Sunday, March 14, 2010

Would you believe???

I was cleaning out one of my larger handbags so as to use it for school and I found a long forgotten UFO.
It was a finished sock and a half finished sock, everything is there but the pattern but they are an all knit sock so I just need to check other patterns regards heels and possibly the toe finishing. And no I'm not really fussed if they match exactly or not!

I've spent this afternoon preparing for tomorrow's school, printing off lecture notes and making sure my reading is up to date. There is lots of reading, there will have to be some more tonight and then some again tomorrow night.
If I were a Lolcat, I'd be a tiny kitten surrounded by huge tomes with lots of teeny tiny print with the caption reading "Why i haz so much readingz?".

Last year I came into Uni a bit apprehensive I knew it would be epic regards the workload compared to any other study I'd previously done but I got through. This year I've started back knowing full well how it all works and yet I have come back and been outraged at how much work they actually expect me to do. I think really the audacity of them!

However in the fun department, for one of my law units our head of department suggests looking to movies, TV shows and novels about law with the idea of course of using these to make comparisons to real life to fictional interpretations about it.
In the "Light Entertainment" department this week the suggestions were Legally Blonde, The Hurricane and The Castle. I'm going to concede LB and TC as light entertainment. But I feel The Hurricane is made from a much more serious stand point.

However I am joyful about Boston Legal being an acceptable topic for homework, I've been putting off and putting off buying more seasons of BL as they tend to be a bit pricey but I saw a catalog with some of the seasons on sale. Guess I have no reason to put it off any longer, it will after all help me with my school work right? ;)

As for the knitting front, well the good fight, has slowed down there. These last couple of weeks I have been too busy to sit and really work on anything but I have been able to squeeze a few rounds in here and there on the second Punky Rose Wristlet during breaks at school.

Tonight is Sunday night and that means Castle night here in Australia, if you haven't already seen Castle I can not reccomend it enough. It is very funny and certianly has some clever twists with a suitable sprinkling of quirky characters that sort of fit into the story well rather than just being there and quirky for sheer novelty value.


2paw said...

That's all very Get Smart of you!! Fancy being able to watch TV for your course. Sounds like cheating to me!!!! Castle is on right now, but I am only sort of watching it. I missed the beginning so I am watching Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant while I wait.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Suzi,

Good luck with the school work and be glad you didn't find unfinished homework in that handbag. Ha, ha.

Hugs, Euphoria