, I fear, popular, and so no longer cool!

Cathy said...

Pole dacing!!!!!!!!!!!! What next?

If you knew Suzi like I know Suzi................


Katie said...

That's just hilarous! Have pole will travel...I can just see it now.
My boyfriend showed me this video he downloaded off the net of a strip routine incorperated as a cardio workout - they go through the whole routine for you, I don't know if they get their gear off at the end but it certainly was amusing!
Oh and did you read this what is the world coming to?