Sunday, July 31, 2005

I've been tagged!

Thank you Sharon! Here we go...

I was completing my final year of high school. Yeah! It was over - then I started college. Yuck!

Was the Millenium, and for once I was a grump on New Years Eve and didn't want to party. Following New Year's Eve I was? What was I doing five years ago? I think I may have been working or about to start working?

I was still working part time, and I had also formed the Launceston Stitch N' Bitch. Now that is something I never would have seen myself do five years ago let alone two. But it's been an interesting journey, and I can't believe it's been this long or this successful! Excuse me while I wipe a tear....

I did housework, how completely awful, and on top of it I have had to try and transform my home into something from House & Garden for a rental inspection on Monday - consequentially I can't find my knitting. I had actually felt the need to finish my first sock.
In the end I just sat on the couch with the black and white furry lap warmer and watched Doctor Who. Very restful.

I did more housework this morning, and will do some more tonight. Final vac and tidy up, only by now I've lost the will and can't be arsed. My usual method for dealing with sudden clean ups is to hide everything in a corner of my bedroom, fling a sheet over it and deal with it when I'm less pressed for time and/or the spirit moves me. Okay so after four years this tactic means that quite often I have to search from corner to the other along one wall. Untidy but manageable. At least I'm not making bombs or running a brothel out of the place.

Is D-Day, so I am making plans now. Like make sure you are up and ready well before Officious Witch arrives so she dosen't have to stand on door step while you run away and finish getting dressed. I will try to keep a civil tongue in my head and will not glare at OW (alright so that was mildly satisfying because she ran away rather quickly) while trying not to tell her what I thought of her (OW attitude), her company (do you know how long it takes to get anything done - even a reply) and did she realise just what neighbourhood she was in? The only thing I'm missing is the five kids to half a dozen different fathers.
So when tommorrow comes, I will not stress, I will not mutter, I will smile, be polite and generally a nice human being.

Now I've had my rant and you all know I'm a non-bomb making lunatic, I'll tag some people.
I'm gonna go with Karen, Amanda and Cindy - because they are all far more sane than I am.


Sharon said...

I for one am so glad you started S'n'B and I think now that we are going 'more public' we will expand even more, exciting isn't it.

Karen said...

More sane, huh? We'll just see about that...

Cathy said...

Hi from Uluru NT.

Catch you later when I'm not running out of $ on the damn machine at the internet kiosk.