Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Batman???

Here is my new pride and joy! Is it a scream or what? I adore it very much and am looking forward to an outing befitting it.

No surprises which of the Dishcloths got finished first, Skully is going onto the needles after I finish this blog post. You can find Batty here.

Speaking of bats I was very excited to find out about this organisation, Bat Rescue. I'm going to sponser a bat later in the year but will be making a donation before then.

Two of my favourite things are the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Emily the Strange so when given the chance to combine the two I couldn't say no!

And a favourite thing I am regretting saying no to, I love belly dancing. For years I have always been keen to learn and many many years ago I tried to teach myself from a instructional video (for you youngings out there a video was the big thing before DVD's where even thought of. Kind of like a film version of cassette tape. Don't know what a cassette tape is????)

Not only where they running a belly dance class this year through Adult Ed but also a Tribal Style! I like it a lot, no more or less than other styles. I am loathe to use the word traditional here as I have seen to differ this newer style from others because I personally think unless you have your own personal time machie or are good friends with Dr Who and are able to pop back to the time and place where it all began and learn there, anything going today my be in the traditional style but exactly the same as it started after it's traversed the world, blended with other cultures along the way???

Which made me think of knitting, what is traditonal knitting?? Who is a traditonal knitter??? Can we ourselves within our own yarn community's prove that what we do today has never changed one iota since it first was born??? Knitting without knit and purl isn't knitting but it's how people have used these stitches and what they've added that makes what we have today as knitting.
Do we all think that at the birth of knitting someone thought hey I can take some purple yarn and knit a dishcloth? Or better yet take some purple yarn and knit a dishcloth with a bat on it??? Well......

At the first knitting guilds ever organised, a boys only affair do you think they sat around discussing colour choice? Pattern choices? Had they seen the latest Vogue/Jo Sharp/Creative Knitting?? Fondling yarn????
I don't know but I wouldn't have put the yarn fondling past them a bunch men alone with yarn???

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