Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vegan Mofo Third's a Charm!

I did some research on Happy Cow before going over on the weekend to seek out places in Hobart to check out. The plan was to do dome eating and photo taking that would make a mofo post.

Best laid plans? It should be altered to involve not men and mice but omni family members.

What I did find was the vegetarian Organic Summer Kitchen Bakery at the Salamanca Market, located down at the silo end. There they were, in a no frills plain white food fan. The food in the fan looked delicious! It was all tempting. To fit my time constraints I opted for a pie that was listed on the menu as vegan. Madras  

Vegetable Curry Pie with Chutney 

Filling included sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans and possibly some regular potato as well. I'll admit to being dubious about how much I would like it as the pastry was made with wholemeal flour. It was the nicest pastry I have eaten in forever, quite crisp not soggy or greasy.Wholemeal flour certinaly gives it a distinct flavour but it managed to be tasty rather than too healthy tasting.

The only other pie listed as vegan was a lentil shepherd's pie, which included in it's filling brown rice. I'll admit I was all no to brown rice and wholemeal flour pastry. As I really don't like brown rice, no I do not Sam. Next time I get to Hobart I think I will certainly have to try their lentil pie, brown rice and all. If I liked their wholemeal pastry maybe Sam, just maybe I might like brown rice too.

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2paw said...

Oh that looks delicious. I think well made vegan food with fresh ingredients can't go wrong. Well done on your Brown Rice promise!!!