Friday, November 04, 2005

Flotsam and Jetsam

We had our SNB meet-up on Tuesday, I didn't get alot of knitting done. SInce I've finished my camo scarf which I whipped up in no time, everything else has fallen by the wayside. None of it excites me enough to pick it up and finish it.

However I would give in to temptation and start something new, if I could decide what I wanted to knit.

My sister has finished her cat bed (Princess Snowball from the first SNB book). I'm thinking about making one for the Daft White Cat who is not bothered by thunder storms and sleeps on. But he is very taken with his "nest", this is a pile of shredded newspaper that came in a parcel I received. After tipping it out to fosick through it the DWC came to play in it and later took to sleeping in it. I haven't the heart to throw it away yet.

I watched the first episode of Billy Connolly's Word Tour of New Zealand last night. Last time it was on they had two episodes and advertised a third which never came on and nothing more was heard about it.

It's been some wild and wacky weather we've had here recently, but all this warmth is causing me to have feverishly wild ideas. Some time ago, one of my mum's friends relations was giving away her food dehydrator, unfortunatly the instructions to go with it were long gone. But none the less I snapped it up, actually this was earlier this year some time or maybe the middle? But another of my mother's friends has one - it may not even be the same brand let alone the same model but at some point we were going to get together with our dehydrators and have a lesson.

What made me think of this was mainly we're coming into the gorwing season and also because I've been meaning to make the Christmas pudding since August and the lady with the dehydrator is our pudding tie-upper as well.
Good thing she lives close to my mother!

Drying stuff and making the "leathers" can be done in low temp oven (suitable for all weather) or outside in the sun (although you need to be careful to watch out for bugs and marauding animals/children/MEN!* who are likely to hamper efforts).
(*These last are the worst pests of all, when growing anything they will interfere/overwater/dig up to no end and that first strawberry you are waiting forever to ripen so you can pick it - only to have it vanish!)

While on the topic of men and leathers, today at work we received some more Xmas puddings. Now two elderly ladies (I'll call them G and R) make them for us, after driving round the block twice uanble to get a parking space, R comes into the shop to tell me they are going to pull up out the back and unload.
Now just behind us the God Squad Motorcycle club has moved in and they must have had some event ontoday because there were heaps of them. So R and I are waiting at the back door for them to drive off so G can come down and unload. After the God Squad have roared off and I mean roared, G comes down with a box.

R says to her before this next lot go bring the car down to the door and we can unload and get out of the way.
Oh yes says G back to her and returns back to the car.
R who's watching her go starts laughing and turns and says to me, she's asked those fellows up there to carry the boxes in.

What followed was a mini procession of apprentice Terminators in black leather carrying boxes of puddings. So I suppose we can say today turned out not to bad after all. Mmmm hmmmm mmmm hmmm.....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

I would have loved to have been there when the procession of "Apprentice Terminators" were carry the boxes of xmas puds to the shop. What a sight to behold?

Where's the didgy when you need it?


Katt said...

I second that! I would have loved to have been there to see the "Apprentice Terminators"!! That would have been so cool..

Were any cute!?!?!


Sharon said...

He he he they must have looked a sight I can imagine they were hoping no one saw them. What nice boys they were to help though ;)