Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blatent bragging below...

Here it is my Storm Witch Cowl finished! Made to the Storm Water Cowl using some Cherry Tree Hill yarn from my stash in a lovely colour way called Tropical Storm.

And as it was one of my Knit Olympic entries, one project, three events...

The main project event for all scarfs, cowls and neck warmers etc...

The event for projects using only one skein, which was handy as I only had one to use.

For using up something from your stash that was at least year old, and my CTH was easily. More like 2 years at least.

My second cowl has temporarily been scratched, unless I find where I put my wool for it tonight and I can easily get it done tomorrow pre-cut off time. But my third project which was really only in reserve in case I had time over and I didn't expect to get done has become my second and hopefully I'll get it finished tonight. It is surprise, surprise a pair of arm warmers. I've completed the first one and they do knit up fairly quick, fingers crossed! Better yet it looks like it'll be another qualifyer for the Single Skein event.


2paw said...

And it's Gold, Gold, Gold, etc etc. Well done, I think you are sooooooooooo much better when there is only ONE of a thing!!! It looks so lovely, I hope it is cold soon so you can model for us all!!!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Suzy,

It is not bragging if it is true. Ha, ha.

Great post. Love the multiple events.

Have fun and I hope you make a great showing in all events.

Hugs, Euphoria