Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heaven is a pair of purple arm warmers!

Currently underway on the needles is a the first in a pair of arm warmers, they are purple and are knitting up wonderfully. Once there all done they'll just need some pockets added, their in the round so no sewing up yeah! But I will need to sew the pockets on after, boo!

I've ordered some new yarn to re-attack the gauntlets I wasn't entirely satisfied with, I've got a bit extra so I can tweak the pattern some more.

Now I am planning a slightly less than conventional camouflage print for the next pair after that, I was going to go with blue. back and purple. Then changed my mind and decided I'd like to do different shades of purple so they appear to meld more.

It's all purple at the moment, purple, purple and more purple! Makes a nice change from my usual urban camouflage (black, black and more black!)
Now would be the time to go all out, as a student you can get away with a lot more, purple hair? Yeah baby!

Son of Stitch n' Bitch arrived much to my delight! It's full of things I want to knit for myself to wear, the Pin-Up Illusion Scarf will have to be one of the first! But I am loving some of the hats a lot as well....oh decisions decisions!


2paw said...

What are the pockets for?? Well I know they are to put things in!! My friend's blonde daughter had purple in her hai last year and it is still there now!!!

amanda j said...

That's really weird... Usually I am all about black too, but at the moment I have four purple tops and a new purple pashmina scarf thing! I love purple!!