Monday, March 17, 2008

I started work on some new arm warmers last Monday and they need a bit of tweaking before I will be totally be happy with them.

I have started a dishcloth! It was no good trying to fight it any longer, I have made a start on the Mason Dixon Ballband one, I'm aiming to finish it before I start ones with bats and skulls!

Somewhere in amongst all my notes is a schedule for my classes that list what each lesson is and when assignments are due. I must check and make sure there isn't an assignment due for tomorrow afternoon's class I got a little bogged with the last one because I didn't realise how long it was, this next one is longer!

I bought myself a new bag and was optimistic that it would arrive in time for my outing to the Crustys, alas I went on the Saturday and the bag arrived on the Monday. Look for a photo soon it is an absolute scream! I couldn't resist it.

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2paw said...

I LOVE the Mason-Dixon Ballband Cloth. It is the best fun I have ever had with 2 colour knitting!!!!
Oh a new bag: This can nly be good!!!! I love bags.
Good luck with the assignments. Maybe you are free next week sometime on holidays?????