Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Challenge

I saw my dietician just after new year, I've maintained over Christmas, the best we could hope for.
The next challenge in our process, is to start adding in kilojoule counting.

Now the whole eating process goes like this measure quantities out, write it down in food diary and now count the kilojoules for the day. Like I really needed any more obsessions with food. Still I suppose this is a good set, and in theroy provided I can stick to my daily kj limit I should have lost the required weight by the end of the year.

First major step is working on meal planning, picking 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches, sort of just cycling through to start with.
Elimanting too much choice to start with seems to be key, not needing to decide means hopefully I won't eat what ever random thing I find in my fridge. Half a block of chocolate and a tub of yoghurt is not really a balanced meal.

Admittedly when I saw the dietician for the first time, 2 months ago and we were talking about my eating habits they didn't come off as sounding too bad. Granted if I'd seen the dietician 8 months ago and they asked me what my eating habits were like, they were embarrsingly atrocious. So very bad.

Dinner is the less effort one, really, I just have to pick things that can be both cooked and bulk and frozen.
Both semesters last year I had a late evening class, and I have to drive through a take-away hub to get home from that class. It was so much easier just to get something to go rather than go home and actually cook something.

New year, new start, and hopefuly to continue as we mean to go on. That copy of Appetite for Reduction is really going to come into play here now.

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2paw said...

Well done, your gaining health is going well, especially over the Christmas break. I think having something that can be ready fast is the key too. I often whip us an Asiany soup which can be ready in 10 minutes. That really helps, as do frozen things!! Today I had salad for breakfast!!!
Being prepared is the way to go, I want one of those chefs who just whips me up the appropriate food on time every day!! The Tattslotto people haven't rung so it's not going to happen this week!!