Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas is coming!

I absolutley hate Christmas!

This may come as a surprise to those who know me and my obsession for all things Christmas (I secured more Christmas movies the other day!)

Mostly my obsession stems from for Christmas in the vain hope that I will actually get a cool present, something I actually asked for as opposed to those things people think you will like. Soemtimes I wonder just who they were buying for.

My Christmas request if Santa is reading goes something like this:
1. Black clothing - plain black with no print or patterns preferably! Trying to buy plain black skirts is a nightmare!
2. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover - so I'm going to watch the DVD (hopefully) and pass judgement. Here's my pick!
3. A Christmas alone! Contrary to popular myth this is not a bad a thing. Some of us just have no patience for all the crap associated with sitting round and making polite conversation with people we see once a year. Especially when I haven't done anything different to last year, had I, they all would have heard about it a lot sooner.
4. The RIGHT to say Bah Humbug! Why must we all like Christmas? Having just read The Secret Life of Santa Claus by Jackie French I think the Feast of Saturnalia is a lot more fun. It's all about eating, drinking and orgy's which is far more interesting than church services and other people's children.
5. If I had a dollar for all the Merry Christmas! I keep hearing I would buy my own private island and ban Christmas!

Bah humbug till next time,
Suzi Scrooge.

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